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  • 10 Dec 2019
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  • 6.0.0
Why PayPal? Simple, Secure, Fast Over 277 million* PayPal accounts worldwide speak for... more

Product information

Why PayPal? Simple, Secure, Fast

Over 277 million* PayPal accounts worldwide speak for themselves: PayPal has become the standard payment solution on the World Wide Web. Online shoppers expect to find this payment option in a modern web shop.

And there are good reasons for this: paying with PayPal is simple, secure and very convenient. When paying with a PayPal account, your customers benefit from attractive additional services such as PayPal buyer protection, payment after 14 days or - after activation - free returns.

As a merchant, you also benefit from these services - because you offer your customers a simple payment method which they already trust and which they prefer over other payment options. Unlike other payment methods, you receive the purchase amount credited immediately - even if your customers prefer to pay 14 days later. The PayPal seller protection can protect you as a merchant against fraud and saves you a lot of trouble. In addition, you always have a transparent view of your transaction data via your merchant account.  Monthly "account statements" give you information about account movements, transactions and fees. It also gives you access to support if you have any questions.

Monthly "account statements" give you information about account movements, transactions and fees incurred. It also gives you access to support if you have any questions.

With PayPal Express: receive payments quickly and easily

Pay fast and mobile, without having to enter a lot of data - that's what you enable your customers with PayPal Express. The integration of the popular payment method into your shop is very simple - and your customers can shop with you after a short time with a simple and secure payment method. Take advantage of your customers' trust in this popular and fast payment method for your online shop! 

One contractual partner, one fee

No matter how your customer pays, all of your revenue goes through your PayPal account and is bundled in one place. Everything is handled through PayPal - and the same transaction fee applies everywhere - no matter which PayPal product you choose. Registration and account management is and remains free for you. Thus you minimize the necessary contract partners and have a simpler shop administration.

The full PayPal service - even for customers without a PayPal account

Even customers without a PayPal account can use the PayPal PLUS module to shop and pay - they simply pay with their credit card, invoice or direct debit. Nevertheless, the PayPal seller protection applies to every transaction via PayPal PLUS. And you are protected against possible payment defaults - even if your customer pays by invoice, credit card or direct debit.

You will receive your money immediately - no matter when your customer pays.

Shop owners appreciate PayPal PLUS especially when buying on account and direct debit - because no matter when your customer pays, you receive the sum immediately credited by PayPal upon completion of purchase. This eliminates the time-consuming checking of incoming payments and you can offer the most popular payment methods - PayPal takes care of risk and receivables management for you.

For even faster purchase transactions: Combine PayPal Express or PayPal PLUS with the Express Button

Send your customers to the fast lane: The button with the inscription "Direct to PayPal" enables buyers to shop even faster and easier. By clicking on the button, the buyer is taken directly to the payment pages, registration in the shop or entry of shipping data is no longer necessary. This makes mobile shopping even more fun! Dealers profit from the higher conversion and simply have the chance of more sales. Activating the button also ensures your participation in the OPPTIMIZE program and thus access to better PayPal conditions. Place the button on the product detail pages and in the shopping cart!

Further information about PayPal Express and the PayPal Express button can be found here: Website

PayPal Express PDF Overview

PayPal Express Button PDF Overview

Tip: If you have activated the PayPal Express shortcut button and made a turnover of at least 2,000 € per month, you can participate in the "OPPTIMIZE Program" and secure even better conditions for PayPal transaction fees. You can find more information here.

* Status May 2019

*** Ipsos 2014

Join PayPal now and get started!

You only need two things to receive payments via PayPal: The PayPal module and a PayPal business account. Open your PayPal account now and integrate the PayPal Express module into your shop! To the registration

We help with integration

Here you can find help with the setup: Shopware Wiki

Do you need further help with integration? Contact our partner Best IT. Here you get special help to integrate the Shopware module for PayPal for free. Make an appointment

Advantages of a PayPal Business Account

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Version 0.13.0

Shopware 6.1 compatibility

Version 0.12.0

  • PT-10287 - Adds possibility to add the invoice number, description or reason while refunding an order
  • PT-10705 - The PayPal settings are now in an own administration module
  • PT-10771 - Improves displaying of Smart Payment Buttons
  • PT-10775 - Improves order transaction state handling
  • PT-10809 - Smart Payment Buttons can now be styled separately from Express Checkout Button
  • PT-10821 - Fixes error on sale complete webhook execution
  • NEXT-4282 - Reinstall of plugin does not duplicate configuration entries anymore

Version 0.11.2

PT-10733 - Fixed problem when automatically fetching API credentials in first run wizard

Version 0.11.1

Several bugfixes for EA 1.1

Version 0.11.0

  • PT-10391 - Implement pay upon invoice
  • PT-10695 - Add error logging for API calls
  • PT-10702 - Changed URL for Smart Payment Buttons javascript
  • PT-10715 - Paypal is selected correctly again as payment method for Express Checkout
  • PT-10723 - Smart Payment Buttons now no longer complete the order directly
  • PT-10729 - The PayPal payment description now shows available payments with icons

Version 0.10.1

Improved link generation for Javascript API calls

Version 0.10.0

Added onboarding for the first run wizard

Version 0.9.0

First version of the PayPal integrations for Shopware 6

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