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Article Listing Premium - SW6

Article Listing Premium - SW6

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  • 1.0.5
  • 7 May 2020
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  • from Agentur Ultra Media
  • 6.1.0 – 6.1.6
    6.2.0 – 6.2.3
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Product information

Product information

We build plugins that make you happy!

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Numerous useful views, styling and advanced features make this plugin a useful tool for really easy customizing the article listing in Shopware 6.

Customize the product box of the Article Listing according to your wishes and ideas.

free shipping articles

Marked free shipping items in the item configurations will receive a free shipping badge in the item listing upon request.

Percentage per number

Before the percentage sign Badges, activate the percentage per number in the listing.

Delivery time in the listing

Activate the set delivery times now also in the article Listing. Indicate whether this is a variant article. Enter your own text for this. For all other articles you can set your own individual text before the delivery time.

Article number in listing

Now also activate the article number in the article listing.

Disable product rating or positioning

Switch off the product rating in the listing or adjust the position and orientation.

Product image view

Stretch the product image to the width of the product box.

Adjust crossed-out item price

Adjust the size, color, font of the crossed-out price or move the crossed-out price below the price.

Details button for variant items

For a uniform design of the shopping cart button and the button for variant item details, you can adjust the background color of the button, the frame and the font and font size.

Disable shopping cart and details button in listing

Turn off the shopping cart and details button in the article listing.

Adjust styling like color, font and much more

Adjust the style of the product boxes in the Listing category. Change the font, font size, font color, font strength, position and alignment, product box border, product box shadow, and the spacing of each element in the product box.

Disable prices in the Listing

Disable Global prices in the article listing.

Deactivate elements

Switch all elements individually on / off in the product box. The product name, product text, product price, product rating, shopping cart / details button can be switched off.

Please see the following list to see what can be configured with this Shopware 6 plugin:

1.) Activation in this sales channel

- Activate sales channel with HTML Storefront

2.) Picture view in the article Listing

- Stretch image to full size

3.) Frame and corners of the product box in the article listing

- Configure product box Round corners

- Product box frame width

- Product box Frame colour

4.) Product evaluation in the article Listing

- Deactivate rating by product name

- Use valuation below strike price

- Evaluation Distance above

- Rating Distance below

- Product rating Position

5.) Product name in article listing

- Deactivate product names

- Product name Top clearance

- Product name Font

- Product name Font size

- Product name Font size

- Product name Position

- Product name Font color

- Product name Hover Font color

6.) Product description in the article listing

- Deactivate product description

- Product description Top clearance

- Extend product description (adjust height)

- Product description Font

- Product description Font size

- Product description Type size

- Product description Alignment Width (Standard, Auto)

- Product description Position (left, centered, justified, right)

- Product description Font colour

7.) Show part number in listing

- Part number Switch on in listing

- Part number Font

- Article number Font size

- Part number Type size

- individual text before article number

- Individual text before article number Font size

- Individual text before article number Font size

- Part number Top spacing

- Part number Spacing Text inside

- Article number Text Position (left, centered, right)

- Text before article number Font colour

- Article number Font colour

- Article number Background colour

8.) Article price in the Article Listing

- Switch off packaging unit in listing

- Disable item price in listing

- Article price Font

- Article price Font size

- Item price Font size

- Article price position (left, centered, right)

- Item base price Position

- Article base price Font

- Article base price Font size

- Article base price Type size

- Strike price Font

- Strike price Font size

- Strike price Type size

- Set list price below strike price

- Lists Price Font

- Lists Price Font size

- Lists Price Font size

- Article base price Font colour

- Article price Font colour

- Strike price Font colour

- Crossed-out price Font color

9.) shopping cart and detail view button in the article listing

- Shopping cart and detail view Deactivate button

- Shopping cart and detail view Button Distance above

- Details Button Font

- Details Button Font size

- Details Button Font size

- Details Button Font color

- Details Button Background color

- Details Button Frame color

- Details Button Hover Font Color

- Details Button Hover background color

- Details Button Hover Frame Color

10.) Display delivery times in the listing

- Delivery time optional additional text

- Delivery time Text Variant article

- Delivery times Text Distance above

- Font Delivery times Text

- Delivery time Text Font size

- Delivery time font thickness

- Delivery time position (left, centered, right)

- Delivery times Font color (day, variant article, text)

11.) Adapt product badge in article listing

- Percentage Badges switch off

- Switch off Topseller Badges

- New Switch off badges

- Product Badges Percentage as numerical value

- Product Badges Switch on free shipping (display with marked free shipping items)

- Product Badges Distance top

- Product Badge Font

- Product Badge Font size

- Product Badge Font size

- Background colors of the badge elements (percent, topseller, new, free shipping)

12.) Adjust product box in the article listing

- Distance inside left / right

- Switch on shadow

- Configure shadows individually

- Adjust background color


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  • Delivery times in the article listing
  • Part number in the listing
  • Disable item price in listing
  • Badges Free of shipping costs
  • Badges Percentages with number


  • Customize Article Listing
  • Use font in article listing
  • Disable shopping cart button in listing
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13 May 2020

Macht was es soll und auch darüber hinaus überraschend mehr, sehr hilfreich! Und das für Ruhm und Ehre statt Euros. Bedankt!


Installation manual

- Easy installation via the Shopware 6 plugin manager.


Version 1.0.5

- Number of ratings and rating stars placeholder for no rating yet

- further position evaluation > under delivery times

Version 1.0.4

-  Variants Quantity inserted in delivery time text

Version 1.0.3

- CSS  was  extended        

Version 1.0.2

-  Article stock Limit value attached

Version 1.0.1

- Image height attached

Version 1.0.0

- Plugin published in the store

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