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This app is available for Shopware 5
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  • Swp3348551079278
  • BuI Hinsche GmbH
  • 6.04.03
  • 27 Sep 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
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**** What does the plugin **** With this plugin, you don't know where to start and where to... more

Product information


  • Representation of individuality
  • Alternative to variants


**** What does the plugin ****

With this plugin, you don't know where to start and where to stop describing it. It is a very extensive plugin and therefore requires a little time and ideally a little pre-planning. Our plugin can be seen as an alternative or a supplement to the already existing variants.

You can use our "Product Options" plugin to offer customizations, for example, or you can use it to create the variants of the product, or you can simply combine the two. The plugin doesn't manage stock, so you can save a lot of work with it, because you don't have to offer a separate product for each variant. Moreover, you give your customer the feeling of providing the product only for him.

If you are missing any feature in the plugin or you have any suggestions for us, just let us know at We will check your suggestion and decide if we can implement it technically. So please don't be angry if it is not included in the next update. Basically, we already have hundreds of ideas for this plugin, which we will make available to you bit by bit. 

** FAQ **

**** Basic ****

Our plugin are all designed to the standard functionalities of the basic system Shopware 6 (Community Edition). This concerns both the functionalities and the design. So if it does not fit once, may have to make adjustments to your own theme. Please understand that it is impossible for us to consider every single theme. 

All plugin have been newly developed for Shopware 6. Therefore, it may be possible that functionalities that existed in Shopware 5 are no longer there. We have deliberately used this change to streamline and optimize the plugins.

**** compatibility to plugins ****

Basically, our plugins are compatible with each other. If there should be restrictions or malfunctions, we will gladly check them in a timely manner. In individual cases, it may happen that functionalities of individual plugins from our house are excluded. In this case, we will point this out to you. However, this compatibility can only be guaranteed for our plugin. The market of third party providers and their plugins makes it impossible to take into account all functionalities and modes of operation. This also applies to plugins from Shopware that are not included in the Community Edition. 

**** Support ****

Basically, we first look to see if it is an error from the plugin or the cause is otherwise. Depending on the result, we will inform you whether there will be any costs or not. However, if you have made changes to the plugin yourself, any claim to free support is forfeited. In this case, we charge the full cost. 

**** Are there trial versions for our plugin ****

All our plugin you can test with the free trial month to look at the functionalities in peace and try. In this trial month all functions are available to you, there are no limitations. We ask you to make use of this trial month to decide for sure if it is exactly the plugin you need or if it offers the functionalities you expected before buying or renting.

**** Can I have the plugin customized? ****

YES, if you are missing a functionality or you need a customization for your specific needs, we will be happy to find a solution together with you. The easiest way to do this is to send us an email with your ideas. Don't forget to give us your contact details, so we can get in touch with you. 

** What we do **

**** consulting ****

The digital world is changing hourly and getting more and more complex. Therefore, we have made it our mission to stay on the ball for you and to constantly expand and develop our knowledge and relieve you of this tedious work. We can advise you, for example, on questions such as:

  • How do I optimize my store system?
  • Which merchandise management fits me?
  • Can I optimize processes in relation to the store?
  • Can I optimize processes in the company with the store?

**** development ****

Our developers are always and constantly to develop new products, expand, develop or optimize. But we also look beyond the horizon and develop together with you suitable websites or interfaces to software connections. Completely individual solutions are also no problem. We just have to talk about it.

**** Design ****

You want a new design? We help you with the implementation.

**** support ****

Like a car or bike, your store also needs regular maintenance. We also have suitable solutions for this. Many of our customers already use this and let store and plugin updates through us. Just ask for our maintenance contract.

** Who are we? **

BuI-Hinsche GmbH has been in the e-commerce sector since 2006 and therefore has 15 years of experience to fall back on. Our employees are 100% behind the company and give their best every day. Creative, solution-oriented and customer-oriented - these are always statements that are made about us. 

** Contact **

phone: +49 3441 9799060
e-mail: or

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Installation manual

Documentation / Installation / Configuration

If you have any questions or are unsure about something, please contact us at We will help you quickly and easily. Alternatively you can contact us directly via your shopware account.


Version 6.04.03

percentage surcharges for options admin: Pager in groups for option assignments admin: Pager on product for assignments admin: long option names shortened to column length (thus larger display)

Version 6.04.02

Options can be filtered now

Version 6.04.01

Discounts are also calculated with product options

Version 6.04.00

first release Shopware 6

About the manufacturer

BuI Hinsche GmbH BuI Hinsche GmbH Shopware Solution Partner Shopware Solution Partner 62 Extensions 4.5 Ø Rating
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