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  • Naghashyan Solutions
  • 1.0.0
  • 10 Jul 2020
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  • 6.2.0 – 6.2.3
Establish communication between the user and the shop management by sharing important messages... more

Product information

Establish communication between the user and the shop management by sharing important messages within notification bar.

The "Notification Bar" plugin allows to establish communication between the user and the shop management by sharing important messages within notification bar, that appears in the header or footer of the web site.  Using the "Notification Bar" shop manager can inform users about down times, sales, contests, etc.   The plugins allows to configure the background, "close" (error) button styling, text color,  size of the notification bar. All these configurations will help you easily adapt the message box to your site look and feel. Every Subshop has its own tab in Configurations.  This makes possible to display specific notification per Subshop. Using the special "Cookie Lifetime" field, shop manager can even set time when the Notification should appear again after the user closes it.     


  • Shop manager can easily share any message adding it through the shop backend
  • Shop manager can easily adjust the Notification Bar design
  • Every subshop can have different texts and styles


For technical support, please send an email to 

About Naghashyan Solutions

Tel: +374 77 77 79 42 
Address:  Arabkir 49str, 22bld, Armenia, Yerevan 0037
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Installation manual

Installation manual

Installation of the plugin takes only few seconds by one click, after which it will automatically set up its default configurations as soon as the installation will be done. You will be able to change the configurations anytime you want. The plugin supports Shopware 6 versions started from 6.2.2

To configure the plugin you need to open the plugin from configurations > plugins > installed.


  1. Upload the plugin
  2. Install
  3. Activate
  4. Open the plugin configs
  5. Activate plugin for particular subshop
  6. Change styles to match the plugin with your shop design
  7. Clear shop cache

Configurations Description:

  • Notification Bar Active - There are 3 possible variants: inherited, yes, no. If you select inherited, it will mean that other subshops, will inherit the configuration (active or not) you made here.
  • Notification Bar Position - There are 2 possible variants: top, bottom
  • Cookie Lifetime in Minutes - The period of time when the Notification Bar should appear again after user clicks on "x" button
  • Close Icon Color - This field allows defining color of the close (x) icon
  • Background Color - This field allows defining background color of the Notification Bar
  • Border Color - This field allows defining border color of the Notification Bar
  • Text - The Notification text field is wysiwyg, which means you can configure the text in different style, even using HTML
  • Text Alignment - There are 3 possible variants: left, center, right

NOTE: Any changes that are made may appear on frontend after the theme will be recompiled from the caches management panel.


Version 1.0.0

The Initial Release.

About the manufacturer

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