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Shopware Language Pack

Shopware Language Pack

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  • shopware AG
  • 2.1.2
  • 23 Sep 2021
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The path to internationalisation is an exciting one and requires quite a bit of work:... more

Product information


  • More than 25 languages available in the extension; activating the plugins for each language no longer necessary
  • Free
  • You can select different languages for the Shopware admin or storefront
  • Flag icons are automatically displayed for your storefront
  • Including all snippet translations of the Shopware products


  • Simple language activation
  • Shopware product
  • Supported by the Shopware Community via Crowdin
  • More languages are regularly added
  • You can simply request new languages/initiate translations via Crowdin
  • The plugin is already in the First Run Wizard


The path to internationalisation is an exciting one and requires quite a bit of work:

Everything needs to be set up perfectly; from the currency to choosing the right shipping provider and, of course, the right languages and so much more. With the numerous plugins and interfaces available in the Community Store, you already have access to a large selection and many options to help drive your internationalisation.

Shopware’s new language plugin now quickly and easily provides you with an array of languages to choose from. This way, you can set up your admin and/or storefront with different languages and take the next step towards internationalisation with no trouble at all. With this extension you now have over 25 languages at your disposal in just one plugin. You no longer have to activate a plugin for each language. One plugin – many languages.

The following languages are already available (more to follow):

  • Bosnian
  • Bulgarian
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Greek
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Latvian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Serbian (Latin)
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese

* languages in bold letters were just recently added to the language pack

This extension will continue to be supported by the Shopware project in Crowdin. Of course, you can also translate and contribute to new languages in the Shopware Community.

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Customer reviews

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Support Not available

Nicht "kompatibel" für kompatible Version

22 Apr 2021

Ich habe die Version, dieses Plugin ist für 6.3.5.x-
Trotzdem wird mir angezeigt es sei nicht mit meiner Installation kompatiblel.

Installieren kann ich nach dem (kostenlosen) Kauf auch keine Version, da meine Version nirgends hinterlegt ist, nicht für die 1.2.1 noch für die 2.0.0 dieses Plugins.



Version 2.1.2

NTR - Compatibility for Shopware

Version 2.1.1

LAN-62 - Fixed language ACL issues
LAN-82 - Fixed sales channel domain modal after adding a new language, when sales channel has not been saved before
LAN-83 - Fixed a problem where the administration language would unnecessarily switch

Version 2.1.0

LAN-74 - Update translations for Shopware
LAN-74 - Added Korean language support
LAN-74 - Added Greek language support
LAN-74 - Added Ukrainian language support
LAN-74 - Added Turkish language support
LAN-74 - Added Slovenian language support
LAN-74 - Added Slovak language support
LAN-74 - Added Serbian(Latin) language support
LAN-74 - Added Hindi language support
LAN-74 - Added Croatian language support
LAN-74 - Added Bulgarian language support

Version 2.0.1

LAN-67 - Plugin is valid for the `dal:validate` console command

Version 2.0.0

LAN-53 - Compatibility for Shopware 6.4

Version 1.2.1

LAN-64 - Re-associate existing language import to translation instead of location

Version 1.2.0

B2B-459 - Added SwagEnterpriseSearch, PluginPublisher and B2bSuite
LAN-56 - Exclude deactivated languages in sales-channel:create:storefront command

Version 1.1.0

LAN-56 - The sales-channel:create command now uses only the activated languages and the default ones
LAN-57 - Adjusted language criteria, to display all languages, which are not linked to this language pack

Version 1.0.0

LAN-20 - Initial Language Pack release for Shopware 6

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Current version:



Without Support

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