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PAY. Payment gateway for Shopware 6 ✓

PAY. Payment gateway for Shopware 6 ✓

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This app is available for Shopware 5
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This manufacturer responds very quickly to support requests
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  • PAY.
  • 1.4.6
  • 9 Sep 2021
  • de_DE en_GB nl_NL
  • 6.1.0 – 6.1.6
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European PSP with global and local payment options. Install all payment methods you'll ever need... more

Product information


  • Easy to process all popular payment methods via PAY. under one roof, including spreading payments and paying later
  • Easy processing of (partial) refunds directly from the Shopware dashboard
  • Dedicated and all-time accessible support team for every merchant - whether B2C or B2B
  • Quick 1-2 day onboarding and account activation
  • PAY. is always focused on the best and quickest solutions for you as a merchant so that you can focus on creating the best possible experience for your customers


  • Improve your conversion instantly with simple, safe and fast one-click payments
  • Conversion enhancing tools (i.e. back plan, fast response time and fully optimised routing)
  • Supports all popular payments methods in Europe (specialised in pay later and credit purchase payment methods as well as payments by instalment)
  • Streamlined and clear checkout process (no website redirections)
  • PCI-DSS and ISAE Type II compliant
  • All your payments are subject to multifaceted fraud prevention
  • Full visibility access of transaction statuses (i.e. capture or cancel authorization, (partial) refunds)
  • Easily monitor and manage payments directly from the PAY. transaction menu in your multifunctional Shopware dashboard
  • Real-time transaction status insight for all your payments
  • The PAY. app which enables you to access all your payments anywhere and anytime
  • User-friendly and simple modules for accounting programs (with our synchronisation module you can easily prepare a file in any desired format for Exact, Twinfield, and/or Yuki)


European PSP with global and local payment options. Install all payment methods you'll ever need in your online store. 

PAY. offers many payment methods including, but not limited to:

  • iDEAL
  • IN3
  • AfterPay
  • Bancontact
  • Giropay
  • Klarna
  • Creditcards
  • Pay by phone
  • And many more...

Register your account at and start selling.

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Installation manual

  • Install the plugin
  • Get your token and service details from and set them in the plugin.
  • Activate the plugin. 
  • Payment methods will be installed after activation of the plugin.
  • If you activated the plugin before filling in the credentials, deactivate and activate the plugin again.

If you need support, please email us at (in English or Dutch).

Please also view our extensive documentation on PAY. DOCS to get you off to a quick start!


Version 1.4.6

Fixed editing profile template

Version 1.4.5

Added the Refunding status

Version 1.4.4

Standardkalender ist zurückgekehrt

Fehler beim Ändern der Zahlungsmethode behoben, für die deutsche Version der Website

Version 1.4.3

Improved choosing payment methods

Improved saving payment methods additional information

Version 1.4.2

Fixed the bug on choosing native payment methods

Fixed "paynl-kvk-coc-number-field" JS bug

Version 1.4.1

Improved user permissions

Fixed partially paid bug

Fixed payment denied notice

Added payment screen language settings

Version 1.4.0

Plugin is now Shopware 6.4 compatible

Version 1.3.5

Bug bei den Versandkosten für nicht eingeloggte Kunden behoben

Bug beim Ändern des Bezahlstatus für nicht PAY.-Zahlungsarten behoben

Bug bei der Änderung der Standard-Zahlungsmethode nach dem Speichern der Konfiguration oder der Neuinstallation von Zahlungsmethoden behoben

Bug bei der automatischen Aktivierung der Felder "Telefonnummer" und "Geburtstag" nach dem Speichern der Plugin-Einstellungen behoben

Code-Verbesserung durch Code-Qualitätsanalyse

Version 1.3.4

Behebt ein Problem das auftritt wenn ein Benutzer ein neues Kennwort anfordert

Version 1.3.3

Fixed deletion of plugin credentials after plugin Uninstall

Fixed emails sending after order status change

Fixed CustomerRegisterSubscriber so that it works properly with CLI

KVK/CoC input field was moved from 'Address' to 'Personal' block

Template mprovements

Version 1.3.2

DoB and Phonenumber fields are now required for filling in (for pay later methods)

Updated date-picker

Version 1.3.1

Added the functionality of making the CoC code required or not

Added the functionality for disabling/enabling the PAY. styles

Code improvements and code refactoring

Version 1.3.0

- Fixed bug regarding tax rate calculation

- Fixed bug regarding refund processing

- Added text snippet for "Order confirmation email has been sent" for Successful payments

- Added validation for the Phonenumber field

- Improved mobile responsiveness

Version 0.3.3

- Added the feature of a compulsory selection of iDEAL bank issuer

- Added the feature of a unified payment method

- Improved templates inheritance

- Fixed the bug with the CoC number

Version 0.3.2

Bug mit leeren brand ID behoben

bug mit der Änderung der Versandmethode behoben, auf der Bestellseite

Version 0.3.1

Corrected the order canceling message  for the Dutch version

Fixed responsive design for the fields DoB and Phone number

Changed PM title from 'Name' to 'Visible Name'

Added limitation for PMs depiction in the footer (now max. 5)

Added admin functionality of choosing whether to show PMs description

Code improvements (refactoring)

Minor CSS fixes

Version 0.3.0

Added messages for Order Finished page: for Pending - "Payment is being verified by administrator"; For Paid - "Payment successful!"

Added descriptions from API for certain PMs

Added functionality for choosing a bank issuer for iDeal

Added "KVK/COC Number" field and placeholder "Enter your COC number" for; a default billing address (for Belgium and the Netherlands)

Added functionality of canceling an order. After that, a link to "Change Payment Method" appears;

Added translations for "Order" label in transaction data for the Dutch language, edited translations for English and German languages 

Added new icons for PMs;

Added functionality of deleting PM icons from the Shopware storage when Uninstalling plugin 

Added the option of changing the Order Transaction Status from "In Progress" to "Authorize" or "Verify" 

Added functionality if PAY. Transaction status is "Pending" - set Order Transaction Status "In Progress" 

Added DoB to transaction data 

Corrected labels for Save/Change Payment Method buttons

Fixed the bug on Edit Order page in Admin Panel 

Bug fixes, minor code improvements

Version 0.2.3

Added shopware and plugin version to transaction data Added text to order description for clarification 

Version 0.2.2

Added payment methods icons to media files.

Save/Close buttons added on the right side of payment methods at the payment methods modal on checkout page.

Put PAY. transactions module as the entry point of Orders.

Added validation for required plugin settings fields; also checking if credentials are valid.

German text snippets fixed.

Version 0.2.1

Changes v0.2.1:

Changes made to not extend plugin manager

Component prefixes added

Removed unnecessary files (".scannerwork")

Version 0.1.0

First Shopware upload

About the manufacturer

PAY. PAY. Shopware Technology Partner Shopware Technology Partner 2 Extensions No ratings
Current version:


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