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DeliveryWare | All-in-One Software for Delivery Services

DeliveryWare | All-in-One Software for Delivery Services

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  • 21 Oct 2021
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>>> Note: DeliveryWare requires the free AppFlix - Foundation extension for operation: View... more

Product information


  • Multi-Store-Functionality - Manage multiple locations, each with its own delivery radius, opening hours and offerings
  • Desired delivery time / Desired collection time - Allow your customers to decide when he/she will receive their order
  • Marketplace Module on Request - You want to create your own DeliveryWare - Marketplace? Contact us:
  • Automatic validation by opening hours and radius - Your customers can order only in your selected area and time
  • Receipt printer connection - Per integrated interface to the mC-Print2 you can print all incoming orders without additional software


  • Shopping Experiences "Menu" - Simply assign it via the Shopping Experiences and your customers can order their favorite dishes.
  • Shop selection in checkout - Before completing the order, your customers can choose the store of their choice
  • Various products per shop - You can set up your menus the same for all stores, or exclude certain products as well
  • Stock replenishable at free intervals - If certain foods are only available in limited quantities on a daily basis, you can set individual replenishment intervals
  • Configure "Bagdes" - Highlight products by means of icons (hot pepper/hot, leaf/vegan ...). Filtering in the menu and uploading your own icon sets are also possible.
  • Configuring ingredients - information on e.g. allergens can be set per product and per additional option
  • Compliant price-per-bill - Always show your customers a reference price when configuring dishes - e.g. bread: 750g, 6,67€ per 1Kg
  • Global search - A major overhaul of search for Shopware 6 lets your customers search globally for all dishes and products
  • Login/Registration - Guest orders are of course possible. The login flow has been optimized and limited to the essential info. Perfect usability!
  • Preparation time/Delivery time - Set your time management. Depending on the setting, your customers will be presented with the estimated arrival times in the checkout.
  • Map and countdown when ordering - Show your customers how long it will take to prepare, the status of the order and the status of the delivery in a map
  • Live GPS tracking - Show your customers where the responsible supplier is located. In the checkout process your customer receives a permanent update of the order.
  • Real-time order management dashboard - DeliveryWare provides you with a management dashboard optimized for your delivery service - in real time!
  • Installation of demo content - We offer you a wide range of demo packages, which you can load directly into your store via 1-click installation.
  • Restaurant - Search Portal - Our search engine lists your store and you will be found locally! You can use this service optionally and 100% free of charge.


>>> Note: DeliveryWare requires the free AppFlix - Foundation extension for operation:
View and order in the store

DeliveryWare is an all-in-one solution for your online delivery service. No matter what form of catering business, DeliveryWare offers you with little setup effort to start directly into the delivery service! Extensive functions support you for the optimal workflow in the processing of your orders.

Open the official Product-Description of DeliveryWare, to find out more details.

API features at a glance

Receipt printer API
You surely want to print your orders on the spot in your store. For this purpose, we have created a receipt printer interface that automatically prints your orders as desired.

➤ Easy configuration of the printer in the network
➤ Further receipt printers can be integrated without any problems
➤ This service is 100% free of charge for DeliveryWare customers

An important information for you and your customers is the location of the current order. We have created a GPS tracking app for your delivery people to track the live location of the order.

As a store owner, you can easily download the app from your store dashboard and make it available to your delivery staff.

➤ Accurate live tracking of orders
➤ Your customers know exactly when their deliveries arrive
➤ You as store operator have permanent control
➤ Easy linking of the app with your store via store url
➤ The app is 100% free for DeliveryWare customers

Restaurant - search portal (to follow)
The search portal is an independent search engine for all stores that use DeliveryWare. As a store owner, you benefit from more reach, as the portal lists all stores that match the customer's search radius.

Inclusion in the restaurant search portal is optional. So you don't have to list your store if you don't want to. But who has anything against more reach?

➤ The information for the dealer portal is automatically detected
➤ You benefit passively from our marketing campaigns
➤ The dealer portal is permanently improved and you benefit from
➤ You have no effort and benefit fully automatically
➤ 100% free of charge for DeliveryWare customers

Interesting for freelancers and agencies

For the "restaurant around the corner
Create a complete delivery service for your favorite restaurant. You will be happy!

Implementation of a supply chain planned?
With DeliveryWare it is possible to manage multiple stores and locations. Talk to us and we will help you.

May it be a little more?
DeliveryWare is based on Shopware 6 and is therefore, as you surely know, limitlessly extensible.

Talk to us straight
We are happy about cooperations! Use DeliveryWare and we will return the favor.

Commission and remuneration models
You want to implement several stores with DeliveryWare? Then you will of course benefit as well.

