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Limited Stock Conversion Booster

Limited Stock Conversion Booster

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  • 1.1.4
  • 5 Aug 2020
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  • 6.0.0
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The Zeo Limited Stock Conversion boosts your conversions by creating a sense of urgency in your... more

Product information


  • Boost your conversion by creating a sense of urgency.
  • Have full control over the visual representation.
  • Control where and when the message should show up.
  • Make your conversion stock independent.


  • Limited stock message in category listing results.
  • Limited stock message in search results.
  • Limited stock message on product detail page.
  • Visually fully customizable.
  • Control when limited stock messages should be displayed.


The Zeo Limited Stock Conversion boosts your conversions by creating a sense of urgency in your customers. Via smart configuration methods you can show messages in the product category page results, product search page results and on the product details pages. 

You are in full control of how and when these messages of limited stock are displayed. This plugin offers you simple configuration fields to tweak the style of the messages while at the same time giving you full control of every design aspect, ensuring it blends into any theme.

Have products that virtually never run out of stock? Not a problem, set a minimum stock level at which the messages should show up and the plugin takes care of the rest.

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Installation manual

Extract the zip file in the custom/plugins folder or use the Shopware plugin manager, install and activate the plugin using the command line or via the plugin overview in the administration. Once installed and activated correctly you can access the plugin configuration to configure when, where and how the message of limited stock is displayed.


Version 1.1.4

# 1.1.4 

- v6.3.0.0 compatibility update

Version 1.1.3

# 1.1.3 

- Added product variant support.

Version 1.1.2

# 1.1.2 

- Compatibility fixes for Shopware 6.1.0-rc3

Version 1.1.1

# 1.1.1 

- Added minimal stock threshold for showing limited stock values 

- Added label weight style config option 

- Code structural improvements 

Version 1.0.0

# 1.0.0

- First version of the Zeo Limited Stock for Shopware 6

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Current version:


€ 49.99 *

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