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Registration filter against spam registrations

Registration filter against spam registrations

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  • 1.0.2
  • 24 Feb 2021
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  • 6.1.0 – 6.1.6
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With this app you can easily lock your shop against unwanted registrations: Simply write the... more

Product information

With this app you can easily lock your shop against unwanted registrations: Simply write the e-mail addresses that should not register one below the other and save the settings. Already no customer accounts can be created for the e-mail addresses concerned. 

You can do the same with names and company names - just enter names/company names in the app settings and the customers concerned will be excluded from registration.  

What if there are many similar names or addresses from the same domain? Then simply block the whole area! Just enter ".*" in the emails and nobody else can register with an address. With the names you can enter "Mar.*" analogously, and neither Mark, nor Marc, Marius nor Marcel will be able to register in your shop. 

The system uses so called regular expressions, so other combinations can be excluded, up to whole top-level domains: Enter ".*@.*.ru" and nobody can register with an e-mail address from Russia. 

However, this system is very powerful and must be used with care: An entry "E.*" in the field "Company" prevents the registration of all company names beginning with the letter E. 

Installation Instructions

​Wenn Sie wider erwarten Probleme bei der Installation haben dann kontaktieren Sie uns bitte umgehend unter

Contact and support

If you have any questions, change requests, criticism or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you:

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Alles bestens, Support schnell und unkompliziert ...

2 Mar 2021


Installation manual

The installation and configuration is very simple:

After the installation you can configure the app: You can enter the email addresses to be blocked directly in the app settings - one address per line. Alternatively, enter the e-mail address ranges and domains via regex pattern: e.g. with .*@.*.ru you exclude all Russian e-mail addresses.

From v1.0.2: New option "Filter for allowed postal codes".

Regex patterns for different countries can be stored in the corresponding text field. To do this, the ISO code of the country must be entered followed by '=>' and then the regex pattern. As a default value and example, the regex for German postal codes has been stored. For other countries you have to search for a regex pattern or build your own. A simpler regex that only checks for 4 numbers would be \d{4} where the 4 can be changed to another number depending on how many numbers there should be.

(Note: As soon as additional fields in the locale settings are working, this option will be moved there).

From v1.0.2: New option "Extreme check".

This option is for extreme cases where normal filtering fails. Example would be when arbitrary text strings are used in the registry. The option is not enabled by default due to the complexity of such cases.  If extreme checking fails for you as well, please contact us so that we can develop a regex specifically for your case.

If the text field is empty in your case, please fill it with the following content:


(Explanation: This regex filters fields where at least 2 times at least 2 upper case letters followed by at least 1 lower case letter or at least 4 times at least 1 upper case letter followed by at least 2 lower case letters have been entered)


Version 1.0.2

- New Feature: Countries zipcode filter

- New Feature: Exteme check (Please note our installation instructions)

Version 1.0.1

- Compatibility for Shopware 6.2 ensured

Version 1.0.0

- First release to Shopware Community Store

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Current version:


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