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Directly add vouchers and articles to cart

Directly add vouchers and articles to cart

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  • 28 Dec 2020
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Add vouchers and articles directly into the shopping cart - link generator included! Who likes... more

Product information


  • Link generator for easy creation of the voucher link: Select voucher, test link, done!
  • Articles can also be added to the shopping cart.
  • Individual message after adding the voucher link possible.
  • Forwarding to the homepage, an article detail page, category or to any shopware controller.
  • Calling also possible within the shop, e.g. from pop-up banners, the current page is retained.


Add vouchers and articles directly into the shopping cart - link generator included!

Who likes to type voucher codes? Increase the conversion rate with this plugin. Coupons can be easily added to the shopping cart via a link in the form, articles can be added and then there is a redirection to any page (product, category, homepage etc.).

Use this for example in your newsletter, on action banners in shopping worlds, in Facebook or Google AdWords campaigns. Promote the respective discount directly in the advertisement or campaign - the matching voucher will then be redeemed at checkout.

The voucher is redeemed with one click. This also works with (still) empty shopping baskets, the voucher is then taken into account at checkout. The vouchers themselves are managed as usual via the Shopware backend.

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Installation manual

  • Install and activate as usual via the plugin manager
  • The voucher generator is available under the menu item marketing / voucher link
  • The links can of course also be created manually

Link building:

  • add the coupon code to your shopping cart
  • /promotion/code?articles=SW10001;SW10002: puts the specified products into the shopping cart
  • /promotion/code?articles=SW10001@3: adds the specified product 3 times to the shopping cart
  • /promotion/code?message=Thank you very much!: displays the specified message
  • /promotion/code? redirects to the specified frontend controller
  • /promotion/code?redirect=SWDEMO10001: redirects to the specified product
  • /promotion/code?redirect=*1ada799fdf564f76bfcdb9cf29049105: redirects to the specified category
  • /promotion/code?redirect=referer: redirects to the calling page (referer)

All parameters can of course be combined as desired.

Individual codes can also be used. Please note that the link generator cannot be used here. The link has to be created manually with the desired individual code, as described above.

Any existing promotion rules are also taken into account (e.g. a minimum order value or a delivery country). However, the rules should not be too complex and the voucher link should be well tested before use!


Version 1.0.2

  • Fix: allow article numbers with special characters

Version 1.0.1

  • Security: prevent CSS injection

Version 1.0.0

Initial plugin version

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