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Donation - Charity

Donation - Charity

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Expected release: December 2021
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Collecting money for non-profit organisations and charities can not only do a world of good to... more

Product information

Collecting money for non-profit organisations and charities can not only do a world of good to those in need, but it can also benefit your business.
A donation program can strengthen your reputation in the market, help you build a community around your brand and make it more attractive in customers' eyes.
The Donation - Charity plugin allows you to accept online donations and support non-profit organisations.

Additionally, you get a chance to manage and optimize product and shopping cart donations, offer customers to participate in such campaigns at the checkout and receive accurate reports on them. There is also a chance to create a separate ‘charities’ section in the admin panel with a series of managerial options.
Your customer can fill in the amount he or she wishes to donate or can select one of the configured fixed amounts.
In the setting of the plugin, you can determine whether the donation should be canceled if the corresponding order is canceled.
If the donation is removed from the order item, the donation will be marked as "deleted" in the donation list.
If the shopping cart is empty, the donation is automatically deleted.
Donations are not considered when calculating shipping costs of an order.

For example:

  • $1
  • $5
  • $10
  • $15
  • $20
  • Custom Amount

With these Features you can:

  • create and manage an unlimited amount of charities to collect donations for.
  • easily manage the extension's settings from the backend.
  • collect micro-donations with the round-Up feature.

Receive accurate reports on donations

You will be able to track data on the number of customers that participate in charity activities and an average amount of money they donate (in percentage to your site’s total). This will also allow you to gather data on customers, names, order ID's and status, just to name a few.

Tax configuration

The following control options can be applied:
  • Standard (Standard tax configuration of the basket).
  • Auto-detection (Automatically detects the highest tax rate of the basket)
  • Tax-free (No tax will be calculated).
  • All other saved tax options.


As the main shop operator, you can set the following authorizations:
  • Who can read the donation details.
  • Who can manage the donation details.
  • Who can create, manage and delete the organisations.
  • Who can export the data.


You can do the following for each subshop:
  • Filter donation data by date.
  • Get the total amount of the donation (total or per organisation).
  • The number of customers donated
  • If the donation is taxable, you will see the total VAT (total or per organisation).


  • Install the plugin
  • Empty the cache
  • Compile the theme
  • Reload the backend
  • Configure the plugin
  • Add the charities

Questions about the product?

For improvement suggestions or individual adjustments that can not be reproduced with the plugin Feel free to contact us via email at !

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