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CMS Boost – Power up your shopping experience

CMS Boost – Power up your shopping experience

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  • avency GmbH
  • 1.3.3
  • 29 Jan 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.2.3 – – – – – –
This plugin takes your experience in Shopware 6 to a whole new level. It allows you to... more

Product information


  • Individual configuration of bootstrap classes for the grid
  • Maximum flexibility in column configuration and grid layout
  • Direct influence on the template
  • Based on the popular Bootstrap 4 framework


  • Grid | Allows the creation of grid blocks with up to 6 columns
  • No gutter | Allows seamless transitions for optimal display of elements
  • Individual configuration of columns and rows (width, spacing, etc.)
  • Visibility | Show and hide columns/rows per viewport
  • Bootstrap | Ideal basis for your design of the elements
  • Order | Sorting of columns per viewport
  • Element: HTML/Twig | Insert freely definable HTML
  • Element: Manufacturer box and manufacturer slider
  • Element: Image and text


This plugin takes your experience in Shopware 6 to a whole new level. It allows you to individually select and configure bootstrap classes, which gives you even more flexibility in designing your Shopping Experiences. Customize the grid to your needs - differentiate the design for different devices and get the most out of your content. One grid block - full flexibility.

The easy installation and simple setup allows you to focus on simple usage of the CMS extension. The easy to use grid allows you to layout your content in the way you prefer. You can create blocks with different column layouts and make individual settings per column.


If the plugin does not completely meet your expectations, we would be happy to receive your feedback.

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Installation manual

Install the plugin via the plugin manager of Shopware 6. After activation, our elements and blocks are available to you in the Shopping Experiences.


Version 1.3.3

  • Minor styling fix for "text & image" element

Version 1.3.2

  • Added `verticalAlign` to "text & image" element
  • Added `minHeight` to "text & image" element

Version 1.3.1

  • Optimized display of "text & image" element
  • Replaces element "Grid 5 text & image column" with element "Grid 6 text & image column"
  • Added display mode to "text & image" element
  • Added background-color to "text & image" element
  • Added border option to "text & image" element
  • Added padding-classes for bootstrap configuration
  • Added Quantity of manufacturer boxes for "Manufacturer slider"

Version 1.3.0

  • Add element "text & image"
  • Add element "Grid 5 text & image column"
  • Add element "Manufacturer box"
  • Add element "Manufacturer slider"

Version 1.2.1


  • Add element "code"
  • Add category "avency"


  • Add element "Grid 1 column"
  • Add element "Grid 2 column"
  • Add element "Grid 3 column"
  • Add element "Grid 5 column"
  • Add element "Grid 5 column"
  • Add element "Grid 6 column"
  • Add category "avency Grid"
  • Changed category "avency" to "avency Special"


  • Added bootstrap classes to blocks to configurate columns und rows individually.


  • Bugfix for `vertical-align`-classes in the grids
  • Added new bootstrap classes  for `offset`- and `margin-utility`-classes.

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