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Content Manager | CMS | Blog | Wiki | Magazine | Global administration of content

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This manufacturer responds very quickly to support requests
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Exrich your online-shop (Shopware 6) with informative articles composed of text and pictures!... more

Product information


  • Building and maintaining of content articles with Shopping Experiences layouts
  • Simple and clear administration of these content articles
  • Assignment of categories to the content articles for easy access to the articles
  • A-Z (Wiki) navigation as a Shopping Experiences element
  • Navigation by the categories you assigned, in a Shopping Experiences element


  • Content Articles
  • Content Article Overview
  • Content Article Categories
  • Content Article Navigation A-Z (Wiki)
  • Content Article Navigation by Category


Exrich your online-shop (Shopware 6) with informative articles composed of text and pictures! Inform your customers about relevant topics and attract new customers! This content manager plugin makes it easy for you to create these, to categorize and to organize them. Later on, it will help you with updating and developing them efficiently.

The articles

The appearance in the storefront

The users of your website will see article boxes. These are similar to the product boxes in which your products are normally presented. An article box will typically include a picture, a headline, a short text and a link. It is a preview of the article that one can reach with the link.

You can create the detailed article with Shopping Experiences elements that you know in your online shop.

With our plugin, you can integrate and structure all these components in a straightforward way.

Overview of the articles

The plugin provides you with a searchable overview of your articles. You reach this in the menu bar of the administration through an additional item "Content Manager" of the "Content" menu.

Search engine optimization

For attracting new customers, the plugin allows you to optimize the articles for search engines (SEO for meta-title, meta-description and meta-keywords and the categorization described in the following).

The categories

The plugin allows you to assign an article to one or more categories.

This helps your customers navigate the articles and it helps you effectively administer them. It is also an important part of the search engine optimization (structure of the links).

The navigations

You can install the display of navigations of the articles for your users. You choose where these navigations occur.

A-Z navigation

With the Shopping Experiences element "Article A-Z Navigation" you can offer the user an A-Z (Wiki) navigation. A click on one of the letters opens a dropdown menu with the corresponding articles.

Category navigation

The "Category Navigation" element allows your users easy access to the articles via the categories that you assigned and, if you want, the subcategories that you assigned. This is parallel to the regular Shopware product categories.

Roadmap – possible developments

  • Select a display period of an article
  • Include articles in the Shopware search function.
  • Automatic keyword linking to articles in product descriptions.
  • Comment function for article writing.
  • Shopping Experiences element: Article Box
  • Shopping Experiences Element: Article Slider
  • Shopping Experiences Element: Table of Contents

We are also glad to negotiate orders for implementing one of these right away.

If you have any suggestions regarding the functionality of the plugin, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the "Content" area sometimes grayed out for a Content Manager article? The "Content" field is grayed out if you have selected a Shopping Experiences layout that does not have a data mapping with the 'swkweb_content_manager_article.content' field.
  • How do I adjust the URLs of the Content Manager articles? Under "Settings -> Shop -> SEO", you can determine the "Content Manager Article" URL structure. After the change, you should regenerate the indexes and clear the cache.
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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 2 reviews:


Eine Super erweiterung des Shopware standard Content

13 Aug 2021

Im Shopware 6 Standard fehlt leider die Möglichkeit eine Art blog oder ähnlichen mit eigenem Listing aufzubauen. Dieses plugin schließt diese Lücke und ist zusätzlich auch sehr flexibel. Ob man hier einen Blog oder ein Downloadarchiv oder etwas ganz anderes machen möchte, mit dem Content Manager gar kein Problem. Der Support ist sehr kompetent und reagiert schnell und sehr kompetent.

Danke dafür und weiter so


Top Content Manager für einen Ratgeberbereich

29 Jul 2021

Für unseren neu erstellten Ratgeberbereich (Infoartikel für unsere Kunden) fehlte uns Shopware seitig eine vollumfängliche Funktion. Zwar kann man einzelne Landingpages erstellen, diese konnten wir aber nicht als Blogbereich / Ratgeberbereich dynamisch zusammenfassen.

Mit dem Content Manager Plugin konnten wir nun einen kompletten Ratgeberbereich samt eigenständiger Navigation aufbauen. So können wir die Artikel in verschiedene Themenbereiche clustern (Definitionen, Materialien und Tipps & Tricks) und ansehnlich mit Snippets und Vorschaubilder für die Kunden anteasern.
Die Anwendung im Backend ist deutlich übersichtlicher, als die regulären Erlebniswelten von Shopware selbst.

Supportanfragen wurden schnell beantwortet und effizient gelöst.
Also eine klare Empfehlung für alle die mehr Struktur und Übersichtlichkeit im Shop benötigen :)


Installation manual


  • Assign layout to category "Content Manager Category".
  • In "Content -> Content Manager" create article, assign title, select experience layout, maintain content and fill other desired fields.
  • Assign articles to a category - either from the article or from the category.

Content Manager Categories

In order to define a Content Manager Category, you can go into your Shopware categories and assign the Shopping Experiences layout "Content Manager Category" to a desired category. You can then assign Content Manager articles to this category.

You can also duplicate the layout and customize it to your liking. Alternatively, you can create a new layout of the type "Content Manager Category".

You can also create subcategories to which the same layout can be assigned.

Content Manager Article

  1. In "Content -> Content Manager" you can create a new article by clicking the button "Create new article".
  2. In the "General Settings" box, enter a suitable "Title" for the article, fill in the "Content" field if desired, set when the article should be published and set it to "Active".
    • The "Content" box will be grayed out if you have selected a world of experience layout that does not have data association with swkweb_content_manager_article.content.
  3. In the "Layout" box, select the default "Content Manager Article" layout; or duplicate it and customize it to your liking; or select a normal Shopping Experiences layout.
  4. In the box "Assignment", you can assign the article to one or more categories and select sales channels. If you leave the visibility setting empty, the article won't be shown in the storefront.
  5. In the box "Additional settings", you can select a main image, which is responsible for the display in the content manager category. At this point there is also the field "Short description", which is used for the Content Manager category.
  6. Under the point "SEO", you can configure search engine optimization for "Meta Title", "Meta Description" and "Meta Keywords".
  7. Under "SEO URLs", you can prioritize the categories for entering into the URLs.

In the tab "Content" you can enter the content of the Content Manager article as usual, analogous to the normal categories.

Content Manager SEO URL Structure

Under "Settings -> Shop -> SEO", you can determine the "Content Manager Article" URL structure. After changing this, you should regenerate the indexes and clear the cache.


Version 1.0.0

- First Shopware 6 release



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