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Instagram Feed/Images Display Beautifully in shopping experience

Instagram Feed/Images Display Beautifully in shopping experience

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  • 2Hats Logic Solutions Private Limited
  • 1.0.5
  • 6 Aug 2020
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  • 6.0.0
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Instagram Feed Display plugin helps to show the images in the Instagram account of your business... more

Product information


  • Easy to set up and beautiful display
  • Likes and Comments count display
  • Boosts social media engagement
  • Save time by making the image display process automated
  • Helps social media marketing


  • User-friendly interface for feed customization
  • Option to add Catchy title for the feed
  • Likes and Comments count display
  • Decide the layout and the position to display the feed
  • Control the number of photos that should be displayed on the website
  • Possible to add upto 12 photos in a row
  • Option to set the padding dynamically
  • Show or hide your Instagram comments
  • Show or hide your Instagram like counts.
  • Generate Instagram access token with the help of an external site.


Instagram Feed Display plugin helps to show the images in the Instagram account of your business on your Shopware website. The plugin can also show the number of likes and comments of each image. You can set the number of images that should be shown and the number of columns it should display.  After installing this plugin it will be available as a block in the layout and you can just drag and drop wherever required as any other blocks. For each page, we can set different settings (like the number of images, number of columns, set padding dynamically, set SEO optimized media size for image, hide/show instagram comments and likes), this will override the global settings. 

User can generate their Instagram Access Token easily following our installation instructions. This doesn't need any technical knowledge. 

The displayed images are linked to the Instagram picture and open in a new tab. This way users can get to visit your Instagram profile and may start following your business. This increases social media engagement and boosts social media marketing efforts. 

Please let us know if you have specific wishes, we will try to get it done with the next releases. Email:

Access Token for Test :  EAAIfSPCQVBgBAMvIyL9K0MWcdC0HJhgcDw9ZA7HC7Xo5uCTkg2iIYH7g9SnOnjJWyi5BZCES8ZCmeUVD9ZA9rvCR1komFAITpZCvizEKDT6NwwIdBqKLoNtrrgtwoYRxO5VTk0ZAHqQZAig1RQ8LHbDQkRqk6u8onC0QZCJNKKmcSeuOfTKtEViD

If you require any help on creating the Access Token, please let us know. We will help at not additional cost:

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Installation manual

The installation is straight forward. Only help needed after the installation is to get the access token for configuration. 


Step 1: Install the plugin and activate it 

Step 2: Select a layout and drag and drop the Instagram block 

Step 3: Click on the configuration icon 

Step 4: In the top section of the element setting screen you can find the link to generate an access token. Click on the link given here.


Step 5: To obtain access to token a new tab will be opened. Simply click on the generate your Access Token button. 

Here you will have to provide your Facebook user id and password associate to your Instagram account.

Step 6: Click on the continue button to generate your Instagram access token and Instagram Business Account Id.


Step 1. Copy the Access Token and paste it in the plugin configuration (Settings> System > Plugins > Edit the configuration)

Step 2: Paste your Instagram Business Account Id in "Instagram User Id"

Step 3: Paste your Instagram Access Token in the "Access Token" field and save the configuration.


For test, please use this access Token : IGQVJVX29sSXExc1IxbVJteWJXUS1kS1YzYUlCOUJueTNHa0FQSEVTbjV3OFVYWnV6cGlzSEdmYU5hVTdzNm84dUpEYXFTTUFKLW1IekhSc0xYVUdrRm5Nb2tYckxzeW54MGVXYmFYaXN4N0xjTG9ISQZDZD


Version 1.0.5

Style changes in the feed display area

Version 1.0.4

- New feature: 

- Display multiple post 

- Supports videos

Version 1.0.3

New Features:

1.  Customizable settings to show like and comment count from the Instagram feed.

2. Included option to show a link Instagram profile

3. Users can define SEO friendly media size.

4. Instagram feeds can be displayed based on different sort options like, 

- Latest to oldest

- Oldest to newest

-  The highest number of likes to lowest

-  The lowest number of likes to the highest

-  The highest number of comments to lowest

-  The lowest number of comments to the highest

-  Random

5. Integration with an external site to generate the Instagram token

Version 1.0.1

Updated the maximum number of post to 100

Version 1.0.0

First set of plugin files added

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