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Strix Instant Navigation with speculationrules

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  • Instant Navigation
  • Big impact on real user experience


  • Prerender the next pages
  • Prefetch next pages
  • Customizable rules
  • Set eagerness to you needs

About the Extension

Enhance User Experience with Instant Navigation

Welcome to Strix Instant Navigation, where we bring instant navigation to your fingertips. Our plugin harnesses the power of prerendering, supported by Google Chromium browsers, to deliver an unparalleled browsing experience for your users.

Revolutionizing Browsing:

Prerendering ensures that the next page is preloaded, allowing for near-instantaneous transitions between pages. This means your customers can navigate your website seamlessly without any frustrating delays.

A Brief Evolution:

Previously, prerendering relied on the <link > resource hint, but its adoption was limited. Now, with advancements like NoState Prefetch and the reintroduction of full prerendering by the Chrome team, the browsing experience has reached new heights.

Tailored Configuration:

With our plugin, you have full control over prerendering settings for each sales channel. Fine-tune the feature according to your website's needs and maximize its benefits effortlessly.

Analytics Considerations:

While prerendering significantly improves user experience, it's essential to consider its impact on analytics. Our plugin ensures that analytics tracking remains accurate, even with prerendered pages, by providing necessary configuration options.

Stay Informed:

For further insights into prerendering and its implications, refer to our comprehensive documentation and resources.

Elevate your users' browsing experience with Strix Instant Navigation. Try it today and witness the difference


  • Available: English
  • Latest update: 22 July 2024
  • Publication date: 27 May 2024
  • Version: 1.1.4
  • Category: SEO Optimization


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Strix NL | Platinum partner

Strix NL | Platinum partner

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