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Automatic cancellation of orders with failed payment

Automatic cancellation of orders with failed payment

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  • 1.0.2
  • 8 Jan 2021
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With Shopware 6, ordering and payment are completely independent of each other. What makes a lot... more

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  • Automatic cancellation of orders with open payments
  • Trigger the normal status change mail from Shopware
  • Restrictable to certain payment methods (e.g. credit card, but not prepayment)
  • Configurable delay before status change


With Shopware 6, ordering and payment are completely independent of each other. What makes a lot of technical sense is confusing for some users. So you get an order confirmation directly after the order, independent of the outcome of the payment. This plugin works against this circumstance. All orders with an open or failed payment are automatically cancelled in a configurable interval. Furthermore, you can limit the plugin's function to certain payment methods (e.g. credit card). Customers will also be notified with the normal Shopware status mail that the status of their order has changed. So you will hopefully bring clarity into the communication with your customers and in the best case you will achieve that they place their order again.

About JKweb

JKweb GmbH is a young web agency from Switzerland in the Basel & Zurich area. Our focus is on technically demanding projects, such as the integration of shop projects into existing warehouse management systems. We can count on the expertise of over 30 young employees.  For more than 500 customers, we design integrated web presences, program sophisticated web apps or create beautiful, clear design languages. 

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Installation manual

To send the automatic mails, it is important that you store an appropriate template for the desired status change (e.g. order status from Open to Canceled) in the relevant sales channel.

Important: As soon as the Scheduled Task runs the first time, all orders (even those far in the past) are processed by the plugin.


Version 1.0.2

- Bugfix that occurred if multiple payment methods were selected

Version 1.0.0

- Initial plugin version

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