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SEO Professional

SEO Professional

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This app is available for Shopware 5
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  • Dreis43878114545
  • Dreischild GmbH
  • 6.8.7
  • 6 Sep 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.1.4 – 6.1.6
    6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – – – – –
The "SEO Professional" plugin combines a large number of SEO settings / optimization in just one... more

Product information

The "SEO Professional" plugin combines a large number of SEO settings / optimization in just one plugin. The plugin starts where shopware ends and supports you in optimizing your search engine rankings.

Help / documentation

You can find detailed documentation on the plugin at:

Meta Tags

The meta fields already in the Shopware standard are expanded and edited by SEO Professional. For example, the meta title shows the pixel length already achieved and the meta description and keywords show the character length. Colored bars are also included below the meta information to provide visual help for the optimal length of the fields.

In addition to the Shopware standard meta tags, the robots tag of the respective category or product can also be freely defined. For all SEO settings that can be created using the bulk generators, the information as to whether a bulk template is defined for the respective setting is displayed directly below the field.

SERP Preview

The SERP preview enables you to find out as exactly as possible what the resulting Google search results will look like when creating the meta information.

Product and category bulk generator

With the bulk generators for products and categories you are able to automatically generate the meta title, the meta description, the URL and the robots tag using a template. The templates for generating the SEO settings can be defined for each category.

In addition to already prepared sample templates, you can create your own individual templates using the settings of the respective module. Using the template preview function, these can be tested directly during creation to ensure functionality.

The generation of the above SEO settings based on the stored templates are made automatically when creating new or updating existing products and categories. Alternatively, the bulk generators can be started via the administration or via Shopware CLI so that they are generated for all elements.

301 and 302 URL redirects

Via the 301 and 302 URL redirects, URL redirects can be set up via the administration. Here, a url can be forwarded to another URL, an article or a category.

Articles can also be forwarded to other articles, for example to store a successor article.

The HTTP status code can be used to define whether it is a permanent (301) or temporary (302) forwarding.

In the details of the products and categories, you can also see directly whether a forwarding has been stored for the respective product or category. If no forwarding has been stored, a new forwarding can be created from this point.

Current plugin status and further developments

At the moment, not all functions are available that were possible under Shopware 5 at SEO Professional. These and other functions will be gradually expanded over the coming weeks / months. Monthly updates are currently being considered.

You can find a detailed overview of the adjustments to the individual versions at:

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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 5 reviews:


Perfektes SEO Plugin - schneller Support!

25 Feb 2021

Das Plugin tut genau das, was der Shopware Standard vermissen lässt. Saubere URIs, die Möglichkeit Seiten auf noIndex zu stellen, etc.
Fehler wurden innerhalb eines halben Tages behoben - der Support ist schnell und super!

Five Stars!


funktioniert wie beschrieben

30 Aug 2020

guter support. regelmäßige updates.


Kein Support

13 Aug 2020

Das Plugin verstümmelt ein paar Meta-Felder auf der Produktdetailsseite. Zudem wird die Performance stellenweise recht stark reduziert. Besonders der Importer wird durch dieses Plugin extrem langsam.

Auf Supportanfragen wurde selbst nach 2 Wochen nicht reagiert.

Nachtrag: Es wurde inzwischen auf die Anfrage reagiert, wie ja auch in der Antwort des Herstellers erkennbar ist. Habe entsprechend die Wertung angepasst.

Dreischild GmbH
18 Aug 2020

Hallo Christian, bis einschließlich dem 15. August 2020 ist das Büro zwecks Betriebsurlaubs nicht besetzt. Ich bitte um Entschuldigung für die Unannehmlichkeiten. Gerne würde ich mich hierzu bei Ihnen am kommenden Montag melden, sodass wir über das von Ihnen genannte Verhalten sprechen können.

Super Tool, extrem guter Support

25 May 2020

Wir sind extrem zufrieden mit dem Plugin und den Funktionen - jedoch hat uns der 1a Support am meisten beeindruckt! Schnelle Reaktion und individuelle Bugfixes etc - einfach TOP!


Guter Support

11 May 2020



Version 6.8.7

The SEO Professional menu entry can now be found under Marketing

Version 6.8.6

  • Plugin bug in connection with detail pages experience worlds fixed (getReviews () must be an instance of Shopware \ Storefront \ Page \ Product \ Review \ ReviewLoaderResult, null returned)

Version 6.8.5

  • Missing file for update to version 6.8.4 added.

Version 6.8.4

  • The automatic execution of the bulk generators when saving an entity can now be switched off via the setting under SEO Professional »Additional Settings» SEO Settings.
  • From now on, the bulk generators are no longer executed when indexing in the handle method.

Version 6.8.3

  • Under certain conditions the live template variable ##shopName## was no longer resolved.

Version 6.8.2

  • setContainer added to DreiscSeoRedirectController.

Version 6.8.1

PHP 8.0 Support / str_replace

Version 6.8.0

Compatibility with Shopware 6.4

Version 6.7.19

  • Fixed malfunction of version 6.7.19

Version 6.7.18

  • Changeover from executeQuery to executeStatement

Version 6.7.17

  • In the case of variants, the data of the main article could not be used for the bulk templates. Inheritance has now been activated.

Version 6.7.16

  • Under certain circumstances the isModified flag was not set when generating the urls via the bulk generator. As a result, these URLs were finally overwritten again by the Shopware standard URL generator.
  • In the canonical settings, the External URL (Canonical Link) field was adapted from the Url type to the Text type, as otherwise the external URL was not possible.

Version 6.7.15

  • The performance of the bulk generators could be optimized via internal caching of the SEO bulk settings.

Version 6.7.14

  • Support of the live template ## shopName ## for categories.
  • Adaptation of the code elements marked as @deprecated for future versions.

