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Instagram Shopping: Automatic Facebook catalog feed

Instagram Shopping: Automatic Facebook catalog feed

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  • 1.1.2
  • 2 Mar 2021
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Our gold certified plugin now also for Shopware 6. Fancier and more powerful! The Plugin... more

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  • Super easy and fast data feed generation
  • High performance even with large quantities of items
  • Properties such as B. color, size etc. can easily be assigned
  • Automatic generation via scheduled Task
  • Detailed documentation for quick setup


  • Sales Channel Support
  • Individual Google Product Category maintainable via article attributes


Our gold certified plugin now also for Shopware 6. Fancier and more powerful!

The Plugin generates a CSV data feed via scheduled Task which can be used to create products in a Facebook catalog and thus for Instagramm.

The generated CSV file contains all fields Facebook requires. These are in detail:

  • id
  • gtin
  • title
  • description
  • availability
  • condition
  • price
  • sale_price
  • shipping_weight
  • link
  • image_link
  • brand
  • product_type
  • additional_image_link
  • item_group_id
  • custom_label_0
  • inventory
  • size
  • color
  • gender
  • age_group
  • pattern
  • material
  • google_product_category

Please ensure that the product images taken are present at least in the resolution 600px x 600px. Nevertheless, Facebook imports images with a lower resolution but provides them with a corresponding hint. Variants can be exported on request.

Please take a look at the documentation and installation instructions if there are problems creating the CSV file.


Further information

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the field "google_product_category" missing in my CSV file? You must complete at least one of the "Product Category Golbal (Optional)" or "Google Product Category (Product Custom Field)" fields to use "google_product_category" when creating the CSV file. For the type of content allocation, please read the help text in the plugin settings.
  • The details about the Google Product Category are maintained in my shop at article level. How do I get this data into the CSV file? The prerequisite for this is that the information for the article is maintained in the article via the regular custom field administration. If this is the case, proceed as follows: 1. Go to an article in the backend and see what the field is called, where the Google category is maintained. 2. Switch to the custom field management (Settings -> Systems > Custom Fields) 3. Copy the technical name of the custom field 4. Switch to InstaShopping's plugin settings and enter this column name in the "Google Product Category (Product Custom Field)" box. 5. Save the changes and generate the CSV file.
  • I activated and configured the plugin but it does not generate a CSV file. What's wrong? Probably it comes to a 404 (page not found) error. You should see this error in the Browser Developer Tools (Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + i) in the Network tab. If you see the above 404 error, please empty the shop cache unter Settings > System > Caches & Indexes and try the feeder creation again. The CSV file should now be generated without errors.
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Installation manual

You will find a detailed description in our operating instructions: (currently only german)


Version 1.1.2

Correction of help texts in the plugin configuration

Version 1.1.1

Unfortunately, an error crept in with the last update that caused problems during export. This error has been corrected in this version.

Version 1.1.0

Extension of the configuration to exclude articles of certain categories as well as articles for which a definable additional field is defined. In addition, it can now be determined that the price of the basic unit is controlled for containers with a base and reference price. Example: Package price € 20 (basic unit 1, content 2). If YES, € 10 will be taxed in the feed. If NO € 20.

Version 1.0.1

Fix of price detection of variant product

Version 1.0.0

Initial Release of the Plugin

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