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The PayPal module integrated in Shopware offers you important and popular payment methods  and... more

Product information


  • The most important payment methods for your online shop
  • Easy integration even without technical know-how
  • Financial flexibility for your customers


  • PayPal Express Button
  • PayPal PLUS
  • Paypal Pay Upon Invoice
  • PayPal Installments (note: PayPal Installment Payment is automatically activated, can be deactivated in the administration)


The PayPal module integrated in Shopware offers you important and popular payment methods and access to over 100 currencies and over 200 markets worldwide.

Product Informationen

Integrate a variety of PayPal products with just one module: 

  1. PayPal Plus
  2. PayPal Express Button
  3. Pay Upon Invoice
  4. PayPal Installments

This module offers you the most popular PayPal products from a single source: the PayPal Express Checkout button, PayPal PLUS, Pay Upon Invoice, and banners for the new PayPal Installments. And the best part: with this module you can use all four products individually or at the same time in your online store.

We encourage you to use the PayPal PLUS with Express button so that you can offer the option of making a purchase directly on product pages and in the cart. 

Benefits at a glance: 

  • The entire "PayPal package" with one click.
  • The most important types of payment for your online store.
  • Easy integration without the need for technical expertise.

Integrate the PayPal multi-product module today. 

(1) Still don't have a PayPal for Business account? Just sign up here

Components of the multi-product module are: 

PayPal Express Checkout button

With the PayPal Express Checkout button you make paying faster, easier, and smoother for your customer: Your customers reach the PayPal payment page with just one click. In addition, the PayPal Express Checkout button lets you shorten the payment process, so that customers go directly from the shopping cart to payment using PayPal. You can then generate more transactions easily and for free – naturally optimized for mobile payments on smartphones and tablets. 

(2) More information is available here.

Tip: If you have activated the PayPal Express Checkout Shortcut button and achieved sales of at least €2,000 in the month, you can take part in the "OPPTIMIZE program" and enjoy even better terms for PayPal transaction fees. More information is available here. 

PayPal PLUS 

One-time integration of PayPal PLUS allows your customers to use the four most popular payment methods in Germany: PayPal, direct debit, credit card, and Pay Upon Invoice, as well as a user-friendly checkout – for more security, improved customer satisfaction, and the opportunity to increase sales. 

We encourage you to use the PayPal PLUS with Express button so that you can offer the option of making a purchase directly on product pages and in the cart. 

PayPal PLUS is the all-in-one solution for online payments: Just one installation, one account for all transactions, one price, and one contract partner. In addition, PayPal Seller Protection protects you against possible payment losses. 

(3) You can find more information on PayPal PLUS here.*

Pay Upon Invoice

Make PayPal PLUS complete with Pay Upon Invoice: Increase your chances of acquiring new customers and achieve higher sales by activating one of the most popular payment methods in Germany* with Pay Upon Invoice. 

With PayPal PLUS, Pay Upon Invoice is also a convenient and secure solution for online store operators: As with all payment methods in PayPal PLUS, with Pay Upon Invoice you are usually paid immediately after completion of purchase, with PayPal taking responsibility for risk and claims management. Once you have registered for PayPal PLUS, you can also apply for Pay Upon Invoice. 

(4) You can register here.

* ECC Köln: ECC-Payment-Studie Vol. 22.

Even Easier, Even Faster

The new PayPal Installments

Simply pay more conveniently: The new PayPal Installments is here. If you offer PayPal as a payment method, you automatically enable your customers1 to pay in installments. 

  • No separate integration necessary
  • You receive your money immediately - PayPal takes the risk
  • Good prospects for fuller shopping carts

Benefits for your customers.

Financial flexibility.

Your customers can conveniently buy larger purchases and pay in 12 monthly installments. A special repayment or full early repayment is possible at any time and without a surcharge. 

Show your customers what you have.

Customers who value flexible financing will be on the lookout for merchants who offer installment payments. With the new meaningful banners, you can make your customers aware of PayPal Installments before the payment process. 

