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  • 6.2.0 – 6.2.2
PayU Thanks to our free plugin, you can make payments via PayU quickly and easily. This way,... more

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  • Electronic wallets - Visa Checkout, Masterpass, Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Electronic transfer - the customer will be directed to his bank's website where they will be able to complete the payment.
  • Credit cards
  • PayU - Installments
  • And of course the leader of Polish electronic payments, BLIK.



Thanks to our free plugin, you can make payments via PayU quickly and easily. This way, you offer your customers from Poland the opportunity to make orders via the national payment service provider PayU. Start just now and register with PayU .

How does it work?

At the checkout in the basket page, the customer can choose the "PayU" payment option. Then the customer will be redirected to PayU, where the order process will be completed. The payment will be verified and you will be able to check the payment status in your Admin panel.

Also, in the administration panel you can check which specific payment method the client used.

100% security

PayU has PCI-DSS certificates, an EV-SSL protocol and a 3D secure system, its own team and anti-fraud system, and two independent data centers that minimize the risk of failure and ensure the continuity and security of transactions for users.

Accessibility from any device

The transaction system is based on responsive web design technology, which enables customers to pay easily and conveniently from their laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can customize the look of the screen to match the look of your business to gain customer trust and thereby increase conversion.

Easy integration

You can integrate our plugin quickly and easily. PayU has the status of a payment center (acquirer) - an integration supports all functions and payment methods.


We provide regular updates of the plugins so that you can benefit from the advantages in the long term. If you have any ideas about which new features you could add to the plugin in the future, we are always ready to implement your wishes.


We naturally keep an eye on the permanent support when developing the plugin. Our team of experts is always there for you and provides fast and professional support. For any technical inquiries, simply send us an email to and open a support ticket. We are also happy to provide advice by telephone. Simply contact us and one of our support staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Version 1.0.0

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