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Product Information Your interface for the Sage 100 ERP and the complete solution for the Online trade at the same time. What is OmniSeller? OmniSeller is a especially for the Sage ERP systems developed complete solution for the Online trade. The solution is optimized to the needs of online retailers and ensures the seamless and complete networking of ERP, financial Accounting, logistics, onlineshops and marketplaces. Shopware, as well as marketplaces like ebay, Amazon, Allyouneed, Rakuten, Yatego, and many more can be integrated. A central data management (PIM Client) and the possibility to maintain marketplace specific data, are given here. Also called a multi-channel sales solution. The ERP solution – A powerful engine!    The ERP solution, which is used as a base, is an approved standard! It is based on a standard ERP solution from Sage. With more than 6 million customers is Sage one of the biggest international provider of business software and services. With more than 25 years experience and more than 250.000 customers  is Sage one of the market leader for business software and services in the German middle class at the same time. The most important features of the complete system (summary) PIM System (Product Information Management) fort he central administration of all product data for all connected shops and marketplaces Multilingual texts differ on request per sales channel Media management pictures, documents, videos etc. Attributes (product characteristics) Manage product sets Management of variants Management of cross-selling and accessories (shops) Deposit of prices (individual prices, graduated prices, etc.) Multiple editing (cross-selling, category assignment, variant management, etc.) Multishop-capable(unlimited number of shop can be connected) All common marketplaces are supported(eBay, Amazon, Yatego, Rakuten, Allyouneed, Hitmeister,, Bepado, and many more) Fast and secure data exchange through web services (eg REST) and / or API Comprehensive analysis and evaluation options Automatic stock reconciliation with all sales channels Automatic price comparison Integration ... Sage ERP Sage Financial Accounting Sage Document management system Sage CRM (Customer-Relationship-Management) Mobile data collection based on Android with barcode scanners, smartphones or tablets Cash desk or mobile cash register (offline) Shipping service provider eg DHL, DPD,GLS, UPS (via suitable plugin) Transmission oft he shipment data tot he software solution of the shipping service providers Retransfer oft he consignment numbers oft he merchandise management Transmission of consignment numbers to shops and marketplaces Shipment tracking directly from the system   Functions of the Sage ERP system (Summary) If you are not using a Sage ERP system yet, we can deliver the solution from a single source. Here are the most important features: ERP ABC analysis evaluations Datanorm Export and Import Historical stock valuation Key figures for managing directors Phone Sales Support Electric Law Packaging Ordinance Accessories and catalogs Surcharges and surcharge seasons Extended Warehouse Management and Inventory Cost of sales bookings Supplier monitoring Intrastat message Project management Variants Demand Planning Batch management picking Frames and call orders Rule-baes document workflow Contract Management Product Configurator audit Production module for manufacturing companies Financial Accounting foreign payments Budgeting and budget monitoring Flexible data analysis Key figures for managing directors Cross-client balance sheet VAT refund procedure Payment transactions (SEPA) incl. Direct Debit Asset Accounting Extended booking and evaluation circles Extended cost allocation consolidation Cost Center Hierarchy/ Compilation E-Balance Sheet Production Construction contracts Manufacturing papers Production Control Resource lists Feedback Interface CAD Simulation Pre / post costing BDE basic module Extended calculation External production Graphical resource planning Production Planning Project finished redemption DMS (document managing) Archiving of own documents Archiving of foreign documents Search and display of archived documents External client with workflows Integrated plausibility check for various indices Drag and drop for faster storage User-related postbox CRM (Customer-Relationship-Management) Distribution Marketing (planning, implementation und evaluation) Service (inkl. Ticket management) Mobile & Social CRM Reportings Record and track communication(telephone calls, notes, letters, etc.) * Please note that you need the OmniSeller base- and a Sage ERP solution for the commitment! We advise you with pleasure or you write an e-mail to us or Shopware!    
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