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Instant Progressive Web App (PWA)

Instant Progressive Web App (PWA)

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  • zeobv
  • 1.2.2
  • 5 Aug 2020
  • de_DE en_GB nl_NL
  • 6.1.0 – 6.1.6
    6.2.0 – 6.2.3 –
The Zeo Progressive Web App Storefront turns your Shopware 6 Storefront into a PWA. This allows... more

Product information

The Zeo Progressive Web App Storefront turns your Shopware 6 Storefront into a PWA. This allows users to add your shop to their home screens, view your site offline and have an improved mobile experience.

Using easy plugin configurations you can tweak how your shop should be displayed on the user's home screen and which assets/pages are available offline.

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  • Let your visitors add your shop to their home screen.
  • Local caching boosts your page loads.
  • Allow visitors to browse your shop when they are offline.


  • Easy out of the box plugin configuration.
  • Upload a custom PWA icon with simple instructions.
  • Refresh the cache of all your visitors with the change of a field.
  • Cache custom paths to images or pages via the plugin configuration to make them available offline.
  • Fully customize the presentation of your PWA to your liking.
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Installation manual

  • Download the Zeo Progressive Web App Storefront plugin from the Community Store 
  • Activate the plugin in your Shopware 6 installation – this can be done via Settings > System > Licenses. Alternatively, you can use the "Upload plugin" button to upload the plugin ZIP file.
  • Open the plugin configuration via My Plugins and the three dots after the "PWA Storefront" plugin.
  • Be sure to have the "active" toggle enabled and the configuration fields filled to your liking. 
  • Finally and most importantly, add the icons of your logo in the "App Icons" section. Be sure to upload them in the correct size and file type. This is essential to make the add-to-home screen functionality appear.


Version 1.2.2

# 1.2.2 

- v6.3.0.0 compatibility patch

Version 1.2.1

# 1.2.1

- Corrected snippet services

Version 1.2.0

# 1.2.0 

- Added CSRF-mode AJAX enforcement to prevent CSRF token caching.

- Added offline notification with snippets 

- Added subscriber to clear caches on product, content and category write events

Version 1.1.0

# 1.1.0 

- Removed hard exit in controller when plugin is set inactive 

- Added 404 response in both /manifest.json and /sw.js endpoint if plugin is inactive 

- Small patch to service worker 

- Added extra instructions to icon configuration

Version 1.0.0

# 1.0.0 

- First version of the Zeo Progressive Web App Storefront for Shopware 6

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