Update your PayPal module and display the information about PayPal Installments by activating it in the administration. 

1 Subject to credit check. 

Bring your offline and online worlds together with Zettle

With the new Shopware integration of Zettle - a PayPal service - as a sales channel, sales can be handled online as well as offline in no time. After the easy and fast setup, you can accept payments immediately. Whether EC or credit card, Apple, Samsung or Google Pay: The lightning-fast Zettle Reader 2 supports all common payment methods. Omnichannel tracking allows you to track inventory and product data centrally and in real time across all platforms via your Shopware administration while keeping track of all your transactions. With synchronized product and inventory data, you can ensure that your customers can see which products are in stock at any time. 

Learn more about how to activate Zettle in the Shopware administration.

¹ ECC-Payment-Study Vol. 23, Cologne, 2019


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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 6 reviews:


Webhook Fehler trotz Version 4 und SW

22 Oct 2021

Trotz der neuesten Version erhalten wir pro Minute mehrere Webhook Fehler in der Logfile, welche selbst im inaktiven Zustand des Plugins:
No routes found for \"/api/_action/paypal/webhook/execute\"


Zuverlässige Umsetzung

28 Sep 2021

Wie gewohnt, Qualitätsarbeit von Shopware.
PayPal mit all seinen Variaten an Zahlungsmöglichkeiten wird in einem Plugin umgesetzt.
Es findet auch eine stetige Weiterentwicklung und Anpassung statt,



Schlecht für Pagespeed

27 May 2021

Dieses Plugin zieht die Pagespeed nach unten - ein wichtiges SEO Kriterium. Selbst auf Seiten, die gar kein PayPal benötigen (bspw. die Startseite) kann das Laden der Skripte nicht unterbunden werden. Schade.


Paypal Express funktioniert leider nicht :-(

8 Dec 2020

Versucht man mit PayPal Express zu zahlen, landet man nach dem PayPal Login, im Anschluss auf der Registrierungsseite für ein neues Kundenkonto im Shop.
Ich habe das Plug-In auch schon einmal neu installiert. Half leider nicht. Im Forum gibt es weitere Benutzer die gleiches Problem haben.


Top Plugin

26 Aug 2020

Macht was es soll und das stellt einen doch immer wieder zufrieden. Auch die Updates bei neuen Versionen kommen zügig und sind einwandfrei! DANKE


Danke für das PlugIn

2 Aug 2020

Paypal ist eine gute Zahlungsmöglichkeit.
Dass es im Shopware 6 integriert ist, ist perfekt und erst noch Gratis, vielen Dank.



Version 4.0.0

PPI-252 - Improved error handling for Webhooks
PPI-327 - Improved data type structure
PPI-343 - Fixes error when the customer account name differs from the shipping address name
PPI-352 - Fixes issue with failing Zettle webhooks on POS sale

Version 3.5.0

PPI-5 - Implement Set PayPal as default payment method in First Run Wizard
PPI-77 - Replaced snippets in administration by `global.defaults`
PPI-126 - Improved error messaging for authorization errors in Zettle
PPI-270 - Express Checkout does not create duplicate guest customers anymore
PPI-293 - Improved PayPal script loading in Storefront
PPI-330 - Improve Zettle decimal precision behavior
PPI-334 - Fixes error on delayed capture in Administration
PPI-339 - Fixes duplicate external link symbols in Administration

Version 3.4.0

PPI-228 - Added color white as choice for ECS and SPB buttons
PPI-321 - Improve Zettle synchronisation behaviour
PPI-322 - Improve removal of PayPal from available payment methods if credentials are invalid
PPI-323 - Fix issues with loading spinner with Smart Payment Buttons
PPI-329 - Fix rounding issues in PayPal API v2 requests

