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Variants list on product detail page

Variants list on product detail page

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Plugin details
  • H1web44716452016
  • H1 webdevelopment
  • 1.0.5
  • 15 Sep 2020
  • de_DE en_GB nl_NL
  • 6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – – –
Show variants on the product detail page Show the product variants in a table on the product... more

Product information


  • Product variant list on product page
  • Hide or show variables in the list
  • Quick order variant
  • Sort the variant table


  • Show product variants on the product detail page
  • Show variant thumbnail
  • Show variant product number
  • Show variant manufacturer number
  • Show variant purchase steps
  • Show variant option names
  • Show variant stock
  • Quick order variant
  • Go to variant product link


Show variants on the product detail page

Show the product variants in a table on the product detail page. It is very easy to sort and quick order a product.

Variants settings 

Go to your plugins and click on “Config”

In the config you can choose which variant option to show.

Available variables

  • Thumbnail
  • Product number
  • Manufacturer number
  • Purchase steps
  • Variant names / option names
  • Price
    - If a variant has “Advanced pricing” it will show the lowest price in the table.

  • Stock
    - If the “Clearance sale” is disabled the stock is always green.
    - If the “Clearance sale”is enabled, the stock colors are
    - Stock is 0 = red
    - Stock is lower than threshold = orange / yellow
    - Stock is bigger than the threshold = green

  • Threshold
    - If the option “Clearance sale” is enabled ​ AND​ the product stock is lower than threshold the stock color = orange / yellow.
    - Default threshold = 3
    - If the option “Clearance sale” is disabled the stock color = green

  • Delivery time
  • Quick order form or product link
    - Quick Order form = select + order button
    - Product link = Go to the product variant page


The plugin is responsive. A horizontal scroll bar appears on mobile so you can scroll.


  • h1.variants.thumb
    Default: Empty
  • h1.variants.product_nr
    Default: Product nr
  • h1.variants.manufacturer_product_number
    Default: Manufacturer nr
  • h1.variants.purchase_steps
    Default: Purchase steps
  • h1.variants.option_names
    Default: Options
  • h1.variants.price
    Default: Price
  • h1.variants.stock
    Default: Stock
  • h1.variants.deliveryTime
    Default: Delivery time
  • h1.variants.quick_order
    Default: Empty
  • h1.variants.view_product
    Default: View


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Installation manual


- In the admin go to Settings > System > Plugins.

- Click on the “Upload plugin” button and select the zip file.

- Go to your plugins and click on “Config”


You can install the plugin easily with the plugin manager within the administration. If you prefer to install it with composer we suggest to use


Version 1.0.5


- Change shopware requirements

Version 1.0.4


- Add aria-label to the buttons

Version 1.0.3


- Thumbnail add alt and title tag

Version 1.0.2


- Add DE language in the service.xml

Version 1.0.1


- Initial release

About the manufacturer

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Current version:


€ 69.00*

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