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HEPTACOM - THE Shopware Enterprise Agency from Germany

As an agency for the implementation of successful online shops with shopware, we are committed to being able to implement every customer request (no matter how unusual) in its shop system. Our programmers are active members of the Shopware developer community and have already made some adjustments, which are already an integral part of the Shopware core today. So we don't just use shopware. We develop with you.

Certified, competent & smart: our shopware developers

Our certified Shopware developers design and program open source Shopware plug-ins, which solve the small and large wishes of our customers in an appealing and updateable way. The customer wants additional functions that cannot be implemented with the standard Shopware system? Do you want product videos to be displayed in the product lightbox? You want to share a product with a central button via different channels? Then with us you have exactly the reliable partner who delivers you "turnkey" and user-friendly plug-in solutions.

Are you looking for an additional function that cannot be found in the Shopware Community Store?

We are happy to support you with your customer project and program you exactly the Shopware Plugin that offers the desired function. You are looking for a shopware service provider for your agency, who is competent and reliable for customizations and shopware plugins? Then you found him with this. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking forward to new challenges.

Our current Shopware Plugins in the overview:

AMP - The Shopware Turbo

The speed boost for your shop. Maximize the speed of your shop with Accelerated Mobile Pages and improve your organic search ranking with a single Shopware plugin.

YouTube article videos in picture gallery

Product videos are often decisive for purchasing. Present your YouTube videos where they belong. Up in the picture gallery. A shopware plugin with very easy handling.

Commercial rounding of prices

Avoid the manual and time-consuming change of article prices with our rounding plugin. You configure how exactly you want to round. Classics such as "9.99 €" can be realized in the twinkling of an eye.

Security check

A quick overview of the security-relevant status of your shop with just one plugin. That's being checked out: Your currently used shop version, PHP, ionCube Loader, MySQL and important PHP extensions.

Backend reCAPTCHA

Make your shop safe with this plugin. Bot attacks on shop systems are not isolated cases and the effects are devastating. Use Google's reCAPTCHA to ensure that only authorized people enter your shopware backend.

Are you faced with an (as yet) unsolved problem when implementing your Shopware shop?
Just talk to us. Together we will find an efficient and functional solution. Our team is always hungry for new challenges.

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    Shopware 6

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    4 certified employees
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    2 certified employees
  • Shopware 6 Certified Template Designer
    2 certified employees
  • Shopware 6 Certified Template Designer Advanced
    0 certified employees

    Shopware 5

  • Shopware Certified Developer
    1 certified employees
  • Shopware Certified Developer Advanced
    0 certified employees
  • Shopware Certified Template Designer
    1 certified employees
  • Shopware Certified Template Developer
    0 certified employees
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