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Improved Import, Export & Mass Actions

Improved Import, Export & Mass Actions

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Expected release: October 2021
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  • Firebear Studio
  • 1.0.0
  • 26 Oct 2021
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Import and export any data, in a format you want, when you want Improved Import, Export & Mass... more

Product information


  • Bulk edit and updates of products, prices and quantity with only a couple CSV columns
  • Product information management (PIM) via Google Sheets
  • Support of any file format with properties mapping and mapping presets


  • Full product import and export with custom properties (attributes) in a single file
  • Product properties mapping and mapping presets
  • Import and export profiles
  • Support of CSV file types
  • Support of FTP/SFTP import and export sources
  • Support of Google Drive export sources
  • Support of different languages for store fronts


Import and export any data, in a format you want, when you want

Improved Import, Export & Mass Actions is a Shopware 6 application, that allows you to manage products at your store. The initial release of the application will allow you to import and export product catalogs in a single file with all properties and customer properties. In addition, you will be able to import product catalog updates from your suppliers or other stores with the help of mapping step, where you tell the extension which column from the imported file should match particular product property.

Initial release of the app in October 2021 will include

  • Import and export ALL product data in a single file, including all custom product properties
  • Allow for product properties mapping when importing products from different suppliers with different property naming
  • Use the exported file as a Product Information Management alternative to quickly adjust product properties of multiple products, and import the changes back to the store
  • Use Google Sheets to work on a single file as a team and conveniently share updates across the management team

Use cases for your

Use of Google Sheets as a free Product Information Management

The integration of your Shopware 6 with Google, will let you export the products to the Google Sheets. Where your content or support team can apply necessary updates:

  • Edit product description
  • Update prices
  • Add quantity

Quick update of the prices or quantity for whole catalog

The application does not require to import ALL product properties every time. Instead you can save a custom CSV with only a few columns: productID, price, and QTY, or any other properties you update often.

Create a simple table, proceed with the updates, and import it back to your Shopware 6. It is easy.

How the app works

The application works via Shopware 6 API. We provide you with the dedicated Shopware 6 backend section where every management tool is available.

Roadmap and further development

Firebear Studio specializes in import and export solutions, and integrations. That's why we understand what storeowners need.

The application will be developed rapidly to include the most common and useful features such as:

  • Support of orders, customers, advanced prices and tier prices, discount campaigns, reviews, newsletter subscribers import and export
  • Support of Google Sheets, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP/SFTP, direct URL for import and export sources
  • Support of XML, CSX, XLSX, ODS, Json file types
  • Scheduling of import and export processes to run on a set time, or recurring profiles
  • and many, many more.

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User Guide

Read Improved Import user Guide

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Customer reviews


Version 1.0.0

  • Export products to csv file.
  • Export products to google drive.
  • Import products: create and update.

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