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Pixup Media is Shopware Solution Partner directly from the heart of Berlin. As an experienced eCommerce agency we support customers of all sizes and have been able to implement even the most extensive requirements in many Shopware projects.

What Pixup Media can offer you

The service portfolio includes not only attractive and target group-specific shop designs, but also individual developments. A professional and comprehensive project management is always required, which is not limited to the actual implementation, but can also go beyond that. We are particularly proud of our very distinctive competencies in the field of artificial intelligence. Thanks to our own AI department, we are able to offer innovative solutions that are only possible thanks to artificial intelligence. These can be new touchpoints like a chatbot on Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, but also a highly customizable recommendation engine to personalize your shop and the entire customer journey is part of every project with us. Have a look directly at our AI in the E-Commerce page: https://www.pixupmedia.com/kuenstliche-intelligenz-im-e-commerce/
You can expect this service from Pixup Media GmbH as a Shopware Solution Partner:
  • Target group-specific shop design
  • Professional and innovative templating
  • Individual plugin developments and extensions
  • Detailed concepts and project management
  • Individual connection and integration of ERP systems (e.g. SAP or MS Navision)
  • AI solutions such as chatbots, recommendation engine, image recognition, speech search, etc...
  • and much more...
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