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Magento Migration Profile

Magento Migration Profile

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  • shopware AG
  • 4.0.3
  • 5 Oct 2021
  • de_DE en_GB
  • 6.1.0 – 6.1.6
    6.2.0 – 6.2.3 – – – – – – – –
Changing shop systems can be complicated – but we’re here to help. If you are currently using... more

Product information


  • Migration from Magento 1.9.x to Shopware 6
  • Migration from Magento 2.0-2.3 to Shopware 6
  • Extension for the Shopware 6 Migration Assistant
  • Easy data transfer from Magento to Shopware


  • Extension of Shopware 6 Migration Wizard


Changing shop systems can be complicated – but we’re here to help. If you are currently using Magento and are looking to switch to Shopware, this plugin makes it possible to easily and quickly migrate your shop data. The corresponding Migration Assistant plugin guides you step-by-step through the process of selecting which data to migrate.

Here is an overview of which datasets can be migrated from your Magento shop:

  • Shop properties                  Yes
  • Order status                        No*
  • Payment methods              No*
  • Tax rates                               No*
  • Category structures           Yes
  • Product ratings                   Yes
  • Manufacturers                     Yes
  • Customer data                     Yes
  • Address data                        Yes
  • Customer ID numbers        Yes
  • Orders                                   Yes
  • Products                                Yes
  • Product numbers                 Yes
  • Product master data            Yes
  • One-dimensional variants   Yes
  • Multidimensional variants   Yes
  • Properties                              Yes
  • Product images                     Yes
  • Stock                                       Yes
  • Cross- and Upselling            Yes

*Must be manually configured in your Shopware installation


You can find more detailed information on migrating from Magento to Shopware in our documentation: 

Learn more about the Magento Migration Tool and check it out on Github:

Important: This plugin only works in combination with the free Migration Assistant plugin.

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Customer reviews

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Support Not available

Migration von Magento leichtgemacht!

9 Dec 2020

Wir waren Jahre lang im Magento Umfeld unterwegs und migrieren jetzt nach und nach alle unsere Altkunden zu Shopware 6. Das Plugin wird regelmäßig aktualisiert und funktioniert in der neusten Version tadellos. Danke für das tolle Plugin!



Version 4.0.3

MIG-269 - Fix missing order data for systems where MySQL trigger do not work

Version 4.0.2

MIG-241 - Optimize migration of property group options
MIG-242 - Optimize customer migration

Version 4.0.1

MIG-230 - Optimize product property relation migration
MIG-236 - Optimize guest order customer migration

Version 4.0.0

MIG-203 - Shopware 6.4 compatibility

Version 3.0.0

MIG-169 - Fix migration of creation date of product reviews
MIG-188 - Improves media download stability
MIG-191 - Improves migration of orders
MIG-194 - Optimizes sales channel migration

Version 2.2.1

MIG-120 - Solves an issue when loading the pre-mapping
MIG-168 - Optimized request options

Version 2.2.0

MIG-66 - Improve migration of property product relations
MIG-101 - Improve migration of sales channels
MIG-108 - Improve migration of product prices
MIG-113 - Improve performance of category migration

Version 2.1.1

MIG-86 - Removing the password validation when creating a connection
MIG-88 - Optimization when checking the media file name
MIG-89 - Improve migration of languages

Version 2.1.0

MIG-13 - Migrate product reviews without customer
MIG-70 - Optimized bounding of custom field sets to products

Version 2.0.2

MIG-29 - Solves an issue in pre-mapping when using table prefixes
MIG-44 - Recognize special prices
MIG-68 - Optimized rebuilding of container for deactivation and activation of the plugin

Version 2.0.1

MIG-67 - Fix composer requirements

Version 2.0.0

MIG-1 - Improve migration of category, product, manufacturer and property group translation
MIG-5 - Improve snippet loading of DataSets
MIG-7 - Fix migration of order deliveries
MIG-12 - Migrate cross- and up-selling
MIG-19 - Improve premapping of shipping methods
MIG-24 - Fix migration of addresses for guest orders
MIG-25 - Improve migration of variants
MIG-26 - Improve migration of configurable products from Magento 2

Version 1.5.0

PT-11864 - Improve media file processing
PT-11923 - Shopware 6.3 compatibility
PT-11955 - Fixes a problem with saving media

Version 1.4.0

PT-11779 - Split store structure based on store groups to sales channels
PT-11859 - Improve migration of product properties

Version 1.3.5

PT-11854 - Optimize category fetching query

Version 1.3.4

PT-11778 - Optimize product fetching queries

Version 1.3.3

PT-11787 - Add missing query part for table prefixes

Version 1.3.2

PT-11722 - Improve sales channel and product converter
PT-11736 - Improve product base data migration
PT-11764 - Add sorting of pre-mapping values

Version 1.3.1

PT-11658 - Improve customer password encoder for Magento 1

Version 1.3.0

PT-11373 - Implement Magento 2.x migration profile
PT-11618 - Fix error with too many open database connections
PT-11642 - Solves an issue when migration orders
PT-11659 - Solves an issue when migration categories with unnamed root category

Version 1.2.1

PT-11525 - Optimize media migration process

Version 1.2.0

PT-11490 - Improve custom field and property migration
PT-11533 - Fix guest migrations

Version 1.1.2

PT-11464 - Recognizes basic settings of price management in Magento
PT-11465 - Fixed incorrect migration of min and max purchase
PT-11468 - Fix seo url reader for categories
NTR - Fix query missing table prefix

Version 1.1.1

NTR - Solves an issue with version compatibility

Version 1.1.0

PT-11324 - Migrate product weight
PT-11347 - Optimize media migration
PT-11429 - Order categories based on parent (colinmurphy)
PT-11453 - Optimize category sorting with limit and offset
NTR - Migrate meta data for products and categories
NTR - Optimize payment premapping
NTR - Fix custom field migration of selection type without options

Version 1.0.0

PT-11183 - Migrate customer passwords
PT-11251 - Use default number range for magento customers
PT-11245 - Migrate magento attributes & sets as they are
PT-11244 - Improve category migration performance
PT-11238 - Migrate guest orders
PT-10982 - Refactor store view mapping
PT-11111 - Change plugin icon
PT-11211 - Do not migrate empty root category
PT-11217 - Optimize sql queries
NTR - Improve performance

Version 0.9.0

First version of the Shopware Migration Magento profile for Shopware Migration Assistant

About the manufacturer

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Current version:



Without Support

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