Version 6.7.12

In certain constellations the live variable ## shopName ## was not correctly replaced by the shop name. This behavior has been corrected in this version.

Version 6.7.11

An incorrect URL was created when exporting redirects, which led to the following error: Requested api version v1 not available, available versions are v2, v3. . This malfunction has been corrected with this version.

Version 6.7.10

When generating variants, there was an error in the bulk generator under certain circumstances (Call getCategories on null). This malfunction has been corrected with this version.

Version 6.7.9

Fixed bug when generating the canonical link.

Version 6.7.8

  • With the inactive option "Activate Rich Snippets via JSON-LD", no speaking URLs were displayed in the storefront. This malfunction has been corrected with this version.

Version 6.7.7

  • Due to the performance problems with the Shopware DAL, the bulk generators were converted to plain SQL. This enables faster data storage.
  • In some cases the meta description was not displayed correctly. This problem has now been resolved.

Version 6.7.6

  • Performance update of the bulk generators
  • Template variables were not included in the form when the bulk templates were created / edited. This behavior has been corrected.

Version 6.7.5

  • Conversion of the product and category indexers to the new EntityIndexer structure.
  • Fixed a bug in the display of the canonical URL settings.

Version 6.7.4

  • An error message occurred when another plugin defined a decorator for the Shopware router component. This malfunction has been corrected with this version.

Version 6.7.3

  • Compatibility with Shopware 6.3.0 established.

Version 6.7.2

  • When JSON-LD was active, parts of the Rich Snippets Tags were still output. This malfunction has been corrected with this version.

Version 6.7.1

  • Special characters such as the period and the "~" character can now be used in the URls that are created using the Bulk Generator.
  • In general, special characters were automatically escaped by the bulk generator. This was caused by the Twig Renderer. The configuration has now been adjusted so that the special characters are also displayed as such.

Version 6.7.0

  • Für Facebook und Twitter können ab dieser Version der Titel, die Beschreibungen sowie die Bilder definiert werden, die beim Teilen des Produkts / der Seite ausgegeben werden. Weitere Informationen hierzu findest du unter:
  • Der Titel sowie die Beschreibung für Facebook und Twitter können per Bulk Template erstellt werden. Die empfohlene Länge sowie die Maximallänge der Facebook und Twitter Titel sowie Beschreibungen können in den Einstellungen selbst definiert werden.
  • Die Weiterleitungen können nun als CSV Datei importiert sowie exportiert werden. Weitere Informationen hierzu findest du unter:
  • Es können nun auch Weiterleitungen an die Startseite konfiguriert werden.

Version 6.6.0

  • As a canonical link, the SEO path of the respective page is always passed in the Shopware standard. From this version it is possible to store different canonical links for products and categories. Here, a fixed external URL can be stored or a product or category can be selected whose SEO path is to be used as a canonical link. You can find more information about the new setting at:

Version 6.5.2

  • In the Shopware Standard, the Canonical Links Tag is not displayed on the start page or the category pages (as of Shopware 6.2). Until this is guaranteed via the Shopware standard, the output from this version is ensured via SEO Professional. You can find more information at: 
  •  The complete category tree is now available for selection in the Bulk Generator for URLs. Accordingly, this is no longer broken down into the categories of the selected sales channel in order to guarantee a selection of the service and footer pages.

Version 6.5.1

  • In version 6.5.0 the error message ltrim () expects parameter 1 to be string, boolean given occurred when a sales channel with a virtual domain was used. For example: This behavior has been corrected with this version.

Version 6.5.0

  • For the products and the categories, the meta-tags administration were expanded by the configuration of the robots tag. It can now be defined for the pages whether they should be indexed and links on these pages should be followed. You can find detailed information on this new setting at:
  • A standard robots tag can also be defined in the SEO settings, which is used if no robots tag has been explicitly specified for a category or product. The new option `Noindex Request Parameter Query` can also be defined, which can be used to configure conditions that ensure that a robots tag is switched to` noindex`. You can find more information on this at:
  • The settings for the robots tag can now be defined via the `Product` and the` Category Bulk Generator`.
  • If you want to watch the SERP preview for a product or a category or edit the Canonical Url, you must first select the sales channel you want to edit. To simplify the workflows here, you can now define a sales channel as a pre-selection. You can find more information on this at:

Version 6.4.2

  • In the case of migrations, the return values of the getCreationTimestamp method are now explicitly converted to the int data type, because otherwise the plugin could not be installed under certain server conditions.
  • The changes in version 6.0.2 regarding deleting the forwarding in administration have not yet worked in production systems with an active cache. As of this version, the cache tag of the respective forwarding is cleared.

Version 6.4.1

  • The method extractInheritableAttributes of the class DreiscSeoPro \ Decorator \ Shopware \ Storefront \ Routing \ RequestTransformerDecorator had no return value. This led to an error message sometimes being registered. This misbehavior has been fixed.

Version 6.4.0

  • The Rich Snippets configuration has been expanded to include Logo and Local Business. You can find more information on this at
  • The configurations of the rich snippets settings can now be saved for each sales channel.
  • With the deviating values for the rich snippets, which can be configured under SEO Professional »SEO Settings» Rich Snippets (, the Inheritance implemented for variants.

Version 6.3.0

Version 6.2.0

Version 6.1.0

The bulk generators can now also be started directly via the administration. Further information can be found at:

Version 6.0.2

  • The redirects were not taken over directly when the HTTP cache was active. This behavior has been adjusted accordingly.
  • Deleting the redirects no longer worked with the current version because the Shopware DAL could not delete them. The deletion of the redirects was therefore switched to plain SQL and a ticket was opened at shopware AG. (

Version 6.0.0

  • First Shopware 6 version

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