Work effectively with us
We would like to integrate DeliveryWare into the restaurant business and look forward to many collaborations at many locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get started with DeliveryWare? All you need is a Shopware 6 installation on your server. The popular store system serves as the basis for our extension. You can easily get DeliveryWare from the official Shopware Store and link it to your Shopware 6 installation. You can integrate demo packages by 1-click installation. That's it! Now you have a clear path for your own delivery service.
  • How does the receipt printer connection work? So that you can print your orders in your restaurant, we have developed an interface to the receipt printer. The interface currently only works with the Star EMEA receipt printer. How to connect the receipt printer to our interface can be found in our documentation.
  • What is the restaurant - search portal? The search portal is a global search engine for all stores that use DeliveryWare. The customer searches for a restaurant in the vicinity and receives an overview of available stores. If your delivery radius matches the customer's location, your store is automatically listed and the customer can order from you. Practical or? This service is 100% free of charge for you! As a store owner, you take care of the data maintenance in your DeliveryWare administration dashboard. The search engine indexes you fully automated.
  • How does the GPS tracking app work? So that your customers and you as the store operator always know the location of the current order, we have developed the GPS tracking app for DeliveryWare. Your delivery staff installs the app on their smartphone and then links the app to your store. GPS tracking can be disabled/enabled in the app before and after order delivery. The app is also available 100% free of charge for DeliveryWare customers. You can easily download the app for your delivery staff in the DeliveryWare administration area.
  • How do I install the demo packages? DeliveryWare itself already comes with a pre-built store for the classic delivery service. When you install DeliveryWare, you get a fully configured system including products and images. Of course you can use this feature for your needs and modify it. If you don't want to use the classic delivery service, you can easily download our demo packages for free and install them in your Shopware 6 system. You will see, your store will be completely rebuilt and configured in the background within seconds. You can switch between the individual packages at any time without technical problems.
  • Are other plugins compatible with DeliveryWare? We have made a basic revision of the Shopware 6 system with DeliveryWare. Add-on plugins from the store are usually designed for the Shopware 6 standard. Thus, it may be that for the reibunglsose integration of the extension must be touched up by a Shopware 6 expert. In general, most plugins are compatible with DeliveryWare. Since we rely 100% on Shopware 6, you have the advantage of benefiting from the broad community. There are countless developers and agencies that specialize in Shopware 6 and will be able to extend DeliveryWare to your needs without any problems.
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Customer reviews

Installation manual

Once you have obtained the theme from the Shopware Store, you can install and activate it in your Shopware Store. Assign the theme to your sales channel and install a demo package if necessary.

For more information, just take a look at our Documentations


Version 1.2.4

  • Compatibility with the new CMS elements from the Foundation Plugin

Version 1.2.3

  • Receipt printer optimisations / event for custom printout
  • Automatic position determination of the shop based on the address (optional) > To readjust the coordinates
  • Shopping cart fold-out can be de-/activated in the plug-in settings

Version 1.2.2

  • Correct order and requested delivery times on the receipt printout
  • Comment on the order on the receipt printout

Version 1.2.1


This plugin requires the new Appflix Foundation Plugin. Please install and activate the Foundation Plugin first!

Adjustments Storefront

  • Sticky shopping cart for better mobile navigation
  • Search field gets autofocus
  • When a dish is added to the shopping cart, the modal window closes
  • Header with white background possible
  • Revision of login / registration
  • Drop prices for dishes possible
  • Empty menu categories are hidden
  • Orders for dishes cannot be repeated
  • Improved branch selection for mobile
  • Breadcrumb display error on category page fixed
  • CMS element: table reservation including e-mail template
  • Badge filter optimised
  • Categories for dishes are sortable
  • When customer logs in, he stays on the same page
  • Adaptation/optimisation of colours
  • New options for sections: Background colours / Transition graphics / Offset
  • New CMS blocks: Grid layouts / Column layouts / Slider
  • New options for CMS blocks: Show or hide by viewport
  • New CMS Elements: CTA Banner / Accordion / Table Reservation
  • New options for CMS elements: Integration of Animate.css - freely configurable
  • Mobile navigation for menus adapted

Adjustments Checkout

  • No mixed shopping baskets possible
  • Delivery and self-collection only for meals
  • Next opening time is displayed for each branch
  • Error messages contain more information
  • Error message if minimum order value not reached
  • Desired delivery times can be configured in great detail in the plugin settings

Adjustments Core

  • Extension of demo data
  • Wording stores changed to branches
  • Meals can now be discounted via vouchers
  • Minimum order value per shop and postcode delivery area possible
  • Shop owners receive email with order confirmation
  • Shops now have postcode delivery areas
  • Time zones configurable per shop
  • Performance optimisations
  • Shops can contain exclusive products (only visible when shop is selected)
  • Branches can be linked to sales channels

Admin adjustments

  • Products can be hidden by day of the week
  • Products can receive a percentage discount according to the day of the week
  • Simplified navigation
  • DeliveryWare configurations have been moved to shop settings
  • Demo assistant moved to AppflixFoundation plugin
  • Ordering can be done directly from the DeliveryWare Dashboard
  • Improved shop overview
  • Access control and predefined user roles (installable via demo package)

Version 1.1.14

  • Configuratior direct assignment to the product
  • Improvement of demo data import
  • Adjustments for Migration Add-On (

Version 1.1.11

  • Validation checkout if no store configured/available

Version 1.1.10

  • Some final adjustments

Version 1.1.9

  • Further adjustments regarding namespace changes

Version 1.1.8

- Publication for exam preparation



Frontend Demo
Name Password shopware
Backend Demo
Name demo Password shopware

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€ 390.00* € 490.00* Promotion valid until 31/10/2021 23:59
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