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Export for accounting & turnover per product group

Export for accounting & turnover per product group

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  • Media Concept Schweiz AG
  • 1.2.1
  • 18 Jun 2021
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Export for accounting If your shop grows, you can easily lose track of all your sales. There are... more

Product information


  • Sales are determined by changes in the payment status
  • Refunds/cancellations are taken into account
  • List of taxes and net amounts for each tax rate (even after changes)
  • Output of shipping costs and shipping country
  • Allocation of products in statistic product groups and export of turnover per product group


  • Free choice of billing period
  • Direct preview of export data
  • Easy export to XLSX and CSV formats
  • Based on changes in the payment status
  • Listing of taxes, net amounts, shipping costs and shipping country
  • Linking of order and customer in the preview
  • PDF documents relating to the order can be accessed directly
  • Assignment of each product to a freely selectable statistics product group
  • Export turnover per product group


Export for accounting

If your shop grows, you can easily lose track of all your sales. There are double orders and cancellations, direct debit chargebacks, returns and much more. For a correct accounting it is then not enough to simply export the orders of the month: An advance payment order at the end of the month is not paid until the next month, or if the order is cancelled after the end of the month, the turnover must be booked out again in the next accounting period. For the sales tax settlement you also need a breakdown of the turnover according to tax rate.

With this app you can select an accounting period (the completed calendar month is preselected) and get directly the bookings in this period displayed. The decisive factor for this is not the order date, but the time when the payment status was set to "paid". If an order was already in the status "paid" and is set to a different payment status within the period under consideration, the turnover is displayed again with a negative sign. You can save the displayed data directly as XLSX or CSV file. In the table view, the order number and the customer are linked so that you can go directly to the respective detail pages. In addition, the number of existing documents per order is listed, the files can be opened directly.

Turnover per product group

Many companies keep statistics on sales in different product groups. With this app you can easily display and export the required data. The product groups used for the statistics are independent of the categories in Shopware. Each product can be assigned to a statistic product group, the naming is free. When retrieving, the turnover is calculated in the same way as for export for accounting purposes, i.e. it depends on the time when an order was marked as "paid".Cancellations / refunds are also taken into account here.
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Installation manual

  • Install the app and activate it
  • The backend reloads, below the menu item "Orders" appear "Export for accounting" and "Product groups statistics".

In the "Export for accounting" you can see transactions directly, assuming that orders were marked as "paid" in the selected period.

In order to be able to use the statistics product groups, you must first assign your products to a statistics product group. On the product detail page, a tab "Export for accounting" has been installed next to the custom fields, here you will find the input field where you can enter the statistics group for the product. This assignment can be changed at any time and is also used for orders already placed.


Version 1.2.1

  • Bug fixes
  • Additional (export) tax rates sorted in ascending order

Version 1.2.0

  • Shopware compatibility

Version 1.1.0

  • Output of the delivery country

Version 1.0.1

  • Compatibility with PickwareErpStarter

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial store release

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Current version:


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