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Theme ATMOS | responsive Dark & Light Template

Theme ATMOS | responsive Dark & Light Template

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This plugin is available for Shopware 5
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  • 20 Oct 2020
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Theme Atmos - Shopware 6 premium Theme Individuality without programming knowledge. With Theme... more

Product information


  • Demos as presets → free Download as installable child themes
  • Extensive configuration → Customizable - completely without programming knowledge
  • Design & Scalability → suitable for practically all themes and sizes
  • No branding → No branding, no copyright notice, no extra fees.
  • Developer Support → Receive support from qualified employees & developers.


  • Full Responsive → Your page will look great - on any device!
  • Sticky Header → Fixed head area on all devices - if you want!
  • Category picture in listing → Show category banners in your category listing, automatically.
  • Quckview → Preview of the article in the listing.
  • Quanitityselect in listings → Best usability for your customers - even on mobile devices.
  • Image Change in listings → Show an alternative product picture on mouseover.
  • Administration → Quantity selection already available in the listing.
  • Individual Header → Logo, shop navigation, category navigation can be arranged individually.
  • 4+ Layout modes → Full-Width, Full-Width-Boxed, Full-Width-Header & Boxed - adjustable shop width.
  • 4+ Icon Fonts → Display of sharp icons on all resolutions & devices.
  • 3+ Topbar Layouts →Foldable, foldable, offcanvas. For a tidier & clean look.
  • 3 Search Layouts → Standard, fold-out, offcanvas.
  • Google Fonts → Choose the font that best suits you and your products!
  • Marketing Banner → You would like to promote a voucher code, indicate a category - or are you even on a company holiday? Wrote in the marketing banner in the header area and inform your customers.
  • Social Media → Links to all common social media platforms in the footer.


Theme Atmos - Shopware 6 premium Theme

Individuality without programming knowledge.

With Theme Atmos you don't have to be a developer - because here you can design your individual shop layout with just a few clicks. With its versatile customization options, Theme Atmos offers you the flexibility you need.

Demo & Product Information


As a mutli-purpose theme, it is suitable for a wide variety of topics such as cosmetics, jewelry, furniture, watches, high-tech products, spare parts or as a megastore with many categories and products.


Atmos is 100% responsive so that your onlineshop makes a professional impression on all devices and resolutions. The clear design impresses with its clean and elegant design language and thus puts the important thing in the foreground - your products.

All functions

Installable demo templates, category image in the listing, overlay header, image change in the listing (second image in listing), quick view in the listing, quantity selection in the listing, sticky header on all devices, newsletter column in the footer, custom column in the footer, search layouts as overlay, collapse and standard, individual header with 36+ options, fold-out filters in the sidebar, image sizes and format adjustments in the listing for optimal item images, additional details on the detail page (inventory, manufacturer, weight, EAN, etc.), brief description on the detail page, custom tab on the detail page, manufacturer tab on the detail page, videos tab on the detail page additional logos in offcanvas topbar and footer, Google Fonts integration (optional), global shop background, 4+ basic layouts, 4+ icon sets, 3+ topbar layouts (offcanvas, collapse open, collapse closed, standard), offcanvas Main navigation on all viewports, customizable logo size, preloader animation, animation of various elements, custom code for Javascript and CSS, different form styles, alternative slider controls, own breadcrumbs element, background color for article images, and much more


We will help you - quickly and free of charge.
In our Documentation & Knowledgebase you will find frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the theme suitable for? → for beginners, professionals and agencies Thanks to a completely own theme configuration the theme is very simply configured and individualized - without any programming knowledge. Especially for Shopware beginners here offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive agencies. Especially with regard to the new Shopware 6 version it pays to buy our themes. But even agencies and professionals can customize the entire theme for their own customers by deriving a child theme - without any branding or copyright notice.
  • Copyright, branding, additional costs? - Not with us! You are welcome to change the copyright of the test modules and remove the reference to us. There are no additional costs or fees . This also applies to agencies that want to offer our theme to their customers. Of course we are also happy if you keep the reference to our work in your theme.
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Customer reviews

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Schlankes, gut konfigurierbares Shopware 6 Theme

11 Oct 2020


Installation manual

Installation & Activation

After purchasing the theme in the store, it is available to you in the administration of your shop. Open the administration of your shop and navigate to Settings > System > Plugins. In the list, you can install the theme-plugin in the row using the context menu and then activate it.

Demo Set as Child Theme

If you want to start configuring the theme with one of our demo sets, download it from our Themes overview. Why you should generally use such a child theme is explained in the post about Child-Themes.
You can find out more about our demo sets at:

Configuration & Assignment

Select a sales channel and assign the new theme to it by switching to the "Theme" tab. The "Change theme" button opens a popup in which you can select the new theme. With the button "Edit theme" you can start designing your shop.

Font embedding

The theme offers the possibility to embed individual fonts automatically through Google Fonts. Please pay attention to an update of your data protection declaration. You can easily deactivate this function in the theme if you want to host your fonts yourself.


Version 1.0.5

  • Optimization - Improvement Lighthouse Report: font-display: swap implemented for font embedding
  • Optimization - Further improvements of the accessibility of the Lighthouse Report
  • Optimization - Improved display of the images in cross-selling
  • Bugfix - Close button of the overlay search carried out the search after entering a search string, if the Nutter decided not to carry out a search.
  • Bugfix - header-main in sticky mode in combination with the hide option covered elements

Version 1.0.4

  • Optimization - Revision of the header display for single header, standard search, center logo and off-canvas main navigation XS-MD and XS-LG
  • Optimization - Positioning of the centered logo when displaying elements above the header, e.g. Conversion banner
  • Optimization - Improvement of the sticky header with absolute positioning
  • Optimization - Improvement of the sticky header animation with single-line header and hide option
  • Optimization - Improvement of the sticky header calculation in Javascript in connection with the hide option
  • Compatibility - Absolutely positioned headers no longer cover conversion bars and other elements above the header
  • Bugfix - Prevent escaping html on quickview description and manufacturer descripption in manufacturer tab

Version 1.0.3

  • Optimization - Revision of footer paddings on boxed layouts
  • Optimization - Revision of header overlay mode on shopping experiences
  • Optimization - Revision of expandable search on different layout styles
  • Feature - Header overlay mode on shopping experiences on background-color independent of a category image
  • Bugfix - paddings on breadcrumbs on Boxed Layout
  • Bugfix - Quickview price align
  • Bugfix - Product actions not visible after sorting

Version 1.0.2

  • Optimization - Revision of the Main Navigation Hovers
  • Optimierung - Revision of the quickview icon
  • Optimierung - Revision of header with multi lined, logo left, search default
  • Bugfix - Details page mobile tab-menu
  • Bugfix - Collapsible top bar initial state

Version 1.0.1

  • Feature - added content animations for shopping experiences (more about this in the documentation).
  • Compatibility - Improved compatibility when placing the flyout menu in fullwidth mode
  • Optimizations - Smaller optimizations of designations in the configuration- Feature - Content Animationen für Erlebniswelten hinzugefügt. (mehr dazu in der Doku)

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial plugin release

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Theme ATMOS | responsive Dark & Light Template
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