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Referral reward program: Let customers boost your success

Referral reward program: Let customers boost your success

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  • 1.1.3
  • 5 Aug 2020
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  • 6.0.0
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The referral program allows your customers to share links with a personalized code to their... more

Product information

The referral program allows your customers to share links with a personalized code to their friends or followers. 

This grants their followers a configurable one-time discount on checkout. 

Once the order is paid the referring customer gains a configurable reward to use as a discount on his or her next order.

The amount of reward value that can be redeemed per order is fully up to you. This is expressible in a percentage of the net order value or an absolute amount.

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  • Let your customers market your shop for you.
  • Stay in control of your referral program with reward and redeeming configuration options.
  • Make existing customers commit to your shop using self-generated discounts usable in future orders.
  • Control exactly how much referral discounts and rewards are granted to your customers.
  • Boost your conversion without additional ads.


  • Customer referral code generation with product link.
  • Auto discount abuse prevention.
  • Only provide rewards on paid orders.
  • Configurable minimum order value for referrals to be valid.
  • Customer account page referral insights.
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Installation manual

Extract the zip file in the custom/plugins folder or use the Shopware plugin manager, install and activate the plugin using the command line or via the plugin overview in the administration. Once installed and activated correctly you can access the plugin configuration to configure the referral program.


Version 1.1.3

# 1.1.3 

- v6.3.0.0 compatibility patch

Version 1.1.2

# 1.1.2

- Removed debug dependencies

Version 1.1.1

# 1.1.1

- Patch for invalid production dependency.

- Patched config 'active' functionality to hide referral links, but keep other functions enabled. 

- Removed margin from referral label

Version 1.1.0

# 1.1.0

- Compatibility patch with Shopware 6.1.0-rc3

- Added extra to block to product detail page for extendability

- Added extra condition to prevent referral url showing up for guest sessions.

- Fixed timestamp in referral reward overview

Version 1.0.0

# 1.0.0 

- First version of the Zeo Referral rewards for Shopware 6

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Current version:


€ 95.95 *

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