Version 3.3.1

PPI-316 - Fix issue when changing default language after plugin install

Version 3.3.0

PPI-219 - Disable PayPal on Carts with total price of 0
PPI-227 - Add possibility to add a suffix to the order number sent to PayPal
PPI-281 - Improved storefront behaviour of Express Checkout & Smart Payment Button cancellations and errors
PPI-287 - Fix issue where Express button was not shown in CMS buy box elements after variant switching
PPI-289 - Fix issue where the Express Checkout button could be visible to logged in customers
PPI-304 - Fix Smart Payment Buttons being visible with cart errors

Version 3.2.1

PPI-279, PPI-297 - Extends the partner referral API
PPI-290 - Improved extensibility
PPI-295 - Fix order details in administration not showing complete page
PPI-296 - Improved display of APMs in Footer
PPI-298 - Fix issues with loading spinner with Smart Payment Buttons
PPI-300 - It is no longer possible to select other payment methods on Express Checkout

Version 3.2.0

PPI-262 - Fix issue where Express button was not shown in CMS buy box elements
PPI-271 - Fix an issue where updated settings did not correctly invalidate cache
PPI-277 - Fix issue where Express checkout failed on changes on confirm page
PPI-273 - Order number prefix is now always sent correctly
PPI-282 - Fix incompatibility with the Sendcloud plugin
PPI-283 - Removed extra confirm step with Smart Payment Buttons which correctly enables Alternative Payment Methods

Version 2.2.6

PPI-273 - Order number prefix is now always sent correctly

Version 3.1.0

PPI-246 - Added option for advanced logging
PPI-251 - Fix authorized transaction state on delayed payment collection
PPI-276 - Fix multiple unnecessary requests in the background with PayPal Plus

Version 3.0.3

PPI-20 - Fix Webhooks when payment status is already set identically
PPI-235 - Fix Webhooks not correctly registered for separate Sales Channel credentials
PPI-238 - Fix issue with order not being linked in disputes of Plus payments
PPI-243 - Added more PayPal-specific transaction data to custom fields
PPI-265 - Fix encoding on shortened Zettle product descriptions

Version 2.2.5

PPI-20 - Fix Webhooks when payment status is already set identically
PPI-235 - Fix Webhooks not correctly registered for separate Sales Channel credentials
PPI-238 - Fix issue with order not being linked in disputes of Plus payments
PPI-265 - Fix encoding on shortened Zettle product descriptions

Version 2.2.4

NEXT-15014 - Improve ACL handling
PPI-239 - Rebranding von iZettle auf Zettle

Version 3.0.2

NEXT-15014 - Improve ACL handling

Version 3.0.1

PPI-65 - Improved compatibility for Shopware 6.4 with Zettle
PPI-255 - Fix Express checkout if data protection checkbox is required
PPI-263 - Das Plugin ist jetzt valide für den Konsolenbefehl `dal:validate`

Version 3.0.0

PPI-65 - Added compatibility for Shopware 6.4
PPI-239 - Rebranded iZettle to Zettle

Version 2.2.3

PPI-256 - Fix canceling of finalized orders by using the browser history

Version 2.2.2

PPI-244 - Fix issue on API authentication
PPI-221 - Fix issue with oversized product descriptions in Zettle

Version 2.2.1

PPI-241 - Improve cancelling order transactions with the ScheduledTask

Version 2.2.0

PPI-191 - Introduce PayPal disputes overview

Version 2.1.2

PPI-211 - Fix sending of shipping address name to PayPal
PPI-222 - Add Express Checkout button to search page and wish list page
PPI-229 - Order transactions with a stale PayPal payment will be cancelled with a ScheduledTask
PPI-231 - Fix deletion of rule for payment upon invoice during uninstall
PPI-234 - Improve entity definition

Version 2.1.1

PPI-208 - Fix redirect of cancelled Plus payment on Shopware 6.3.3.x
PPI-210 - Improve handling of promotions during Express Checkout
PPI-220 - Fix saving of customer telephone number on Express Checkout
PPI-223 - Solves an issue with Express Checkout button state
PPI-224 - Fix Express Checkout for Shopware versions prior

