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Mailchimp Newsletter Synchronisation

Mailchimp Newsletter Synchronisation

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  • Torben Tschechne und Jan Evers
  • 1.0.0
  • 27 Nov 2020
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.0.0
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After purchasing this plugin, you will receive a variety of options to use Mailchimp better for... more

Product information


  • 1. Existing and future newsletter subscribers are automatically synchronized to Mailchimp.
  • 2. In the log you can see all current activities that the plugin is performing.


After purchasing this plugin, you will receive a variety of options to use Mailchimp better for sending newsletters in the future. To get started, you can transfer existing newsletter subscribers from Shopware to Mailchimp once.

After installation and configuration, new subscribers will be automatically synchronized to Mailchimp in the future. The double opt-in process takes place via Shopware and the plugin only transfers confirmed email addresses to Mailchimp.

If a newsletter subscriber should unsubscribe from Mailchimp for your newsletter, it will also be updated in their Shopware installation. You can plan campaigns in peace and quiet and don't have to worry about synchronizing subscribers.

This plugin supports several sales channels. A separate configuration can be created for each sales channel. The plugin uses the Scheduled Tasks and the Message Queue of Shopware 6, which must be set up accordingly:

Scheduled Tasks:

Message Queue:

Do you have any questions about the plugin? Then it is worth taking a look at our manual or you can write to us by email at:

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Installation manual

1. After purchasing our plugin, install and activate it in the Shopware backend.

2. After the installation there is a new entry "JETT Mailchimp Newsletter" in the Shopware marketing menu.

3. Select a sales channel for which a configuration should be set up. If the configuration should be valid for all sales channels, leave the setting on the standard setting.

4. Under Setup, insert an API key from Mailchimp and click on "Retrieve lists".

5. Now a list must be selected that is to be kept synchronized with the Shopware data.

6. Activate the setting by activating the tab under "Active".

7. Initially the synchronization starts so that all newsletter subscribers in Shopware are synchronized with Mailchimp. If a later synchronization is desired, a date can be specified under the advanced settings, which ensures that only those subscribers are transferred whose entry in Shopware has changed after the selected date.


Version 1.0.0

- Initial version of the newsletter plugin

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Torben Tschechne und Jan Evers Torben Tschechne und Jan Evers 5 Extensions 4.5 Ø Rating
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