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Date-based order numbers

Date-based order numbers

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With the help of the "order number by date" plugin, your shop automatically assigns an order... more

Product information

With the help of the "order number by date" plugin, your shop automatically assigns an order number for new orders that contains the current date and, depending on the date, counts up the order numbers.

The clear and simple configuration leaves almost nothing to be desired. You have free choice when configuring the order number:

By default, order numbers are counted daily from 1 upwards. Your orders will receive a number in the form: 20230711-0001 (for order no.00001 on 07/11/2023)
    The number of digits in the order number is freely adjustable and can therefore be easily adapted to your regular order volume
    You decide whether you want to assign order numbers by year, month or day, e.g. 2020000023 (year 2020), 20180100002 (month January 2020) or order numbers generated daily (see standard setting)
    Hyphens are also possible in the configuration, e.g. 2020-01-00004.

With the help of the easy-to-configure plugin, you and your customers can keep an overview. If your order volume increases, simply adjust the number of digits at the beginning of the next calendar period. With five-digit order numbers in March 2020 (2020-03-99083), the plugin simply changes to six-digit numbers (2020-04-000002) from April, for example. So the sorting is preserved and you avoid chaos, even if the success of your shop increases.

A pleasant side effect of the automatic order number generation depending on the date is the effect of obfuscation, so that your competitors do not get extensive knowledge of your order volume through test orders (as would be the case without our plugin by simply counting up in the shop). The order volume of your shop is somewhat obscured, but the order numbers remain pleasantly legible for your customers.

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Installation manual

    After purchasing a license, install the plugin via the Plugin Manager in your Shopware backend and empty the cache.

    Configure the order number assignment or keep the default settings.
    The order numbers for new orders are now automatically generated with a date prefix.

Possible configuration settings for the date prefix:

(Date of all examples below is July 11th, 2020)

    Ymd (default) - assigns 20200711 (year, month, day) as a prefix

    ymd - assigns 200711 (year in short, month, day) as a prefix

    Ym - assigns 202007 (year, month) as a prefix

    Y - assigns 2020 (year) as prefix

You can combine all of the letters (Y, y, m, d) and also insert hyphens , e.g. Y-m-d (2020-07-11).


Version 1.0.0

Initial release of the plugin

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