Version 2.1.0

PPI-174 - Cart and order line items are now sent with their SKU
PPI-174 - Added events to adjust line items which are sent to PayPal
PPI-202 - Fix PayPal checkout for customers with net prices

Version 2.0.2

PPI-199 - Improve webhook log messages
PPI-200 - Fix submitting of carts with discounts

Version 2.0.1

PPI-171 - Message queue is now only used if there are iZettle Sales Channels
PPI-172 - Improve capturing and refunding process
PPI-177 - Fix PayPal Express Checkout buttons in product listings
PPI-185 - Improve error handling of the PayPal tab in the order module
PPI-194 - Fix deregister of webhooks on Sales Channel deletion
PPI-196 - Improve PayPal Plus checkout process
PPI-197 - Fix "Submit cart" functionality

Version 2.0.0

PPI-182 - Improve webhook registration
PT-11875 - Migration to PayPal API v2 for the following features: PayPal, Express Checkout and Smart Payment Buttons

Version 1.10.0

PPI-159 - Added ACL privileges to the PayPal modules
PPI-161 - Fix credentials form in first run wizard

Version 1.9.3

PPI-67 - Reimplemented activation of webhooks
PPI-110 - Added restrictions set by PayPal for Alternative Payment Methods
PPI-114 - Minor onboarding process improvements
PPI-145 - Minor adjustments to settings page
PPI-151 - Fixes error with payments with already existing order numbers
PPI-158 - Fixes error during update to versions 1.7.0 or higher, if no configuration is available

Version 1.9.2

PPI-149 - Fixes error during communication with iZettle

Version 1.9.1

PPI-141 - Improve performance of API to PayPal

Version 1.9.0

PPI-1 - Fixes the mobile layout of checkout finish page for "Pay Upon Invoice"
PPI-68, PPI-118, PPI-136 - Improved API struct usage for third party extensions
PPI-69 - The Express button is now hidden, when the PayPal payment method is disabled.
PPI-97 - Fixes error during Express Checkout, if required fields are not sent by PayPal
PPI-124 - Fixes error display during communication with PayPal
PPI-128 - Fixes issue during Express Checkout, if changes are made on confirm page
PPI-130 - Adds new event, which is emitted when the Plus iFrame is loaded
PT-11048 - Introduce iZettle integration (Point of Sales)

Version 1.8.4

PPI-125 - Shopware compatibility

Version 1.8.3

PPI-70 - Order number is now correctly submitted to PayPal for payments with Express Checkout, PLUS and Smart Payment Buttons

Version 1.8.2

PPI-46 - Fixes issue on refund without amount
PPI-47, PPI-48 - Enhancement of the PayPal API elements

Version 1.8.1

PPI-32, PPI-35 - Improve extensibility for third party plugins
PPI-36 - Add new PayPal API elements

Version 1.8.0

PT-11912 - Storefront snippets now get auto registered
PT-11920 - Shopware 6.3 compatibility

Version 1.7.3

PT-11946 - Fix update with deactivated plugin
PT-11949 - Fix setting paypal as the default payment method in the settings menu for all Sales Channels

Version 1.7.2

PT-10491 - Removed internally used custom field entity for transaction IDs
PT-11627 - Order transactions now have the state "In Progress" when the payment process has been started
PT-11680 - Removed unknown Sales Channel types from selection in settings
PT-11681 - Fix order details header in Administration, if accessing payment details directly
PT-11860 - Fix order confirmation email language with PayPal Plus
PT-11888 - Minor performance improvement when creating a payment
PT-11903 - Fix failed transaction status for user-canceled PayPal Plus payments
PT-11928 - Limited length of text input fields in administration according to PayPal API

Version 1.7.1

PT-11884 - If PayPal is not available, Plus and Smart Payment Buttons are no longer loaded

