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Theme Guide

Create your individual Shopware theme. In our Theme Guide you will find everything you need to know about developing unique themes for Shopware.

Shopware 6 Developer Guide

Go behind the scenes of Shopware and discover the technical possibilities of Shopware 6 for your app development.

Quality Guide

We attach great importance to the quality of the extensions in the Shopware Store. You can find everything you need to quickly activate your extension in our Quality Guide.

Publish your extension in the Shopware Store in 6 steps

1. Create an account

You can create your own Shopware account here.

2. Accept the manufacturer contract

You will find the contract in the account. After you have accepted it, we will activate you as a manufacturer.

3. Upload your extension & add a description

Upload your first Shopware extension and add a description that highlights your product.

4. Automatic code review

Every extension goes through an automatic code review with PHPStan and SonarQube.

5. Manual review by Shopware

After passing the automatic code review, we manually check your extension.

6. Activate your extension in the store

Once your extension has been approved by us, it’s ready to be activated in the store.

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Are you looking for inspiration for your development?

Head over to our forum and discover app requests that have come from our community.

Discover ideas

How do you develop an app for Shopware 5?

To the Shopware 5 docs

How do you develop apps for Shopware Cloud?

About app development

Why you should develop extensions for the Shopware Store:

Use the Shopware Store as a sales platform to reach over 100,000 customers.


Generate sales with your extension


High standard of quality in the store


Everything clearly arranged in one account

  • Shopware handles the entire distribution and payment processing
  • Reach over 100,000 potential customers
  • Extensions are reviewed and released according to the Quality Guide
  • Straightforward process to upload your extension
  • Automatic code review with detailed feedback
  • Marketing opportunities can be activated with one click
  • Overview of sales and turnover figures
  • Give direct support for your extensions
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Marketing opportunities for your extension

Effectively promote your extension and reach more customers

Your marketing resources

We are here for you

You can reach us any time by writing to the following address:

What our manufacturers say

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