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Admin Manager Mobile App for Shopware 6

Admin Manager Mobile App for Shopware 6


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The plugin helps Shopware 6 store managers and administrators to get detailed statistics about... more

Product information

The plugin helps Shopware 6 store managers and administrators to get detailed statistics about their hourly, daily, weekly and monthly sales in a nice bar chart through our intuitive app. The shop owners can download the app(link provided in the installation guide) from play store or apple store and install it in their smart phones, iPads and tablets. 

 - Download from Play Store -

 - Download from App Store -

The login to app is very simple and at the same time highly secured. The user need to install this Shopware plugin in your shop admin. Once installed, this plugin will display a QR code in your shop admin. When the user scans this QR code using the mobile app they will be logged in. When logged in, you could see the sales statistics, orders, Top selling products, top customers and product list. 

In the dashboard you could see a graph depicting the revenue and orders that gives you a clear picture of your sales at an initial glance itself. This app serves a feature to  handle multiple sales channels efficiently. The app is available in 2 languages, German and English.

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  • Handy - As you could get shop details on your go from phone
  • Secure and simple login feature
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Time saving one stop solution for multi store owners
  • User friendly UI


  • Graphical representation showing Revenue and orders on daily,weekly, monthly and yearly basis
  • Could switch within graphical data of revenue and number of orders from a single screen
  • Lists the orders in descending order of time and date. Selecting an order shows its complete order details including payment type and shipping method.
  • Push notification on every order placed
  • Have Pull down refresh to get updated with the utmost recent order placed
  • Includes Sales channel option - It enables to manage multiple sales channel efficiently
  • Get list of top selling products.
  • Shows a list of top customers, on the basis of number of orders made
  • Could see product list
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Installation manual

Download the application(App name) from playstore or apple store and install it in your smart phone.

 - Link to Play Store -

 - Link to App Store -

Download our plugin from shopware store

Install the plugin in your shop admin

Once installed, it will dispay a QR code in your shop admin(You will see this under Admin Management App menu in the backend)

Scan this QR code from the app that you installed and you are in.


Version 1.0.2

Security Improvements

Version 1.0.1

Security improvements

Version 1.0.0

First set of files added

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