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This plugin is available for Shopware 5
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  • huebertweb
  • 1.0.2
  • 15 Sep 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – –
SEO Ultimate extends Shopware in the area of search engine optimization with many important... more

Product information


  • Bulk generator for articles and categories


SEO Ultimate extends Shopware in the area of search engine optimization with many important settings & optimizations. 

Important SEO settings

meta-data Bulk Genrator

Generate title, description and keywords for categories and items and save templates for reuse as a template. After the installation of the plugin, the points Ultimate Article Bulk & Ultimate Category BulkUltimate Category Bulk. Here are currently the Bulk
generators for categories and articles available. In the Bulk Generator you can activate everything you need. For example, if you only want to generate the meta-title, then you activate only this meta-title. In addition, you can define a template name at the bottom as a template which you can use repeatedly. 

Generate for all subcategories:

-> If activated, all subcategories will be considered as well.

Overwrite existing entries:

->If activated, existing entries will be overwritten. If you want to set the meta data only where the fields are empty, then this option remains deactivated.

Meta data:

Here you can create your own templates for the generation. All possible variables can be added from the right drop down. An example of this is shown in the screenshots above, for example: If you have defined everything as desired, you only have to click on generate above.

SERP Preview

  • >Preview as displayed by Google
  • Character Counter:  Shows the number of allowed or for e.g. meta data. 
    The number of maximum characters for Title & Description can be defined in the plugin configuration itself.


Important SEO settings

  • Robots Tag define
  • Canonical Links define
  • Breadcrumbs  define & extend

More SEO settings

  • Rich snippets: Snippets:   passing missing properties like sku, mpn, itemCondition etc.
  • Rich snippets:  JSON LD format

conversion optimization:

  • 404 Not Found - Error page with different layouts and individual customization options
  • Infobar(Conversion-Header) in the upper part of the header - For the most important information with icons(Font Awesome) and text. Not all 4 infos have to be used. Empty fields are not output. (individual design possible)
  • Suspicious newsletter registration in the upper part of the footer with your own text (individual design possible)
  • Show different payment options as icon with description or logo in the footer (individual design possible)
  • Info area in the lower part of the footer for social media links with matching icons. (individual design possible)
  • Removes the Shopware copyright from the footer
  • Dispatch and payment provider logos in the shopping cart (individual design possible)

What will no longer be available in the successor plugin and why?

  • SEO-Url for categories and articles

This is already available in Shopware 6's default settings

  • own categorySEO texts below the listing

This is already available in Shopware 6's default settings

  • Google Tag Manager - Here only a valid ID must be deposited

That can Shopware 6 already from house and many other Plugins

  • DSGVO-Updates

That can Shopware 6 already from house

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Customer reviews

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Auf dieses Plugin wollen wir nicht mehr verzichten!

25 Sep 2020

- Riesen Arbeitserleichterung durch Bulk-Generator
- viele Optimierungsmöglichkeiten
- übersichtliches Plugin
- schneller & kompetenter Support

wir freuen uns auf weitere Updates und bedanken für das wirkliche tolle Plugin.


Must-Have mit als nur den Grundfunktionalitäten

25 Sep 2020

Ein sehr gelungenes und einfach zu bedienendes Plugin. Dieses hilft und ungemein, vielen Dank :)


Tolles Plugin mit Arbeitserleicherung

25 Jul 2020

Super Plugin +++ Super Support!


Mega Plugin & super Support

21 Jul 2020

Das Plugin ist wirklich sehr übersichtlich und durchdacht aufgebaut und funktioniert zudem einwandfrei.
Zwar gibt es aktuell nur den Bulk-Generator, aber das ist aktuell genau das was wir benötigen, da wir keine WaWi nutzen und der Export/Import bei uns Probleme macht.

Danke auch an den Support für die Hinweise & Tipps für die Erstellung unsere Meta-Daten.

Wir freuen uns auf die versprochenen Updates.



Version 1.0.2

New function: Robot tags for articles and categories

New function: configurable 404 page 

Version 1.0.1

New function: Google preview in the bulk generators
New function: Google preview in articles and categories

New function: Character counter in metadata

New function: Number of max. characters configurable by yourself

Version 1.0.0

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