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Newsletter Popups - Offer promotions to your shoppers

Newsletter Popups - Offer promotions to your shoppers

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  • 1.1.2
  • 5 Aug 2020
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  • 6.0.0
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Use engaging popups to create a sense of reciprocity in your shops' visitors. Offer free... more

Product information


  • Fully customizable popups.
  • Create reciprocity in your visitors.
  • Easy to use.
  • Boost your conversion.
  • Offer downloadables or promotions alike.


  • Create multiple popups for use throughout your store.
  • Add conditions to when and where a popup should show up.
  • Deactivate a popup and reactivate it again when the time comes.
  • Offer free downloads to your visitors.
  • Collect emails with a download in return.
  • Customize each popup to your liking.


Use engaging popups to create a sense of reciprocity in your shops' visitors. Offer free downloads no-strings-attached or ask the visitor's email before the download gets pushed to the browser.

Offering downloads is completely optional, however. You can utilize the rich content editor to show promotion codes or simply to show a message in specific contexts.

Every aspect of the popups is completely customizable so you have control of the visuals, locations and contents.

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Installation manual

Extract the zip file in the {project_root}/custom/plugins folder or use the Shopware plugin manager, install and activate the plugin using the command line or via the plugin overview in the administration. Once installed and activated correctly an extra menu-item should appear in the Administration main menu under the "Content" tab. Hover or click on "Content" in the Administration main menu whereafter you can navigate to the "Reciprocity Popups" item.

Via the Reciprocity Popups overview you can create new popups using the "Create new Popup" button in the top right corner. You are completely free to fill the fields here as you please. Just note the following:

  • Make sure the popup is "Active". This will allow the popup to show on the storefront.
  • Use the "Display on selected pages" multiselect to select where you would like your popup to show up. If this is left empty, the popup won't appear in the storefront! 
  • Configure using the "Show after" and "Stop showing after" fields to configure the number of seconds the popup should wait to appear and the amount of times it should appear until clicked away.

That's it, enjoy creating reciprocity in your customers!


Version 1.1.2

# 1.1.2 

- v6.3.0.0 compatibility patch

Version 1.1.1

# 1.1.1

- Updated readme

Version 1.1.0

# 1.1.0

- Compatibility patches for Shopware 6.1.0-rc3

- Improved default close button style for confirmation popup

- Added "no results"-placeholder in Administration

Version 1.0.0

# 1.0.0

- First version of the Zeo Reciprocity for Shopware 6

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Current version:


€ 59.99 *

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