Ready This is an app especially developed for Shopware 6
FAQ SEO Manager with rich snippets for shopping experiences in Shopware 6

FAQ SEO Manager with rich snippets for shopping experiences in Shopware 6

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  • LOY GmbH
  • 3.0.0
  • 12 May 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – – – –
Pages that are enriched with FAQs can significantly improve the customer service of the online... more

Product information


  • Structured data (rich snippets) for SEO
  • Improved display in search results (SERP)
  • Possible appearance as featured snippet (0 position)
  • Improvement of user experience and usability
  • Improvement of customer service


  • Shopping experience element
  • Central administration of questions & answers
  • FAQs for articles
  • FAQs for categories
  • Sorting of questions & answers
  • Activation per category possible
  • Display of the table of contents (optional)
  • Display of FAQs as accordion (optional)


Pages that are enriched with FAQs can significantly improve the customer service of the online store. Even more: You can increase your traffic! 

1. Category specific FAQs

The FAQs for categories are maintained centrally. Via Erlebniswelten you can integrate the FAQ Erlebniswelten module at any point. By assigning the FAQs per category, you can create category specific FAQs. Example:

2. Article specific FAQs 

You can also create FAQs for articles. These are either displayed below the product description, or in a separate tab (can be configured in the plugin settings). Example:

3. Rich snippets for FAQs

With this plugin, the FAQs are automatically marked as so-called "Rich Snippets" (also known as "structured data"). This means that Google can output these structured data in the search result (SERP). This way they stand out from the other Google SERPs and increase the probability of being clicked. Normally, an HTML code must be included to supplement semantic information. "Rich Snippets" are already completely integrated in the FAQ Manager. Further information about this can be found here: 

4. Table of contents for FAQs

To give your customers a better overview of all questions and answers, the table of contents can be displayed at first. The elements containing anchor-links, which refer to each FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are FAQs? FAQs" are questions that are frequently asked by customers, such as Question: "I do not know what size I need. Can you help me?" Answer: "Please use our size chart to select the correct size."
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Customer reviews

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Ein Must-Have für SEO und Kundeninformation

5 Jan 2021

Das Plugin ermöglicht es, einzelne FAQs mehrfach in unterschiedlichen Bereichen des Shops auszugeben (z.B. Kategorie-Seite + Produktseite). Vorteil für den Kunden: Immer alle Infos rund um die Kategorie und das Produkt genau dort, wo man sie braucht. Vorteil für den Shopbetreiber: Einfach und zentral zu verwalten. Und das alles dann auch noch mit Ausgabe als Rich Snippets... einfach ein perfektes Tool! Absolut empfehlenswert!
Support: Schnell und kompetent. Einfach erreichbar und für Anregungen immer offen. Dazu gibt es noch ein paar Anwender-Tipps gratis dazu. Danke!

Nachtrag: Das aktuelle Update des Plugin (2.1.0) ermöglicht es, FAQ in Gruppen zu sortieren. Damit kommt gleich mehr Übersichtlichkeit in die FAQ, sie lassen sich schnell und einfach in Themenbereiche gliedern.

12 Feb 2021

Wow! Vielen Dank für das tolle Feedback, wir fühlen uns geschmeichelt :-)

Installation manual

1. Install the Plugin

2. create a new FAQ category in SEO FAQ Manager (e.g. For clothing)

3. create your FAQs in German 

4. change the language 

5. create your FAQs in English 

6. switch to the worlds of experience 

7. create a new layout with block "Category FAQ" 

8. choose a category 

9. assign the new layout to the desired category


Version 2.1.4

- Fixed JSON+LD snippet top-element null issue

Version 3.0.0

- Compatibility update for 6.4.x.x

Version 2.1.3

- Fixed cookie panel issue with template

Version 2.1.2

- Added plugin configuration to switch  snippet format between microdata and JSON+LD

Version 2.1.1

- Fixed indefinite loading of faq set selection component

Version 2.1.0

- Introduced group display of FAQs

Version 2.0.0

- Introduced a centralized FAQ Set for common FAQs

Version 1.1.1

- Compatibility update regarding Usage of DBAL connection methods in migrations' in change

Version 1.1.0

- Added FAQ Heading customization

- Added priority auto-detect

- Added default status as active

Version 1.0.0

First version of plugin



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Frontend Demo
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