Version 1.7.0

PT-11669 - Add compatibility with the after order payment process
PT-11707 - Custom form parameter of the order confirm page are no longer ignored
PT-11748 - Fix redirect URL for PayPal Plus and Express Checkout. Changed webhook URL to be independent of a storefront
PT-11773 - Fix buying of Custom Products with PayPal
PT-11813 - Error handling for Express Checkout button
PT-11858 - Improved handling of multiple transactions per order
PT-11869 - Improved handling of payments which were cancelled by customers

Version 1.6.0

PT-11519 - Registers webhooks with HTTPS
PT-11593 - Adds hint for "Payment acquisition" option to clarify usage with PayPal PLUS
PT-11704 - Fix displaying of Express Checkout Button on paginated product listing pages
PT-11706 - Country states are now saved on Express Checkout
PT-11717 - Adds PayPal cookies to the cookie manager

Version 1.3.1

PT-11710 - Fix installation of plugin in environments where the default language is not de-DE or en-GB

Version 1.5.2

PT-10502 - Canceling the payment on the PayPal site no longer leads to errors
PT-11710 - Fix installation of plugin in environments where the default language is not de-DE or en-GB

Version 1.5.1

PT-10640 - Fix SalesChannel api routes
PT-10897 - Locale code validation for Smart Payment Buttons and Express Checkout
PT-11294 - Error handling for Smart Payment Buttons
PT-11582 - Fix webhook registration
PT-11637 - Improve capture and refund workflow

Version 1.5.0

NEXT-8322 - Shopware 6.2 compatibility
PT-10654 - Activate and set PayPal as default for the selected Saleschannel in the settings module
PT-11599 - Fixes a bug where PayPal Plus could not be configured individually per Saleschannel

Version 1.4.0

PT-11540 - Corrects remaining amount for multiple partial refunds
PT-11541 - Improved behaviour of multiple partial refunds & captures
PT-11606 - Shopware 6.2 compatibility

Version 1.3.0

PT-10448 - Adds onboarding to get API credentials with PayPal login in settings module
PT-11292 - Adds possibility to enter separate credentials for sandbox mode in first run wizard
PT-11498 - Adds PayPal Express Button to QuickView from CMS Extensions plugin
PT-11550 - Fix usage of sandbox credentials after an update

Version 1.2.0

PT-11233 - Do not show PayPal Express Button on the product detail page, if the product is in clearance
PT-11292 - Add possibility to enter separate credentials for sandbox mode

Version 1.1.1

PT-11443 - Solves an issue with the error handling with the paypal credentials
PT-11475 - Improved processing of vouchers during checkout

Version 1.1.0

PT-11276 - Add banner for advertising installments

Version 1.0.0

PT-11181, PT-11275 - Add PayPal PLUS integration
PT-11277 - The cart and order number submitting is now active by default

Version 0.13.0

Shopware 6.1 compatibility

Version 0.12.0

  • PT-10287 - Adds possibility to add the invoice number, description or reason while refunding an order
  • PT-10705 - The PayPal settings are now in an own administration module
  • PT-10771 - Improves displaying of Smart Payment Buttons
  • PT-10775 - Improves order transaction state handling
  • PT-10809 - Smart Payment Buttons can now be styled separately from Express Checkout Button
  • PT-10821 - Fixes error on sale complete webhook execution
  • NEXT-4282 - Reinstall of plugin does not duplicate configuration entries anymore

Version 0.11.2

PT-10733 - Fixed problem when automatically fetching API credentials in first run wizard

Version 0.11.1

Several bugfixes for EA 1.1

Version 0.11.0

  • PT-10391 - Implement pay upon invoice
  • PT-10695 - Add error logging for API calls
  • PT-10702 - Changed URL for Smart Payment Buttons javascript
  • PT-10715 - Paypal is selected correctly again as payment method for Express Checkout
  • PT-10723 - Smart Payment Buttons now no longer complete the order directly
  • PT-10729 - The PayPal payment description now shows available payments with icons

Version 0.10.1

Improved link generation for Javascript API calls

Version 0.10.0

Added onboarding for the first run wizard

Version 0.9.0

First version of the PayPal integrations for Shopware 6

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