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Custom Field Tab Manager (HTML/PDF/Video)

Custom Field Tab Manager (HTML/PDF/Video)

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This plugin is available for Shopware 5
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  • 22 Aug 2020
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  • 6.0.0
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Official plugin successor of the Shopware 5 plugin "Attribute Tab Manager" ("GOLD" certified... more

Product information


  • Plugin to display product custom fields as tabs
  • Official successor of the "Gold" awarded plugin "Attribute Tab Manager" (more than 370 downloads)
  • Supported tab types: HTML, PDFs and Videos (YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Mobile support (Responsive)


  • Plugin to display of up to 10 tabs from custom fields
  • Tab title (name of the tab) and tab headline (title of the tab container) can be defined per tab
  • different types per tab: HTML, PDF (Medium), PDF (Name), Video (YouTube) and Video (Vimeo) (more explanations in the plugin description)
  • DSGVO compliant embedding of YouTube videos possible ("No Cookie"), player controls (controls) can be deactivated optionally
  • Configurations per sales channel definable
  • Exclusive use only of Bootstrap (frontend framework used by Shopware) CSS standard classes (high compatibility to all devices!)
  • Mobile support (Responsive) as Offcanvas Menus
  • many custom Twig Theme blocks for own customization options


Official plugin successor of the Shopware 5 plugin "Attribute Tab Manager" ("GOLD" certified with over 370 downloads) for displaying product custom fields as tabs (HTML/Text, PDF, YouTube/Vimeo). Freely definable configurations for individual settings allow you to quickly and easily create individual tabs for each product. Expand your product detail pages with specific and individual data in order to provide your customers with additional product information in a clear and visually appealing way.

Plugin Configurations



The "Active" setting can be used to quickly and easily activate or deactivate the entire plugin functionality per sales channel. Deactivated there is no output of tabs. Please make sure to set this setting during installation.

Hide product names

Within the tab containers, the heading is normally structured as "Headline 'Product name'". If you do not want to display the product name after the heading, you can deactivate it with this setting.

YouTube Settings

The output of YouTube videos has specific settings that affect the output of all YouTube videos.

Advanced privacy mode

In order to embed DSGVO compliant videos, YouTube provides the function "No Cookie". Here the video is embedded without cookies via a specific URL. With this setting you determine whether videos should be integrated without cookies or not.

Show controls

You can use these settings to globally activate or deactivate Player Controls.

Tab configurations (1-10)

Each tab has its own configuration options. In the following these are explained in more detail for a successful setup.


The "Active" setting activates or deactivates a specific tab. If this tab is deactivated, it will not be edited and given to the storefront.


Title of the tab.


(Optional) heading of the tab. If you do not define a headline, the tab title is used as the header of the tab container.

Content type

The data from your custom fields can be interpreted and output in different ways. There is a specific "content type" for each supported type. Always make sure to set the correct "content type" for each tab in order to ensure a valid output in the shop.


The content type "HTML" directly displays the content from the custom field. Custom fields of the type "Text Editor" (HTML Editor) are recommended.

PDF (Medium)

The PDF document specified in the custom field is output as a tab via the content type "PDF (Medium)". Create a product custom field of type "Medium" and link it to this tab configuration. Note that with this setting, only one PDF will be output in the tab. The advantage is the simple specification: Within the product, simply add a "medium" by selecting a PDF from the media management.

PDF (Names)

The content type "PDF (Names)" can be used to output any number of PDFs per tab. To do this, create a custom field of the type "Text field". You can then specify PDFs in the respective product by specifying the media titles in the custom field. Several file names (media title, e.g. "DatasheetExample") are separated by commas (e.g.: "DatasheetExample, TechnicalListABC"). The advantage of this configuration is that you can output several PDFs. Compared to the content type "PDF (Medium)", the specification of media titles is more manual.

Video (YouTube)

The content type "Video (YouTube)" allows you to display any number of YouTube per tab in your products. A custom field of the type "Text field" is recommended here. To output videos, a list of YouTube video IDs is sufficient in the custom field. Multiple IDs are separated by commas. Example: The YouTube video ID of the URL is fJ7klzu_CJQ. Multiple videos could be specified as: "fJ7klzu_CJQ, KAIw9I6D5Y4". In the plugin settings there are two more settings to globally control the output ("No Cookie") as well as the display of controls.

Video (Vimeo)

Similar to YouTube videos, you can output multiple videos. Just list as many Vimeo video IDs as you like (separated by commas). The Vimeo Video IDs can be found in the Video URL. Example: The ID of the URL is 170541389. The actual output is completely controlled by the plugin.

Custom field

For each tab, you must use this setting to specify the data source (custom field) from which the tab data is to be obtained. When mapping, make sure that you only select from product custom fields. Custom fields from other data types (media, customers, ...) are not taken into account within the tabs and can be

Used (example) videos, captured in these screenshots:


[Vimeo: Russian Circles — Mládek (Live in Hong Kong)]

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Customer reviews

Installation manual



Install and activate the plugin.

General Configurations

Set the plugin configuration "Active" to active and then save the configuration.

Custom fields

Create additional field set

Custom fields are grouped into a set in Shopware. You should therefore first create a set under Settings > System > Custom fields. The name can be freely chosen here, e.g. "Custom field tabs" (technical name "custom_field_tabs"). It is also important to specify a product relation. Otherwise you cannot maintain the desired data in your products. Then navigate to the set you have just created.

Which tabs are required?

Think about which tab types you would like to display on your product pages in general. Here you can choose from the content types HTML (Text), PDF (Medium), PDF (Names), Video (YouTube) and Video (Vimeo). The exact descriptions of the individual content types can be found in the plugin description.

Data Types

Certain data types are recommended for each content type

HTML = Text Editor

YouTube = Text field

Vimeo = Text field

PDF (Medium) = Medium

PDF (name) = text field


Each custom field needs individual "technical names". It is advisable to provide useful information, e.g. "custom_field_tab_youtube" for a custom field for YouTube videos. According to this principle, you create all required custom fields. Further help on the subject of custom fields can be found here:

Plugin Configurations

After you have successfully defined and created all custom product fields, you can navigate back to the plugin configurations. Configure each tab Configuration according to your wishes:


This switch basically activates the tab.


The title must be specified so that the tab has a valid name.


You can use an optional headline to give the tab container a different heading. If you do not maintain this field, the Title tab is used as a replacement.

Content type

Select the appropriate content type for each tab, depending on what you want to display in the respective tab.

Custom field

In this reference, you select which custom field is to be used as the data source. Make sure that the link to the relevant tab is correct.

Finished installation

Save the plugin configurations. Then you can give your products individual data. To do this, simply navigate to the respective products and select the desired set (e.g. "Custom field tabs") under "custom fields" at the bottom of the page area and add useful data in the specific custom fields. How these data look like is described in detail in the plugin.


Version 1.0.5

  • Shopware 6.3 support

Version 1.0.4

  • Shopware 6.2 support
  • code refactoring
  • usage of shopware config values

Version 1.0.3

  • Shopware 6.1
  • fixed storefront namespace
  • storefront composer require
  • added default plugin configuration values

Version 1.0.2

  • fixed copyright data
  • removed (currently unsupported) plugin logger

Version 1.0.1

  • changed logger system to the recommended mono plugin logger

Version 1.0.0

  • initial plugin release

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