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Frontend Editing (CMS, Drag and Drop, WYSIWYG)

Frontend Editing (CMS, Drag and Drop, WYSIWYG)

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  • robertpiplica
  • 1.3.0
  • 9 May 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.1.0 – 6.1.6
    6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – – – – – – –
Frontend Editing - mix content and e-commerce seamlessly With Frontend Editing you can edit... more

Product information


  • Easy to use with real WYSIWYG and drag and drop
  • Versioning
  • Responsive
  • Extensible
  • Import/Export


  • Comfortable and easy working: Because you work directly in the frontend, you always have an eye on what your content will actually look like after it's published.
  • Seamless mixing of content and e-commerce: Content can be placed anywhere on product detail pages (not only above or below but also in the middle).
  • Release Management: Create new content without your shop customers being aware of it. Only explicitly after publication, the changes are also visible to your shop customers via the frontend.
  • Presets: If you want to use content elements frequently in a certain constellation, you can save them as presets and reuse them. This also allows entire teaser elements to be assembled using drag and drop.
  • Smart cache invalidation: Whenever you publish your content for a page, the shopware cache of the affected page is cleared. Frequent and unnecessary clearing of the entire Shopware cache is thus completely eliminated.
  • Versioning: Versioning allows you to jump back to previous states of your content pages at any time.
  • Flexible content elements: Content elements can be nested. As a result, there are countless possibilities for content design - regardless of whether you are just creating simple SEO texts or building entire landing pages.
  • Extensible: With very low programming effort, you can extend content elements and content areas as you like.
  • Responsive Editor: Thanks to the responsive frontend editor, content can also be managed by your smartphone or tablet (currently only the Chrome browser is supported).
  • Export/Import: The contents of individual pages can be exported and imported. This is helpful if you want to maintain your content on a staging system and then transfer it to the production system, or transfer content from another sales channel.


Frontend Editing - mix content and e-commerce seamlessly

With Frontend Editing you can edit your content directly in the frontend - so you always have an eye on how the page will actually look.  Annoying waiting times to load special preview modes are therefore eliminated. Directly in the frontend, simply click on a content element for editing. New content can be created simply via drag and drop.


The Frontend Editor can be accessed via the URL "/frontend-editing" in your storefront. Within the Frontend Editor, you can navigate through your Shopware Frontend, just like with your browser. On category pages, product detail pages and the start page, you'll find specific content areas, into which you can place content elements via drag and drop. You can then configure the placed content element with a simple click. If a content element contains editable texts, you can edit them directly with a double-click. To become familiar with the Frontend Editor, please read on here.

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Customer reviews

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Hohe Flexibilität, leichte Anpassbarkeit

20 Nov 2020

Das Plugin zeichnet sich durch hohe Flexibilität bei gleichzeitig leichte Anpassbarkeit aus.

Als Entwickler hat man die volle Kontrolle darüber, welche Konfigurationsoptionen dem Redakteur zur Verfügung stehen. Neue Inhaltselemente sind aufgrund der Konformität mit den Shopware-Entwicklungsstandards schnell angelegt, vorhandene Elemente lassen sich einfach anpassen. Selbst komplexe Elemente sind schnell erstellt: zwei Twig-Dateien anpassen plus CSS-Styling. Man kann über EventSubscriber an allen wichtigen Stellen eingreifen und selbst die Grundfunktionalität des Plugins anpassen. Darüber hinaus können Inhalte auch auf automatisch generierten Seiten (z.B. Produktdetailseite, Checkout, Nutzer-Account, ...) hinzugefügt werden. Das ist ein klarer Pluspunkt gegenüber anderen CMS Lösungen.

Als Redakteur kann man dank der zahlreichen vorhandenen Inhaltselemente sofort loslegen und mittels Verschachtelungen von Inhalts- und Strukturelementen auch komplexe Layouts umsetzen. Durch den atomaren Aufbau der Inhaltselemente bekomme ich dabei hohe Flexibilität an die Hand bei gleichzeitig einfacher Pflege durch Drag&Drop und Inline-Editierung.


Installation manual


Before purchasing, please use the trial version to make sure that this extension is compatible with your Shopware environment

Browser support

The frontend editor itself is compatible with the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.
The content pages created with the Frontend Editor are compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer 11.

1. Install/activate extension

Install and activate the extension.

2. Access the editor

Go to the URL "/frontend-editing" in your storefront and log in with the data that you also use for Shopware administration.

3. Create your first content

To become familiar with the frontend editor, please click here.

If you are a developer and would like to extend the frontend editor, please click here.


Version 1.2.4

* Bugfix: Some content areas on the product detail page could not be saved

Version 1.3.0

* Content elements of a page can now be exported directly to multiple sales channels (more comfortable work with translations)

* Shopware 6.4 support

* Small bugfixes

Version 1.2.3

* Bugfix: Subfolders are now displayed again in the MediaManager

Version 1.2.2

* ropi-content-preset elements can now have a "readonly" attribute. If this is the case, such presets cannot be deleted by users 

Version 1.2.1

* Fixed translation handling for notifications 

Version 1.2.0


* Configured content elements can now be saved as presets (e.g. complete teaser elements can be saved and reused)

* After each server-side action (e.g. when saving), you are now notified when the action is complete

* Content elements that cause errors are now no longer displayed in the frontend. When logged into frontend editing, the complete exception trace is displayed at the location of the content element

Code adjustments (possible breaking changes):

* Renamed ContentDocumentStorage::createCriteraForDocumentContext() to ContentDocumentStorage::createCriteriaForDocumentContext()

* Renamed ContentDocumentStorage::addAdditionalContextCriteraFilters() to ContentDocumentStorage::addAdditionalContextCriteriaFilters()

* Removed $container property from ContentDocumentStorage class

Version 1.1.5

* Bugfix: Content elements are now correctly rendered/saved on product pages that are NOT variant articles

Version 1.1.4

* Editable texts can now be indented (enables nested lists for example)

* For all editable texts, the default HTML tag for paragraphs can now be configured using an attribute (e.g. data-ropi-content-editable-defaultParagraphSeparator="p" to use P tags instead of DIV tags)

Version 1.1.3

* Prevent autorotate of carousel element in edit mode

* Fixed wrong closing DIV-tag in carousel element template

Version 1.1.2

Minor bugfix: The carousel element could not be navigated in edit mode under certain circumstances

Version 1.1.1

* Bugfix: Under certain circumstances no context could be read in the frontend, which led to an fatal error

Version 1.1.0

  • Shopware 6.3 compatibility

Version 1.0.3

Shopware 6.2.3 compatibility

Version 1.0.2

  • JavaScript optimizations

Version 1.0.1

  • Missing translation for the word "bright" added
  • Elements that keep the aspect ratio can now also have paddign

Version 1.0.0

First release of the plugin

About the manufacturer

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