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Redeem vouchers in partial amounts with remaining balance

Redeem vouchers in partial amounts with remaining balance

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  • 1.0.0
  • 25 Feb 2020
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  • 6.0.0
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Redeem vouchers in partial amounts with remaining balance  In Shopware 6 standard individual... more

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  • Partial redemption of vouchers


Redeem vouchers in partial amounts with remaining balance 

In Shopware 6 standard individual vouchers will be redeemed with the full value, even if the shopping cart value less as the voucher value. Offer your customers to redeem their vouchers in parts until the value of the voucher is completely used up. The plugin extends Shopware's standard voucher system so that even already stored vouchers in the system can be redeemed after installing the plugin.

Important note: The partial redemption of vouchers only works in connection with "individual voucher codes" and not with general promotional codes! General voucher codes are redeemed as in the Shopware standard.

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Installation manual

Installation and activation via the plugin manager. No further configuration is necessary.

After installation and activation, individual vouchers can be redeemed immediately in installments. Note on creating individual vouchers: As usual, continue to use the Shopware voucher system "Marketing> Discounts & Promotions". The plugin is only applied to vouchers with individual promotion codes and absolute discounts. General vouchers (coupons) work as before.

Uninstall instructions:

If the plug-in is uninstalled and partial redemptions already available in the database, the remaining credit with the original voucher code is generated as new vouchers so that vouchers with a residual value can still be redeemed without the plug-in.

To ensure this, the original vouchers must not be deleted from the system before the deinstallation!


Version 1.0.0

Initial release for shopware 6

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€ 95.00*

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