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Mega menu

Mega menu

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  • H1 webdevelopment
  • 2.1.1
  • 25 Jun 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – – – – – – –
Mega menu plugin With this plugin it is easy to change the default navigation to a user... more

Product information


  • Bootstrap
  • User friendly menu
  • Easy to install


  • 4 navigation levels!
  • Show or hide the homepage link
  • SEO: Edit title-Tag for "show all categories from" via Textsnippet h1.mega_menu.see_more_title_tag


Mega menu plugin

With this plugin it is easy to change the default navigation to a user friendly mega menu. This is useful if you have a lot of categories. And it also has a great design!

It is easy to show 4 navigation levels in a very user friendly way.


Enable homepage link in navigation

  • Go to your plugins and click on “Config”
  • Enable the option “Show the home link in the navigation”
  • Show menu option by "click" or "mouse over"

Navigation levels
Change the number of navigation levels in for the mega menu. Default is 2, change it to 4.

  • Admin > click on the storefront
  • General settings > "Navigation levels" change the default number to 4.

Menu options

Go to categories > at the bottom you can see the menu options.

Option: Put main category in placeholder

It is possible to place the categories in a placeholder. The default name is: “Products” but

this is a snippet and you can change this text. The name of the snippet is: “h1.mega_menu.parent_item”

This option is only available for the “Foldout with left sidebar” option.

Option: Foldout menu layout

  • Foldout menu with left sidebar
    - When you click on a link, the foldout will open. In the foldout you see a left section with subcategories. When you click on a subcategorie the "extra foldout" menu will open inside the foldout. Inside you see the sub sub categories and sub sub sub categories.

  • Foldout layout without left sidebar
    When you click on a link, the foldout will open with 4 sections next to each other.

Show all link

In a section we will show a maximum of 3 sub sub categories, otherwise the foldout is to long. But after 3 items there is a "Show all" link that will go to the subcategory page.


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Customer reviews

Average customer rating from 2 reviews:


Tolles Mega Menü

12 Aug 2021

Das Plugin leistet genau das, was wir gesucht haben.

Kleiner Verbesserungsvorschlag: Das Mega-Menü in der Hauptnavigation per Klick auslösen, im Sup-Menü aber Mouseover ermöglichen.


Mit einigen individuellen CSS-Anpassungen ein gutes Menü für unseren Shop

3 Mar 2021

Mit einigen individuellen CSS-Anpassungen ein gutes Menü für unseren Shop.

Mögliche Verbesserung: "Zeige alles"-Button führt nicht zur Kategorieseite, sondern blendet alle Unter-Kategorien ein.

Deutsche Beschreibungen der Einstellungen sind teilweise nicht verständlich und wir mussten am Anfang ein wenig rumprobieren.

H1 webdevelopment
4 Mar 2021

Thank you for your review!
Improvements based on your feedback will be in the next release.

Installation manual


- In the admin go to Settings > System > Plugins.

- Click on the “Upload plugin” button and select the zip file.

- Go to your plugins and click on “Config”


You can install the plugin easily with the plugin manager within the administration. If you prefer to install it with composer we suggest to use


Version 2.1.1


- Change the link path for shopware 6.4

Version 2.1.0


- Google webvital updates.

- Lazyload images

Version 2.0.1

# 2.0.1

- Add structured data itemtype SiteNavigationElement 

Version 2.0.0


- Update plugin for shopware 6.4

Version 1.1.1


- Hide show all link if there are less then subcat option amount

Version 1.1.0


- Add category icon field.

- Configuration: use category icon of use the category image for an icon.

- Configuration: How many columns next to each other? 3,4,5.

Version 1.0.17


- Remove active class from link with no children when another menu is open

Version 1.0.16


- Allow toplevel link click if mouseover option is enabled

Version 1.0.15


- Parent clickable with mouseover option.

Version 1.0.14

# 1.0.14

- Konfigurationsoption zum Ausblenden der Schaltfläche Alle anzeigen

- Konfigurationsoption zur Eingabe der Anzahl der anzuzeigenden Unterkatzen

Version 1.0.12


- Small fix closing menu

Version 1.0.11


- Small mouseover fix. Close the open menu when u go to another navigation item

Version 1.0.10

- Uploaded the compiled JS

Version 1.0.9


- Add config option to open navigation by click or mouseover

Version 1.0.8


- Remove test class

- Change JS name

Version 1.0.7


- Add snippet for "show all" title tag

- Change show all title tag to "Snippet + category name"

Version 1.0.6


- Add title tag to the show all link

Version 1.0.5


- Add title and alt tag to icons

Version 1.0.4


- Change composer version number

Version 1.0.2


- Add supportlink in composer.json

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