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TopFEED (Compa- and product data)

TopFEED (Compa- and product data)

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  • 7 Jun 2021
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High quality product data for successful eCommerce “TopFEED” is a plug-in that refines your... more

Product information


  • Cross- & up-selling through intelligent links (Display of alternatives, related articles, accessories, variants, product bundles)
  • High quality item images
  • Article groups from own maintenance
  • Item properties (e.g. name, description, etc.)
  • Specifications (e.g. brand, color, capacity, capacity, EAN number, and much more)


  • Automatic updates, either daily or weekly
  • Multilingual - available in 19 languages
  • Crossing - instantly capturing and linking new products appearing on the market


High quality product data for successful eCommerce

“TopFEED” is a plug-in that refines your article master data with valuable additional information and delivers first-class, consistent product data such as printers, product groups and article specifications for your Shopware shop.

"TopFEED" consists of two components, the chargeable "TopFEED-Content" from TopData Software GmbH and the corresponding Shopware plug-in (for free). In order to guarantee the functionality of "TopFEED" in your Shopware shop, the interaction of both components is necessary.

With “TopFEED” you can equip your web shop optimally for online trading and thus maximize the sales opportunities for your products.

You sell the products - we provide the information

”TopFEED” improves the quality and scope of your product data and enhances them with additional article properties. This includes specifications (e.g. brand, color, filling quantity, capacity, EAN number, etc.) as well as detailed article descriptions or the display of high-quality product images.

Thanks to intelligent links, you can use proven marketing instruments with “TopFEED”, such as cross- or up-selling and can thus significantly increase the sales opportunities of your offered products.

Present your customers with additional versions of each item (up-selling):

  • Products with higher capacities
  • Bundles, doubles, multi and value packs
  • Time-limited promotional articles
  • Articles with larger quantities

Or display other products for each item (cross-selling):

  • Third party alternatives
  • Devices to which the article is assigned
  • Articles to which the devices are assigned
  • Products with different colors

The plug-in is designed in several languages and is perfect for your international business. The following languages are available: DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, NL, SV, PL and more.

“TopFEED” can be used not only for web shops, but and/or for electronic product catalogs, internet applications, merchandise management systems and much more. use.

With ”TopFEED” online shopping becomes an experience

Well-structured and well-maintained product data is one of the decisive factors in e-commerce.

Article information that is always up-to-date ensures that your customers only see those products that can actually be bought. Extensive and detailed product descriptions ensure that potential buyers can actually find and order the product they want.

“TopFEED” - a look behind the scenes

”TopFEED” communicates with our data web service and is based on the link between your articles and our product database. We maintain the data and record all original products as standard, as well as optionally alternative brands or own brands.

An additional plug-in, the ”TopCONNECTOR”, ensures that our data is conveniently and smoothly imported into your Shopware shop system and keeps your ”TopFEED” up to date at all times.

By default, the data are linked via manufacturer numbers and EAN codes of the original products recorded. Linking the product data with other parameters - e.g. the article numbers of your distributors, or your own article numbers - is also optionally possible.

Standard Mapping

”TopFEED” contains the manufacturer numbers and EAN codes of the original products we have recorded. The mapping is therefore carried out exclusively using manufacturer no. and/or EAN codes.

With this variant, your product range is unknown to us and all printers are generally displayed, even if you do not offer any accessories for the device. There is also no guarantee that all products for the printer you are looking for will be displayed in the shop.

Distributor Mapping

In order to achieve better results, we link the article numbers of your suppliers with our product database and deliver the corresponding article numbers to your shop.

This means that only those devices are displayed to which the supplier's products have been mapped. For this variant we need a list of your suppliers.

Article Mapping

We create your article numbers in our system and your shop only receives the appropriate article numbers back from us. We know your product range and are therefore able to only display those devices for which products have actually been mapped.

In order to ensure optimal article mapping, we need a list with your article numbers, manufacturer and EAN numbers for this variant.

Quality at an unbeatable price

The provision of the data necessary for "TopFEED" is linked to an order on our website that is subject to a fee. "TopFEED" consists of four versions that determine the scope of the services offered.

The prices for the individual versions vary depending on the range of services offered. After purchasing one of the packages, you will receive the access data for the web shop.

For detailed information, please visit our website:
Test „TopFEED“: Demo
 Order „TopFEED“ chargeable:

We are also happy to help you personally: +49 (030) 27.87.41-0

Comfortable and convenient - the connection to our web service


In order to be able to use ”TopFEED” optimally, an additional plug-in must be installed. The "TopCONNECTOR" enables access to our web service and ensures that your articles are linked to our product database in the admin area of your Shopware shop.

To do this, simply enter the access data for our web service in “TopCONNECTOR”.

No programming knowledge is required for a smooth import of the product data into your web shop and your “TopFEED” is always automatically up to date.

You can find the free plug-in at: Shopware-Community-Store

Alternatively, you can also obtain “TopFEED” in file form (via FTP or email) by arrangement.

We have more


Use the intelligent product search "TopFINDER" and present your customers with the products they are looking for within seconds.

The flexible plugin can be easily integrated into your existing Shopware shop and offers the user the option of displaying the desired products using the selected printer models via a convenient drop-down menu.

An ultra-fast full-text search with product suggestions rounds off the plug-in.

With "TopFINDER" you let your customers find every desired article intuitively, quickly and reliably.

You can find the free plug-in at: Shopware-Community-Store

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Customer reviews

Installation manual

Quick installation guide:

  • For using „TopFEED“ you have to install the plugin „TopCONNECTOR“ first. This plugin is available for you to download free of charge: Download TopCONNECTOR
  • During the installation of „TopCONNECTOR“ you have to deposit the access data you got from us after purchasing
  • For demonstration purposes please use the following access data:
    API-User-ID: 6
    API-Key: nTI9kbsniVWT13Ns
    API-Salt: oateouq974fpby5t6ldf8glzo85mr9t6aebozrox
  • Now you can start the installation of „TopFEED“
  • Start the import via command line php bin/console topdata:connector:import --all
  • A detailed installation guide, including system requirements and settings for "TopFEED" you will find in our manual: To our manual
  • For detailed information visit our website:
  • Test „TopFEED“: Demo
  • Order "TopFEED" chargeable:
  • We are also personally there for you. Please call: +49 (030) 27.87.41-0 


Version 1.1.4

optimization. devices for detail tab

Version 1.1.0

Update for Shopware 6.4

Version 1.0.4

last SW6.3 Update before SW6.4

Version 1.0.2

Support Shopware Variants

Version 1.0.1

optimize config languages

Version 1.0.0

first version of topfeed

About the manufacturer

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