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Send PDF Invoice to Customer by Email

Send PDF Invoice to Customer by Email

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This extension cannot be used in a Shopware Cloud shop.
This app is available for Shopware 5
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  • 5.5.5
  • 12 Apr 2021
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With our plug-in for  automatic document generation , you can fully automate document creation... more

Product information


  • Fully automatic dispatch of invoice and delivery note to customer + shop operator
  • Download the invoice in the customer account
  • Incl. Invoice export for the tax advisor
  • Manual invoice dispatch possible at the push of a button
  • Many setting options


  • Generation of invoice and delivery note in PDF format based on the Shopware templates
  • Automatic delivery of the invoice to the customer. Optional invoice + delivery note to defined e-mail addresses (shop operator, accounting, ..)
  • Consideration of payment & order status: Select a specific payment and order status for which the documents are to be sent.
  • The customer can also download the invoice directly into the customer account as soon as it has been created.
  • All generated documents are stored in the order and can easily be called up in the backend at any time.
  • The plugin supports multilingual subshops including translated email and invoice templates.
  • Possibility of exporting all invoices + delivery notes with the corresponding file names to a directory on the server. (New: also via cronjob)
  • Limit the shipping of invoices to individual customer groups (e.g. commercial customers) and payment methods.
  • Invoices can also be sent to the customer manually at the push of a button directly from the order view in the backend.
  • All e-mail templates can be easily edited via the Shopware backend. All variables from the sORDER email are available in the emails.
  • All settings can be adjusted via the backend.
  • Invoices can be created using a cron job or a console command
  • Support for batch processing in the backend


With our plug-in for automatic document generation, you can fully automate document creation in your shop!

You can use the settings to configure the conditions under which invoices to customers or delivery notes e.g. should be sent to the accounting department or the shop operator.

Design your professional invoices directly in the Shopware backend. The plugin then sends them to the customer in PDF format with all important order information.

You can find detailed instructions on installation and configuration in our wiki

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, as well as inquiries about individualizing the plugin, please contact the free support.

Compatibility with other plugins:

Our plugin adheres to the Shopware conventions, so that compatibility with other plugins should always exist.

  • Compatible with the Magnalister, Coolbax and other third-party plugins for order import.
  • Compatible with all common payment provider plugins.
  • Compatible with Shopware backend orders.
  • Compatible with improved order overview in the customer account
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Rundum Zufrieden

27 Nov 2020


Installation manual

The use of the plugin is very intuitive from the ground up. The plugin works without any further configuration.

If necessary, however, a multitude of settings and adjustments can be made via the backend.

You can find detailed instructions on installation and configuration in our Wiki


Version 5.5.5

- Removed cache clearer

Version 5.5.4

- Automated determination of APP_URL

Version 5.5.3

- Fixed documents service

Version 5.5.2

- Fixed order status

Version 5.5.1

- Fixed email delivery at multiple admin emails

Version 5.5.0

- Compatibility with Shopware

- Added support for RestService. Specify API user credentials in plugin configuration! Please refer to the documentation.

Version 5.4.8

- Fixed cron (Context)

Version 5.4.7

Fixed switching between different languages in email templates

Version 5.4.6

- Fixed email templates

Version 5.4.5

- Fixed documentDate

Version 5.4.4

- Marks documents that are delivered with outgoing emails as "sent"

Version 5.4.3

- Fixed deactivation process

Version 5.4.2

- Removes the plugin configuration if the plugin is uninstalled

Version 5.4.1

Added possibility to export invoices and delivery notes. Please reinstall the plugin after the update process has been completed!

Version 5.4.0

- Added possibility to attach invoices to order confirmation emails

Version 5.3.6

- Fixed language pack setup problem

Version 5.3.5

- Added possibility to control the visibility of the invoice download button

Version 5.3.4

- Fixed order process

Version 5.3.3

- Fixed sales channels: configure each sales channel individually!

Version 5.3.2

- Fixed invoice download button

Version 5.3.1

- Order details page has been standardized to make it easier to group the buttons together

- Added capability to send invoices even if no payment or order status is selected

Version 5.3.0

- Compatibility with Shopware 6.3

Version 5.2.4

- Updated fgits-autoinvoice-s-w6.js

Version 5.2.3

- Removes custom fields if the plugin is deactivated

Version 5.2.2

- Deactivates cron if the plugin is deactivated

- Fixed config components

Version 5.2.1

- Fixed scheduled tasks

- Fixed config snippets

Version 5.2.0

Compatibility with Shopware 6.2.2

Version 5.1.0

- Compatibility with Shopware 6.2

Version 5.0.0

- New plugin version

- Compatibility with Shopware 6

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