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TopCONNECTOR (Data interface)

TopCONNECTOR (Data interface)

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  • 21 Jul 2021
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High quality product data at the push of a button “TopCONNECTOR” enables access to our web... more

Product information


  • Enables the use of sales-promoting plugins such as “TopFEED” & “TopFINDER”


  • Convenient import of our high-quality product data into your Shopware shop


High quality product data at the push of a button

“TopCONNECTOR” enables access to our web service and thus a smooth import of our product data into your Shopware shop.

Benefit from innovative eCommerce solutions

“TopCONNECTOR” serves as the basis for using our product data and ensures that your articles are correctly assigned to our product database (article mapping) in the admin area of your online shop.

You need “TopCONNECTOR” as the basis for the following plug-ins:


“TopFEED” provides detailed article information and refines your core data with valuable additional details as well as sales-promoting specifications.

Depending on the version booked, product images, detailed descriptions, specifications (e.g. brand, color, fill quantity, capacity, EAN number) or suitable additional products or higher-quality alternatives can be displayed.

With “TopFEED” you offer your customers a unique shopping experience and turn visitors to your online shop into satisfied buyers.

Download TopFEED


Use the intelligent product search “TopFINDER” and present your customers with the products they are looking for within seconds.

The flexible plug-in can be easily integrated into your existing Shopware shop and offers the user the option of displaying the desired products using the selected printer models via a convenient drop-down menu. An ultra-fast full text search with product suggestions rounds off the plug-in.

With “TopFINDER” you let your customers find every desired article intuitively, quickly and reliably.

Download TopFINDER

The decisive step ahead of your competitors

Plug-ins such as “TopFINDER” and “TopFEED” can make a decisive contribution to increasing your sales. “TopCONNECTOR” enables these sales-promoting plug-ins to be used conveniently, easily and without any programming knowledge.

Free but not for free

The ”TopCONNECTOR” is free for Shopware users. The use of our other plug-ins is linked to a fee-based order on our website.

For detailed information, please visit our website:

We are also happy to help you personally: +49 (030) 27.87.41-0

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Installation manual

Quick installation guide:

  • The installation of "TopCONNECTOR" ist the condition for the  functionality of our data plugins.
  • During the installation of  „TopCONNECTOR“ you have to deposit the access data you got from us after purchasing of our data plugins.
  • For demonstration purposes please use the following access data:
    API-User-ID: 6
    API-Key: nTI9kbsniVWT13Ns
    API-Salt: oateouq974fpby5t6ldf8glzo85mr9t6aebozrox
  • Start import via command line php bin/console topdata:connector:import –all
  • After the installation of „TopCONNECTOR“ you can install the desired data plugin
  • A detailed installation guide, including system requirements and settings for "TopCONNECTOR" you will find in our manual: To our manual
  • For detailed information visit our website:
  • We are also personally there for you. Please call: +49 (030) 27.87.41-0

Note: ## Console Commands for work with API

  • 'bin/console topdata:connector:import --all'
    All options are active (mapping, device, product, device-media, product-info, device-synonyms)
  • 'bin/console topdata:connector:import --mapping'
    map store products to webservice products
  • 'bin/console topdata:connector:import --device'
    fetch all information about devices from webservice to local database (devices, device types, series, brands)
  • 'bin/console topdata:connector:import --product'
    this will connect products in store to devices in local database. Products must be mapped by console command and devices must be fetched from webservice.
  • 'bin/console topdata:connector:import --device-media'
    this will download device images, this process must have rights to write in website folders (You may use sudo or chown or chmod)
  • 'bin/console topdata:connector:import --product-info'
    Only works with Topdata TopFeed plugin. This will fetch all product information from webservice to local database. You can select what data to fetch in Topdata TopFeed plugin settings. You need write permisions for process if you select to store product images.
  • 'bin/console topdata:connector:import --device-synonyms'
    this will fetch device synonyms from Webservice, they will be displayed near device on device details page

Command order is important, for example --device-media (4) downloads images only for enabled devices, those devices are enabled by --product (3)

### Additional keys:

  • '-v' key for verbose output, it shows memmory usage, data chunk numbers, time and other information
  • '--env=prod --no-debug' keys for faster work and less memmory usage
  • '--start' and '--end' keys, depending on command it use chunk numbers or element counts (you can see this numbers if verbose output is enabled)


Version 1.1.3

fix printer image import

Version 1.1.2

image bugfixes for import

Version 1.1.1

product cover and categorie fix

Version 1.1.0

Update for Shopware 6.4

Version 1.0.3

last SW6.3 Update before SW6.4

Version 1.0.1

add demo access support

Version 1.0.0

Erste Version TopdataCONNECTOR

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