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ECONSOR - Brands / images list in shopping experiences

ECONSOR - Brands / images list in shopping experiences

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  • 21 Dec 2020
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ECONSOR - Brands / images list in shopping experiences With ECONSOR - Brands / images list... more

Product information


  • Define a display limit for the brands or images
  • Set number of maximum brands or images per row
  • Activate or deactivate tooltips/badges
  • Link the brands/images


  • Responsive design
  • Tooltips & Badges
  • Configurable brands/images


ECONSOR - Brands / images list in shopping experiences

With ECONSOR - Brands / images list in shopping experiences you can display several brands or images lists simply in the frontend. Via a shopping experiences element as well as an own submenu entry you can configure the output of the images in the shop. You can also assign badges and tooltips for the brands or images. In the backend you can also configure how many images you want to display per row and/or in total.

Example of use:

  • If you would like to display a list of brands logos via the shopping world expierences, you can do this with this plugin very easily.
  • Alternatively, you can use this plugin for images in general. For example, you can teaser product categories and link them to each category.

The functions of the plugin in detail:

  • Set image: Define an individual image for example for each brand. You can select an existing image from the shopware media library or upload a new one.

  • Display tooltips: You can activate tooltips which are displayed when hovering over the image. You can edit the tooltip text in the snippet menu.

  • Number of images per row: You can also define the number of the images per row.

  • Set display limit: You can set a display limit for the images or brands in the configuration of the shopping experiences element. If the number of the added images exceeds the limit, the excess images will be hidden but can be displayed and hidden again using a button in the frontend.

  • Display badge: You can also use the shopping experiences element to control whether so-called badges should be displayed in the frontend. You can edit the badge text in the snippet menu.

  • Define alternative link: You can set a seperate link for each brand or image which can be reached by clicking the image.

  • Open alternative link in new tab: Via a checkbox you can controll whether alternative links should be displayed in the tabs or not.

  • Set name: Set a name for each image for internal organization. The name of the image will not be displayed in the frontend.

  • Brand tags: Create brand or image tags to filter them in the shopping experiences and display them in the frontend. Each image can contain several different tags. So you have the complete freedom to define precisely, which image should be displayed in the frontend.

  • Category: The images are linked to the selected category by default unless an alternative link is assigned.

  • Filter brands: Filter your brands or images in the shopping experiences according to online and offline brands (can be defined for each brand itself).

Please note: The plugin is designed responsively. Therefore, the number of brands per row will be ignored up to a viewport width of 575 pixels. Badges and tooltips are only displayed at a viewport width of 992 pixels and above. In addition, the plugin does not use thumbnails for the images. For example, when displaying 5 elements per row it is recommended to use an image resolution of 200 x 200 pixels.

This plugin has been tested in detail. Nevertheless we accept no liability. A test with other plugins and individualizations in your shopware version is necessary. We recommend to make a backup of your system before installing the plugin.

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Installation manual

  • Navigate to Settings > My Plugins and click install on the entry ECONSOR - Brands / images list in shopping experiences and afterwards on activate.
  • After the successful installation the marketing menu is extended by the submenu Brands. In this submenu you can add several brands.
  • In the respective layout under Content > Shopping Experiences you can add a new text element called Econsor Brands.


Version 1.0.0

Initial release of the plugin.

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