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SEO Redirects (301 and 302 redirects) for Shopware 6

SEO Redirects (301 and 302 redirects) for Shopware 6

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  • 30 May 2021
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  • 6.0.0
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During time, especially after a relaunch or a larger update, some old URLs in your shop will no... more

Product information


  • easy-to-use administration of redirects
  • supports Shopware 6 migration assistant
  • migrate from Shopware 5 via API or local


During time, especially after a relaunch or a larger update, some old URLs in your shop will no longer be applicable or available. Using our plug-in, you can now conveniently redirect those URLs to the right ones, the new URLs of your products, categories, blog content, shopping environments or any sub-pages. All this from within a convenient interface within your Shopware backend.

A redirect will have a positive effect on your customers, as they can find their favorite products using the URLs the knew and bookmarked. Even your search engine ranks in Google and others will benefit, as it is an important factor to redirect URLs with a good reputation rather than to run into dead ends.

The plugin uses the correct method to tell redirects to Google and other search engines (using HTTP 301 redirect headers). So search engines will be able to access and index the contents of your shop again.

With our intuitive interface (in the original Shopware look & feel), you can easily manage the forwarding and temporarily deactivate it and temporarily activate it if desired.

The plugin now allows temporary forwarding with HTTP status code 302 as well, if you want to redirect pages only for a certain time.

Our plugin supports the Shopware 6 Migration Assistant. Please install and activate our plugin before migrating your product data from Shopware 5. Redirects will then be automatically included within the product data migration. Migration is support via local mode or via the Shopware API. If you intend to use API mode, please make sure to update to the newest version of our Shopware 5 plugin SEO Redirects (v1.9.0) first.

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Installation manual

Install the plugin via the Plugin Manager in your Shopware backend. After you have installed and activated the plugin, please reload the backend so that the menu item for SEO redirects is displayed.

The intuitive interface for managing your redirects can then be found under the menu item "Settings"> "SEO Redirects (301/302/410)".
Add new redirects using the button at the top right.
You can edit existing forwardings simply by double-clicking on an entry in the list.

Please enter your redirects as follows:
  • Old URL: the URL from which the redirect should take place, i.e. the address which the user types in the address line of their browser
  • Redirect target: the new URL under which the desired content can now be found in your shop
  • Only temporary (302): if activated, the plugin sends an HTTP status code 302 when redirecting, so that browsers check each time again whether the redirect is still active
  • External redirect: Activate this option if the URL should be redirected to a page outside of your shop. To do this, enter the entire URL including http (s): // and domain under forwarding target ("new URL"), e.g.
  • Content removed (410): If you remove an item or a category from the range, it may be advisable to inform search engines of this via the HTTP status code 410 ("content removed"). This leads to the fact that search engines list these search hits. To do this, activate the option "removed from content (410)", enter the address to be unlisted as the old URL and a URL to display content for human users as the redirect target (new URL), e.g. the URL of your shop's 404 page

Important information on entering the URLs
1. In order for the redirects to work correctly, please enter the respective URL in both fields without "http: //" and without the domain.
For example, enter the following for

2. If your shop is in a subdirectory on the server
If your Shopware installation isn't located directly in the root directory of your domain, but in a subdirectory (e.g. also as a staging or test system), our plugin redirects the URLs below this path. You then only enter the URLs to be forwarded, as well as the (internal) forwarding destinations, starting with the leading slash after the (physical) subfolder.

Example: Your shop is located at and you want to redirect the men's clothing category ( Then please enter the following as the "old URL": /Clothing/Men

This also has the advantage that you don't have to adjust the forwarding entries once you move your shop. If, for example, you prepare this for going live in a subdirectory or pre-test forwarding in a staging system, these will automatically adapt when moving to the main directory or another subdirectory.

3. Virtual subdirectories / language shops
In contrast to physical, ie "real", subdirectories, it is  the opposite with virtual subpaths that you have configured for language shops or sub-shops, for example. Please enter the part of the URL of the subshop in the forwarding targets and the (old) URLs to be forwarded. This means that (from version 1.5.0 of our plugin) you can redirect specific URLs for individual language shops only.

For example, will mean to enter the following as the
old URL: /fr/URL-to-be-redirected-to-German-shop
new url: /de/Landingpage-in-German-shop

4. Language shops combined with physical subdirectories
Proceed as follows according to 2. and 3. if your Shopware installation is in a subdirectory and you have configured virtual language shop URLs:
URL to be forwarded (example):
In this case, please enter the old URL: /en/Clothing/Men/

As soon as you save the redirect and if you have set it to "active", the redirect takes effect in the shop front end.
Give it a try.

More information on forwarding URLs

The plugin can only forward URLs that lead to your Shopware installation. Usually these are all URLs within the shop domain (s). In some cases, however, the web server redirects in advance or URL calls are not passed on to Shopware, e.g. if a file extension like .php is included in the URL.


If redirecting an URL does not work, please make sure that the call "arrives" in Shopware. First, deactivate the redirect and open up the ("old") URL to be forwarded in your web browser. You should see a page of your shop, for example with a 404 message or shop content. If you see an error message that doesn't come from Shopware but from the webserver, the error is in your web server configuration. Please check this accordingly or contact your system administrator or webhosting provider in such a case.


Version 1.5.1

Compatbility with Shopware 6.4.x

Version 1.5.0

Subshop specific redirects, redirects for URLs with existing Shopware content, better usability and automatic URL sanitizing, UX improvements, Display of any shop content for 410 Content removed-entries, better integration in Shopware installations in subfolders, extended user manual in Shopware Backend

Version 1.4.0

Fixes for migration assistant with Shopware 6.3.x.x

Version 1.3.0

Compatibility fixes for Shopware migration assistant with Shopware versions 6.3.x.x

Version 1.2.0

Compatibility adjustments for migration assistant

Version 1.1.0

Bugfixes for Shopware 6.1.1

Version 1.0.0

First release of the plugin

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