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This manufacturer responds very quickly to support requests
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  • 2.6.1
  • 18 Aug 2021
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  • 6.0.0
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Wishlists - Memo for your shop visitors Live demo: With the... more

Product information


  • Remember articles for later buy
  • Share wishlists with link or in social networks
  • Add articles from wishlist directly to basket
  • Saving current basket as wishlist
  • Wishlists can also be used without login


  • Create and manage wishlists
  • Setting for visibility of wishlist (private or public)
  • Share the wishlist via link or in Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Items can be added to a wishlist on the item detail page
  • Saved items can be added directly to the shopping cart from the wishlist
  • Save current basket as wishlist
  • Load wishlist in basket
  • Display of wishlist articles in checkout
  • Add item to wishlist in item listing
  • Add articles to wishlist by article number
  • Wishlists can also be used without login
  • The order of articles can be changed within the wishlists
  • Public wishlists can be adopted as your own wishlists
  • Viewing of customer wishlists on admin module


Wishlists - Memo for your shop visitors

Live demo:

With the wishlist plugin, shopware is expanded with a notepad functionality. Customers can create wishlists and add items to a wishlist for later purchase.

Memorize articles for later
Your shop visitors can note items for later purchase on item listing and detail pages. There is also the possibility to save a complete shopping cart permanently as a wish list. You can configure whether a shop visitor has to log in first or whether items can be added to a wish list without login. After the later login, previously created wish lists and saved items are permanently linked to the customer account.

Use social marketing
In addition to private wishlists, shop visitors can also create public wishlists. A public link to a wish list enables a large number of users, for example in social networks, to view and buy the items in the wish list.
A very interesting feature for birthday lists, wedding gifts or shopping lists. If you particularly like a wish list, it is possible to adopt and save it directly as your own wish list.

Increase conversion
Conversion can be positively influenced by using wishlists. By remembering items, they can no longer be forgotten and recurring orders
are relieved. The available wish lists can also be shown in the checkout, thus creating an incentive to buy additional items from the wishlist.
Through shared wishlists, other potential customers become aware of your shop.

High compatibility
During the development, all Shopware 6 standards were observed. This allows all plugin templates and functionalities from third parties to be expanded.

Full control over administration
All wishlists and their articles can be viewed in the Shopware Administration. Find out which items are particularly popular. All texts of the plugin can be changed in the Shopware Administration.

For the customer the wish list plugin is a much used tool by shop visitors. The wishlists are used here as an order template for recurring orders.

Any questions?

Please send us an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the texts of the plugin be adapted? All texts were created as text snippets. You can fully adjust this in the Shopware Administration.
  • Is a login required for wishlists? Wishlists can also be created without login . But a customer login is required for permanent storage. As soon as a customer logs in, his noted articles are saved permanently.
  • Can the look of the wish lists be adapted? The plugin uses the standard colors of your theme. In addition, the plug-in can be adapted and expanded by third-party providers.
  • Can the plugin be expanded? We program according to the latest Shopware standards. This means that the plugin can be expanded by third-party providers at any time. If you have a customization request or new ideas, we can do the realization for you too.
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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 3 reviews:


Perfekter Support

20 Jul 2021

Wir hatten ein Problem mit dem Plugin und einen Wunsch, beides wurde super schnell vom Support behoben und erweitert. Plugin funktioniert nun wie gewünscht und einwandfrei. Klare Empfehlung!


funktioniert einwandfrei

24 Dec 2020

wunschlisten gehören zur standardausstattung eines shops und mit diesem plugin kann ich das meinen kunden bieten. das plugin war schnell installiert und funktioniert einwandfrei auch bei gastbestellungen. sehr schneller support.


Support und Hilfe-Leistung

17 Mar 2020

Wir hatten ein Problem mit dem Wunschlisten Plugin im Frontend und in der funktion. Der Plugin Hersteller hat sofort reagiert und es innert 2 Stunden sofort erledigt. Also somit 6 Sterne ;-) und nochmals vielen dank für die SUPER Unterstützung. Ich habe dem Plugin Hersteller noch Ideen weitergegeben und auch das wurde dankend angenommen und sie wollen es sogar zeitnah umsetzten. Das nenne ich mal einen grandiosen Support. Leute macht so weiter und bleibt gesund!!


