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JSON-LD Rich Snippets for product pages (SW6)

JSON-LD Rich Snippets for product pages (SW6)

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  • 6.0.0
  • 6 Jul 2020
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JSON-LD Rich Snippets for product pages JSON-LD is now the preferred Rich Snippet format... more

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JSON-LD Rich Snippets for product pages

JSON-LD is now the preferred Rich Snippet format according to Google: "JSON-LD is the recommended format. Google is in the process of adding JSON-LD support for all markup-powered features." (Source:

Shopware 6 and the default template already include some structured data, using the structure. Our plugin adds data in the JSON LD format, which is preferred by Google and used widely by websites like or ZALANDO.

Important: This plugin will implement the SAME data, that is already provided by the default Shopware 6 template. If your structured data already shows up in Google results just fine, please check first if a double integration is really necessary.

If you are using a third party template, you may not have any structured data in your shop at all - now is the time. Our plugin is compatible with a lot of third party templates. Important: using our plugin cannot guarantee the displaying of structured data in Google SERPs. If the data is not showing up, please refer to: for troubleshooting.

Use this tool to check if our plugin works correctly:

Currently, JSON LD Rich Snippets are limited to product pages.

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Version 6.0.0

Initial Release for SW6

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