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8mylez GmbH in Paderborn, Germany is dealing with all around the Shopsoftware Shopware.

If you have any questions around this Shop Software, please contact us. We will do our best to help you with your problems or answering your questions.

No matter if it's about Theme- or Plugin-Development, Hosting or a professional advice - we will be there for you. 

On our german Blog you can find all about Theme Development, Performance or Administration in Shopware. 

Also we wrote two wonderful eBooks:

Shopware Tutorial - our eBook for beginners:

With our Shopware eBook you'll got a Step-by-Step-Instruction for your own Onlineshop with Shopware 5.

SEO and everything you have to know about it - our Shopware SEO Guide:

And with our SEO Guide you have a professional Guide that helps you with your Ranking and your Search Engine Optimization.

Our Themes and Plugins


►  Flat Responsive Theme

►  Minimal & Modern Responsive Theme

►  Modern & Clean Bianco Responsive Theme

►  Vega


►  Staging Umgebung

►  Checkliste für Livegang

Header & Footer:

►  Conversion Header

►  Conversion Header Pro

►  Zahlungs- & Versandlogos im Footer


►  Stilvolle Navigation

►  Intelligente Sticky Navigation

►  Farbe der Navigation ändern

Effects & Extras for your Listing & Detailsite:

►  Einkaufswelt Elemente Mouseover Effekte oder ab Shopware 5.2: hier

►  Einkaufswelt Element Artikel Mouseover Effekte

►  8mylez Premium Hover: Elegance

►  8mylez Premium Hover: Classic Fade

►  Artikelbild Hover - Listing

►  SEO Kategorie / Listing Textfelder

►  Untertitel für Artikel<

►  FSK 18

Shopping Card & Checkout:

►  Externer Link statt Warenkorb

►  Fancy Warenkorb Button

►  Listing Warenkorb

►  Anrede entfernen

►  Video vor Warenkorb abspielen

E-Mail Templates:

►  Responsive Email Template Nero

►  Minimal Responsive Email Template Bianco


►  Automatischer Gutschein

►  Logo Größe anpassen

►  Balloon

You want to know more about us? Then visit us on www.8mylez.com - We are looking forward to your visit!

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Total 4.5 124 Ratings
Functionality 5
Usability 5
Documentation 4.5
Support 4.5

Certifications The plugin manufacturer has completed one or more trainings in the Shopware Academy and received the following certifications:

Total 6 Certifications

    Shopware 6

  • Shopware 6 Certified Developer
    1 certified employees
  • Shopware 6 Certified Developer Advanced
    1 certified employees
  • Shopware 6 Certified Template Designer
    1 certified employees
  • Shopware 6 Certified Template Designer Advanced
    1 certified employees

    Shopware 5

  • Shopware Certified Developer
    0 certified employees
  • Shopware Certified Developer Advanced
    0 certified employees
  • Shopware Certified Template Designer
    1 certified employees
  • Shopware Certified Template Developer
    1 certified employees
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