Installation manual

Installation with plugin manager. After installation you can find wishlist icon on product detailpages and wishlist overview in account.

Since Shopware 6.4.: Please disable Shopware own wishlist at "Settings -> Cart settings -> Wishlist".


Version 2.6.1

- Fixed issue on sending form in modal window.

Version 2.6.0

- Installation of a wishlist import function for the admin
- Implementation of sales channels per wish list.
- A bug has been fixed when a wishlist product no longer exists.

- Optimized "Add to wishlist" modal window.

Version 2.4.1

- Fixed an issue with adding products to wishlist on search result page.

Version 2.4.0

- Added compability for Shopware 6.4.

Version 2.3.7

- The indexing of the modal window URLs is now prevented.

Version 2.3.6

Changes for better compability with ThemeWare integrated.

Version 2.3.5

- Integrated compability for Shopware

Version 2.3.4

- In the administration the wish lists menu item was moved to Marketing.
- A problem with variant articles has been fixed.

- Adjustments were made to the templates for better expandability.

Version 2.3.2

- Integrated security check for session token.

Version 2.3.1

- Fixed display of wishlist button for crosselling articles.

Version 2.3.0

- Added translations for FR, NL and PL.

- Fixed display of heart icon for crosselling articles.

Version 2.2.6

- The Javascript class calls were moved to main.js.

Version 2.2.5

- Fixed session token issue.

Version 2.2.4

- Fixed a missing translation.

Version 2.2.3

- Added compability for Shopware 6.3.x.

Version 2.2.2

- Fixed an issue with wishlist toolbox for logged in users in checkout.

Version 2.2.1

- Fixed an issue with wishlist box in cart.

Version 2.2.0

- Article of customer wishlists are now visible in administration.

Version 2.1.0

- Fix for translated product names

- Performance optimization for larger wishlists

Version 2.0.0

- Wishlists can now also be used without login.
- The styling of the wishlists has been optimized.
- The order of articles can now be changed within the wishlists.
- The folder structure for the templates has been revised.
- Optionally, a button can now be activated to add all selected items to a wishlist or a button to add all.

- Public wishlists can now be adopted as your own wishlists.

Version 1.10.0

- Fixed adding variants to wishlist.

Version 1.9.2

- Item numbers with dashes can now be added correctly.

- When adding an article via article number, the matching wish list remains open.

Version 1.9.1

- Fixed an issue with product quantities for "All all to shopping cart" button.
- Marking of the already noted articles when using the icon in the listing.

- Fixed a problem with the quantity field in wishlists.

Version 1.8.1

- Fixed an issue with article quantity steps > 1

Version 1.8.0

- Add to wishlist integrated as a heart icon in the listing.
- Variant articles can now also be added to a wishlist in the listing.
- Fixed a problem with the price display in wishlists of articles without price rules.

- Compatibility adjustments for Shopware 6.2.x.

- Articlenumber can be shown on wishlist articles

Version 1.7.0

- Wishlists can now be linked directly in the header as a heart icon.
- Added missing translations.

- Fixed an issue with article links in wishlists.

Version 1.6.0

- Save the shopping cart as a wish list in the OffCanvas shopping cart.
- There is a new plugin option with which it can be determined whether the user should be forwarded directly to the shopping basket in the wishlist by clicking on "Add to shopping basket"
- The possibility was added to add items directly to the wishlist in the item listing.

- Incorporation of a search field for the direct addition of an article based on the article number.

Version 1.5.1

Compability changes for Shopware 6.1.3

Version 1.4.0

- Articles can be moved now in wishlists.

Version 1.3.0

- Compability change for new Shopware 6.1.0 RC 3 version.

- Added administration module for wishlists.

Version 1.2.0

- Compability change for new EA2 SW version.

- Optimized itegration of modal window.

Version 1.1.0

Wishlists can now be displayed in the shopping cart/ checkout and articles can be added to the shopping cart.

Version 1.0.0

Initial version of plugin.

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PremSoft PremSoft 31 Extensions 5 Ø Rating
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To use the wish list, you must accept the necessary cookies. Accept cookies

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