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Shopware CMS Professional

Shopware CMS Professional

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  • Dreis75949548131
  • Dreischild GmbH
  • 6.2.3
  • 8 Jun 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
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Shopware CMS Professional extends the standard Shopware worlds of experience with many... more

Product information


  • Expansion of the worlds of experience
  • Nestable Blocks
  • Dynamic column structures
  • Tab panels
  • Accordions


Shopware CMS Professional extends the standard Shopware worlds of experience with many functions, structures and content elements. The plugin starts where Shopware leaves off and supports you in creating a world of experience that is optimally tailored to your shop.

Help / Documentation

You can find detailed documentation on the plugin at: -cms-professional

Nestable blocks

Shopware CMS Professional provides structure blocks such as the dynamic column structures, the tab panel and the accordion. The specialty here is that all of these blocks can hold their own blocks, which means that the structures can be nested. You can get an insight in the video:

Dynamic column structures

With the dynamic two-column to the dynamic Sechsspalter gives you the plugin maximum flexibility in designing your worlds of experience. The widths of the individual columns can be defined as a percentage so that the columns can always be optimally adapted to the application.

Tab panel

You can use the tab panel structure block create tab panels yourself with any number of tabs. As already described above, a tab can also contain its own blocks. Thus, for example, a dynamic column structure can be placed in a tab.


An accordion can also be created as a structure block using the plug-in. The number of accordions can also be freely determined and filled with further blocks.

Alert Box

The Alert Box can be used to output an info box to display important information. Here you can choose between different forms of presentation such as warning, danger or information.

Category Teaser

After selecting an image and a category, the selected image and the category name are displayed. By clicking on the image, the customer is taken to the defined category page.

Google Maps

The Google Maps content element is used to integrate a Google Maps map. The position to be displayed can be marked with a marker and, if necessary, provided with an info window.

A detailed overview You can find the adjustments to the individual versions at:


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Customer reviews


Version 6.2.3

  • Complete sections can now be duplicated using the navigator.
  • Moving blocks between different sections is now supported.
  • Removed incompatible SCSS variables with Shopware 6.4.

Version 6.2.2

Changeover from executeQuery to executeStatement

Version 6.2.1

The URL of the logo and the company location of the Rich Snippet company data could not be saved. This behavior has been corrected in this version.

Version 6.2.0

Extension of the plugin with the content element Category Teaser.

Version 6.1.0

Extension of the plugin with the content elements Alert Box and Google Maps.

Version 6.0.0

First version for Shopware 6

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€ 99.00* € 295.00* Promotion valid until 31/10/2021 12:00
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